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Siltbreaker Bogdugg model.png
Associated with
Races Ogres
Factions Bonemeal Ogres
Longclaw Clan
Places Bonemeal Ridge
Silkmire Pass
Howling Weald
Characters Lucius Longclaw
Items Bogdugg's Cudgel
Bogdugg's Baldric
Bogdugg's Lucky Femur

Bogdugg is the ogre lord of the Bonemeal Ogres. He rose to power in Bonemeal Ridge simply because he wielded the largest club among the ogres living there.[1] Like all other ogres, he is blessed by the Goddess of Luck with a divine quality called Dumb Luck.[2] Because of this innate blessing, his femur can be used as a lucky charm.[3]



The Bonemeal Ogres seek to drive away the Longclaw clan from the Howling Weald, but their leader Bogdugg is not quite fond of battle planning. Thus they have hardly made any progress over the course of a generation.[4]

He might have an animosity towards the Ankaboot and the spiders of Silkmire Pass.[5]


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