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Beastmaster icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
23 + 2.9
18 + 1.6
16 + 1.9
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 660 1460 2280 2620
+0.25 +2.55 +6.61 +10.71 +12.36
Mana 75 267 579 951 1095
+0 +0.8 +2.13 +3.68 +4.26
Armor 0 3 6.73 11.4 13.07
Damage Block 16 (50%)
Magic Resistance 25%
Status Resistance 0%
Damage 33‒37 56‒60 96‒100 137‒141 154‒158
Attack Rate 0.59/s 0.69/s 0.83/s 0.99/s 1.05/s
Attack Range Melee 150 (600)
Attack Speed ▶️ 100 (1.7s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.3+0.7
Projectile Speed Instant
Movement Speed ▶️ 305
Turn Rate Takes 0.175s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 1800 • 800
Legs 2
Gib Type Default
Ability Upgrades
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Wild Axes
Call of the Wild Hawk

Karroch, the Beastmaster, is a versatile melee strength hero most commonly played as an offlaner and ganker who brings a good amount of utility to his team in any situation. His Wild Axes allows him to lane and farm quite effectively throughout the game, even when pressured. He is able to summon a hawk and boar to aid him, each providing a good amount of utility to his team. Hawks provide free flying vision around the map, scouting his enemies while his Boars can harass and slow his enemies to a crawl while aiding him in combat. His Inner Beast aura makes his team a force to be reckoned with, providing a hefty boost to attack speed to himself, his summons, and all nearby allies. Finally, his ultimate, Primal Roar, is the longest lasting single-target reliable stun in the game and also penetrates spell immunity (being only counterable by Linken's Sphere), providing a strong initiation for his team to claim a kill. With these skills, he can push enemy towers quickly and safely, take down undefended targets with the help of Necronomicon summons, lock down a single target, and also kite enemies in teamfights. With careful observation of the battlefield, Beastmaster takes down enemies one by one and paves the way to victory.


Beastmaster minimap icon.pngKarroch, the Beastmaster
▶️ "I run with the rabbit and hunt with the hounds."
Karroch was born a child of the stocks. His mother died in childbirth; his father, a farrier for the Last King of Slom, was trampled to death when he was five. Afterward Karroch was indentured to the king's menagerie, where he grew up among all the beasts of the royal court: lions, apes, fell-deer, and things less known, things barely believed in. When the lad was seven, an explorer brought in a beast like none before seen. Dragged before the King in chains, the beast spoke, though its mouth moved not. Its words: a plea for freedom. The King only laughed and ordered the beast perform for his amusement; and when it refused, struck it with the Mad Scepter and ordered it dragged to the stocks.

Over the coming months, the boy Karroch sneaked food and medicinal draughts to the wounded creature, but only managed to slow its deterioration. Wordlessly, the beast spoke to the boy, and over time their bond strengthened until the boy found he could hold up his end of a conversation. He could, in fact, speak now to all the creatures of the King's menagerie. On the night the beast died, a rage came over the boy. He incited the animals of the court to rebel and threw open their cages to set them amok on the palace grounds. The Last King was mauled in the mayhem. In the chaos, one regal stag bowed to the boy who had freed him; and with Beastmaster astride him, leapt the high walls of the estate, and escaped. Now a man, Karroch the Beastmaster has not lost his ability to converse with wild creatures. He has grown into a warrior at one with nature's savagery.


Wild Axes icon.png
Beastmaster sends his axes flying and calls them home again, slicing through enemy units and trees along their path. Each axe can hit an enemy once, and amplifies subsequent damage from Beastmaster and his units.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.47
Cast Range: 1500
Axes Radius: 175
Axes Travel Distance: 1500
Axes Spread Distance: 450
Damage per Axe: 40/70/100/130
Damage Amplification per Stack: 6%/8%/10%/12% (Talent 8.5%/10.5%/12.5%/14.5%)
Stack Duration: 12
Cooldown: 8 (With Aghanim's Scepter 0)
Mana: 65
Aghanim's Scepter upgrade: Causes Wild Axes to have no cooldown, and can be used again once they come back.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_wild_axes: Undispellable. Persists death.
Debuff modifier_beastmaster_axe_stack_counter: Dispellable with any dispel.
While learning to maneuver in nature alone, the Beastmaster also mastered the use of a pair of tomahawks, adept at cutting down trees as well as adversaries.


