Bloodroot Tree

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Bloodroot Tree
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Heroes:Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Drow Ranger Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin
Factions:Bloodroot Guard
Cosmetics:Reaper's Wreath Bloodroot Guard

Bloodroot trees are a type of tree that only grow underground in caverns that have been sanctified by the Drow. Their wood is white in color, and their bright red leaves are shaped like maple leaves.

The underground caverns where they grow, now considered holy places, were once battlegrounds for the Drow, where much blood was shed to determine the fate of all Drow. The tree are guarded with extreme jealousy, and intruders who wish to take from the trees are killed.

Traxex, owing to her Drow upbringing, was able to procure a branch of a bloodroot tree, by performing the necessary supplication before the Drow. She then fashioned this branch into a bow.[1]

Mortred has some affiliation with the Bloodroot Guard[2], a mysterious faction, presumably devoted to protecting Bloodroot trees and their sacred grounds.



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