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Benevolent Companion
Cosmetic icon Benevolent Companion.png
Wearable 9235
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Rarity: Arcana
Slot: Head

The wispy tendrils of Io the Fundamental can be found in all planes of the universe, having existed across the boundaries of realms known and unknown since before time itself. After an eternity of exploring the span of its mystic province, Io knows that no matter where the tide of battle leads, the bonds of friendship will always carry the day.
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▶️ *Still Alive*

This item was rewarded to players who owned The International 2017 Battle Pass and leveled it to 245. This item is a Prestige Item, and is not available to players anymore.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Idle Animation
Attack Animation
Disabled Animation
Death Animation
Tether Effect
Spirits Effect
Overcharge Effect1
Relocate Effect
(Teleport In)
(Teleport Out)

1 Same as default effect, but tinted red instead of yellow.

Hero Icons[]

Customization Preview
Minimap Icon Benevolent Companion Io minimap icon.png
Top icon Benevolent Companion Io icon.png

Ability Icons[]

Tether Spirits Spirits Movement Overcharge Relocate
Benevolent Companion Tether icon.png Benevolent Companion Spirits icon.png Benevolent Companion Spirits Movement icon.png Benevolent Companion Overcharge icon.png Benevolent Companion Relocate icon.png

Voice Responses[]

Customization Preview
First Blood ▶️
Kill ▶️
Spawn/Respawn (unused) ▶️
Activating Rune (unused)



  • The existence of this item may imply that Dota 2 shares the same multiverse as Valve's Portal and Half-Life franchises.


  • This item was made as a result of Io minimap icon.png Io coming in second place in The International 2016's Arcana vote.
  • This item's design is based on the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal series.
  • The particle effects for Relocate matches the entrance and exit portals from the Portal franchise.
  • The teleport sounds are identical to the fire sounds of the Portal Gun from the Portal franchise. The sound during the Relocate delay is also based on the sounds made by the Turrets from Portal.
  • The first blood (▶️) and kill (▶️) responses come from the first two bars of Still Alive, the ending credits song from Portal.

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