  • The axes either travel at a speed of 1200 or reach the target point in 1 second, whichever is faster. The same applies upon returning.
    • Upon returning, their speed periodically adapts based on their distance to Beastmaster and the remaining travel time.
    • This means the axes fly a maximum of up to 2 seconds, up to 1 second towards the point and up to 1 second back.
  • Both axes spread up to 450 distance away from each other, before moving back together while traveling towards the targeted point.
    • Their minimum travel distance is 450 as well, so when targeting a point closer than 450 range, they still intersect 450 range away.
    • The axes fly in arcs, so that the axe coming from Beastmaster's left hand travels back towards his right hand, and vice versa.
    • They destroy trees they come in contact with, while providing 350 radius flying vision as they travel. This vision does not last.
  • The axes first apply the debuff, then the damage. This means they effectively amplify their own damage as well.
    • Uses one debuff on hit targets for all stacks. The debuff has a number on it, showing the amount of stacks.
    • Since the axes work separate, one of the axes always benefits from 2 stacks of the debuff, if both hit.
    • Successive hits on the same unit fully refresh the whole stack's duration.
  • Applies generic incoming damage amplification on the targets. Stacks additively with other sources of generic incoming damage manipulation.
    • The amplification affects all damage that is not flagged as HP removal the targets take from Beastmaster and all his units. Allies do not benefit from it.
  • A unit can only get hit once by each axe, so the maximum possible damage per axe is 42.4/75.6/110/145.6 (Talent 43.4/77.35/112.5/148.85) before reductions.

Beastmaster Boar model.png
Summoned Creep
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Duration Ability Duration 60
Armor Defense Class Basic
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0%
Attack Damage Attack Class Hero
20/35/50/65 (Talent 55/70/85/100)
Attack Range Ranged 550
Acquisition Range 600
Attack Speed 0.8 attack(s) per second. 100 • 1.25s BAT
Attack Animation 0.5+0.47
Projectile Speed 1500
Movement Speed 320/330/340/350 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.175s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 1400800
Bounty Gold 2638
Experience 60/70/80/90
Model Scale 0.65
Abilities Poison

Call of the Wild Boar
Call of the Wild Boar icon.png
No Target
Beastmaster calls forth a Boar to aid in the battlefield.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.67
Number of Boars: 1
Boar Duration: 60
Cooldown: 42/38/34/30
Mana: 60/65/70/75
Buff modifier_kill: Dispellable with death only.
After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.


  • Does not destroy previous summons if this ability is used again before the previous Beastmaster Boar icon.png Boar expires.
  • The boar spawns at a random location within a 100 radius around Beastmaster.

Beastmaster Hawk model.png
Summoned Creep
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Duration Ability Duration 60
Armor Defense Class Basic
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0%
Movement Speed 300/340/380/420 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.175s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (F) 750/800/850/900
Bounty Gold 30/40/50/60
Experience 77
Model Scale 1.2
Abilities Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Dive Bomb
Notes Uncontrollable

Call of the Wild Hawk
Call of the Wild Hawk icon.png
Beastmaster sends an invisible Hawk to scout an area.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.67
Cast Range: Global
Number of Hawks: 1
Hawk Duration: 60
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30 (With Aghanim's Shard 53/43/33/23)
Mana: 30
Aghanim's Shard upgrade: Reduces Hawk cooldown by 7. Hawks gain Dive Bomb.
Buff modifier_kill: Dispellable with death only.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_call_of_the_wild_hawk: Dispellable with death only.
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
Toggling Autocast on swaps this ability out with Call of the Wild Boar. Turning it off again swaps them back. Their cooldowns are separate.
After befriending the strange beast of his childhood, Beastmaster has learned to call to animals in times of need.


  • Does not destroy a previous summon if this ability is used again before the previous Unknown Unit icon.png Hawk expires.
  • The hawk spawns at a random location within a 300 radius around Beastmaster. It spawns invisible, without any fade time.
  • The hawk cannot be controlled at all. Once cast, it automatically flies towards the targeted area and stays there.
    • Its flight towards the target area cannot be interrupted by anything.
    • If the hawk gets its movement disabled (e.g. stunned, rooted, etc.), it resumes moving to the location as soon as it can move again.
    • Taunts and Hypnotize cause the hawk to stop for its duration, but it resumes as soon as the taunt expires. The hawk completely ignores fear.
  • With Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard, this ability can be directly targeted on an enemy unit.
    • When unit-targeted, the hawk flies towards that unit's location upon cast, as if ground-targeted. It does not alter its path if the target moves.
    • If at any time while traveling the target comes within cast range of Dive Bomb, the Hawk casts it on them.
    • If the target gets out of 1200 range before the cast finishes, it gets canceled and the hawk resumes traveling to the cast location.
    • However, the hawk may attempt to cast Dive Bomb again if the target comes within range again.
    • Once the hawk reaches the cast location and becomes stationary, it no longer attempts to cast Dive Bomb on the original target.

