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Blueheart Glacier
Associated With
Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk
Factions Frostiron Tribe
Places Icewrack
The Barrier
Boiling Sea
Characters Ice Wizard
Species Icewrack Wolf

The Blueheart Glacier is a frozen river that runs through Icewrack. It likely originates somewhere within The Barrier, and flows into the Boiling Sea. Sapphires can be found in the glacier, and are valued by the artisans of the Frostiron Tribe.[1]

Rylai and the Ice Wizard[]

Tired of dealing with Rylai and her innate ability to freeze everything around her, Rylai's parents sent her off to live in Icewrack. Upon arriving, she met the Ice Wizard at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier, and became her student. The Ice Wizard taught young Rylai how to control her abilities, as well as ice magic. Satisfied with her progress, he descended into the glacier to hibernate, leaving Rylai to watch over the realm.[2] Now learned in the arcane arts, Rylai is able to channel the frosty winds of Blueheart to chill her enemies.[3] Like her mentor, Rylai plans to return to Blueheart Glacier someday, and hibernate for a thousand years.[4]

The Glacier's Heart[]

According to Rylai, the glacier has a "heart", which is rare and hard to find.[5]


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