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Birzha Memov
Birzha Memov is a fun mod where you can relax with friends!
Workshop:Birzha Memov
Creator:StrangeR, Ash
Last update:2019-01-15
Latest version:5.04
Average duration:30 minutes

Birzha Memov is a custom game. Game mode is made as in Overthrow, you can play with 10, 9, or 15 players in a variety of maps. There are four unique game modes available for Birzha Memov, each of which has their own customizable game rules and mechanics.


  • Each player starts out in a small base at the edge of the map. Each base has a shop and a secret shop, an indestructible tower and a fountain.
  • In the middle of the map is the Midas Throne, around the edges is a river with rune locations, and some high ground walking paths.
  • Players near the Midas Throne receive faster gold and experience gains. (There is a circle around the Midas Throne. Once you are in the circle your increase is initiated. You will not gain more by being closer to the throne versus the outside of the circle.)
    • The Over Boss sits atop the Midas Throne, and throws out giant bitcoins.
      • Picking up the coin gives 300 gold.
    • Killing the top rated player or a player in the leading team (the leader(s)) rewards a bonus 500 gold.
    • Some rune locations have a group of Penguins with them. They deal 32 damage, have 250 health, 3 armor and 120 movement speed. These Penguins will keep following you around the map. They give 20-35 gold when killed
    • All players gain vision of the area around each rune spot.
    • All heroes are popular people
    • Each ability is special and can be a million times stronger than in the original


  • This game mode comes with 4 different maps. Each map has different team arrangements.
Map Teams Kill Goal
Solo Solo/Free for all 50
Duo 2v2v2v2v2 50
Trio 3v3v3 150
Squad 5v5v5 150


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