Inner Beast
Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity. DB
Inner Beast icon.png
Untaps the inner fury of nearby allies, passively increasing their attack speed.
Radius: 1200
Attack Speed Bonus: 15/25/35/45 (Talent 45/55/65/75)
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Buff modifier_beastmaster_inner_beast_aura: Undispellable. Persists death.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_inner_beast: Undispellable. Persists death.
Beastmaster's ability to incite the innate strength of animals was seen in the mauling of the king of Slom.


  • The aura's buff lingers for 0.5 seconds.

Primal Roar
Primal Roar icon.png
Beastmaster lets loose a deafening roar that stuns, and shoves open a path to its target. All units in the path of the roar are damaged, while units shoved aside by the roar have their movement and attack speed slowed. Additionally, Beastmaster and his units gain 40% movement speed for 3/3.5/4 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.63
Cast Range: 600
Move Speed Bonus Radius: 900
Knockback Width: 300
Knockback Distance: 450
Knockback Duration: 1
Damage: 150/225/300
Enemy Move Speed Slow: 60%
Enemy Attack Speed Slow: 60
Slow Duration: 3/3.5/4
Ally Move Speed Bonus: 40%
Move Speed Buff Duration: 3/3.5/4
Stun Duration: 3/3.5/4
Cooldown: 100/80/60 (Talent 70/50/30)
Mana: 150/175/200
Partially pierces spell immunity. Fully pierces spell immunity on the primary target. Does not affect secondary spell immune enemies. Slow and knockback persist if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked fully only when primary target.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_primal_roar_speed: Dispellable with any dispel.
Debuff modifier_stunned: Dispellable with strong dispels.
Debuff modifier_beastmaster_prima_roar_push: Dispellable with any dispel.
Debuff modifier_beastmaster_primal_roar_slow: Dispellable with any dispel.
The Beastmaster has learned to channel his primal instincts into an animalistic roar, causing devastation in the ranks of enemies.


  • Only enemy units are shoved aside from the path of Primal Roar. Roshan icon.png Roshan is not affected by the knockback.
    • Affected units are fully disabled during the knockback.
    • Can be cast on Animal Courier Radiant minimap icon.png Couriers to stun them, but it cannot damage them. Couriers are also affected by the knockback as secondary targets.
  • Knocks units aside at a speed of 450, up to 450 range away, resulting in a knockback duration of 1 second.
    • Units hit by the knockback destroy trees within 100 radius and are made to face towards the direction they are getting pushed.
  • The knockback and slow have a dynamic range, based on the distance between Beastmaster and the primary target.
    • For every 2 distance between Beastmaster and the target upon cast, the knockback range increases by 1.
    • For example, when the target is 600 range away, the knockback hits units up to 300 range behind the target and behind Beastmaster.
    • The width of the knockback area is fixed at 300, so the affected area is always stadium-shaped.
  • Considering the dynamic range, the knockback and slow can hit units up to 900 range away.
  • When an enemy is perfectly aligned with Beastmaster and his Primal Roar target, it does not get knocked aside.
    • However, the slow and damage are still applied, and the target is still disabled for the knockback duration.
  • On the primary target, the roar first applies the debuff, then the damage.
    • On secondary targets, the roar first applies the damage, then the debuff.
  • The movement speed bonus only affects Beastmaster and his units. Other nearby allies are not buffed.

Health Aura
Can be used by illusions. Not disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity.
Talent Left 3.png
There is no description for this ability.
Radius: Global
Health Bonus: 250
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Can be used by illusions. Illusions bestow and benefit from the aura. Multiple instances of the aura do not stack.
Buff modifier_special_bonus_unique_beastmaster_6_aura: Undispellable. Persists death.
Buff modifier_special_bonus_unique_beastmaster_6: Undispellable. Persists death.
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
This Talent talent is available and it is not bound to any ability.


  • Affects Beastmaster and all of his player-controlled units.
  • The aura increases maximum health capacity, and keeps the current health percentage.
  • The aura is bestowed even while Beastmaster is dead.


Disabled by Break. Does not pierce spell immunity.
Poison (Boar) icon.png
Inflicts a poison that slows attack and movement speeds.
Move Speed Slow: 10%/20%/30%/40%
Attack Speed Slow: 10/20/30/40
Slow Duration: 3
Does not pierce spell immunity. Slow persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_boar_poison: Undispellable. Persists death.
Debuff modifier_beastmaster_boar_poison_effect: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • This ability level scales together with Call of the Wild Boar's level.
    • However, the level of already summoned boars does not adapt.
  • The attacks first apply their damage, then the debuff.
  • Successive attacks do not stack the slow, they refresh the duration.


