Blitz Knuckles

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Blitz Knuckles
Blitz Knuckles icon.png
An underground arcanist's update of a back-alley classic.
Bought From
Bonus [?] +35 Attack Speed
Alert allies? No
Witch Blade (2600)
Monkey King Bar (4975)
Shadow Blade (3000)
UsedIn3.pngBlitz Knuckles (1000)

The Blitz Knuckles is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Equipment.

Recommended Heroes[edit]

Kunkka icon.png
  • Builds into one of Kunkka's most commonly bought items, Shadow Blade, while also granting useful attack speed that allows for more consistent Tidebringer attacks.
Monkey King icon.png
  • As a key component of Monkey King's own Bar, and a boost to scoring the Jingu Mastery buff quicker, it would be foolish for Wukong not to get Blitz Knuckles.
Silencer icon.png
  • In addition to building into a Witch Blade, an early Blitz Knuckles on Silencer will heavily amplify the ability to harass and damage enemies with Glaives of Wisdom, as well as farming for the rest of the item components by attacking creeps faster.


  • Blitz Knuckles boost overall damage output from attacks and speed up the acquisition of items that give cores a mid-game power spike.

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