Dive Bomb (Hawk) icon.png
Enemies / Self
Reveals itself for 1, and then flies towards the target enemy, dealing 250 damage and stunning them for 2 second, killing the hawk.
Cast Animation: 1+0
Cast Range: 1200
Damage: 250
Stun Duration: 2
Dive Duration: 0.4
Cooldown: 0
Mana: 0
Partially pierces spell immunity. Pierces spell immunity on couriers only.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_hawk_reveal: Dispellable with any dispel.
Buff modifier_beastmaster_hawk_dive: Undispellable. Persists death.
Debuff modifier_stunned: Dispellable with strong dispels.


  • The reveal modifier is placed on the Hawk as soon as it begins casting, and lasts until the dive ends.
  • Once the cast begins, the player cannot manually cancel it anymore, since casting Dive Bomb is the only order that can be given to the Hawk.
  • The hawk dives in an arc for to 0.4 seconds, so the speed varies based on the distance.
    • The speed does not instantly adapt if the distance changes, but rather accelerates or decelerates at a very slow rate.
  • Uses forced movement to move the Hawk. This means, it can be interrupted by applying other sources of forced movement on it.
    • The dive cannot be interrupted by anything else. It fully ignores all disables.
  • The Hawk first applies the damage, then the stun, and then dies.
    • The Hawk's death cannot be prevented in any way.


Hero Talents
-30s Primal Roar Cooldown25+30 Inner Beast Attack Speed
+250 Health Beastmaster Controlled20+35 Beastmaster Boar icon.png Boar Damage
+2.5% Wild Axes Damage Amp Per Stack15+30 Movement Speed
+1.75 Mana Regen10+30 Damage
  • The level 20 health talent is provided by an aura.
  • This attack damage talent is added as bonus attack damage.
    • Does not benefit illusions and is not affected by most percentage-based damage increasing or reducing effects.

Recent Changes[]

Level 10 left talent changed: +20 movement speed ➜ +1.75 mana regen.
Level 15 left talent changed: +250 Health to Beastmaster and controlled units [?] ➜ +2.5% Wild Axes damage amplification per stack.
Level 15 right talent changed: +3 mana regen ➜ +30 movement speed.
Level 20 left talent changed: -30s Primal Roar cooldown ➜ +250 Health to Beastmaster and controlled units [?].
Level 25 left talent changed: +4% Wild Axes damage amplification per stack ➜ -30s Primal Roar cooldown.
  • Talents:
Level 15 left talent: +350 Health to Beastmaster and controlled units reduced to +250. [?]

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon.png Tango allow you to stay longer in lane without having to return to the fountain.
  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branch is a very cheap item that provides a bit of attributes; use with Tango for more heal.
  • Healing Salve icon.png Healing Salve heals Beastmaster to keep him in lane.

Early game:

  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick provides burst health and mana, useful to sustain Beastmaster.
  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed offers additional movement speed to get Beastmaster in cast range of his abilities.

Mid game:

  • Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand grants some attributes and even more burst health and mana than Magic Stick.
  • Tranquil Boots (Active) icon.png Tranquil Boots gives health regeneration and large movement speed bonus, easing Beastmaster's initiation with Primal Roar.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger adds mobility and allows Beastmaster to engage on slippery targets to cast Primal Roar.

Late game:

  • Refresher Orb icon.png Refresher Orb allows you to use Primal Roar two times in quick succession. It will also allow you to summon an extra boar and hawk.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar increases survivability of Beastmaster with spell immunity and strength, so he can contribute with Wild Axes and Inner Beast which improve overall damage output during fights.

Situational items:

  • Quelling Blade icon.png Quelling Blade grants bonus damage against creeps so Beastmaster can last hit easier.
  • Soul Ring icon.png Soul Ring sustains Beastmaster with strength and health regeneration, as well as providing mana to use abilities.
  • Drum of Endurance icon.png Drum of Endurance provides health, gives you much needed mana, and increases your ability to get in range to use Primal Roar on enemies. It also further increases the attack speed of your Boar.
  • Helm of the Dominator icon.png Helm of the Dominator provides the ability to control a creep that comes with its own abilities and auras, and benefits from Inner Beast and other auras.
  • Vladmir's Offering icon.png Vladmir's Offering synergizes well with Inner Beast, since it boost your teams's damage as well as survivability. Also, Beastmaster is able to stay outside of base thanks to the lifesteal.
  • Solar Crest icon.png Solar Crest gives additional armor, attributes, and mana regeneration. Together with Inner Beast and summons, you can help teammates bring down Roshan earlier in the game.
  • Heaven's Halberd icon.png Heaven's Halberd disarms enemy heroes. It also gives some extra health, status resistance, and evasion.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png Pipe of Insight is another strong aura item for your team and helps with pushing. It counters team with strong magical damage lineup.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter increases the viability of Wild Axes, and enables it to be used much more often in fights as it has no cooldown.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass stacks with Inner Beast, granting aura of armor and attack speed to friendly units.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque makes you extremely tanky, but be wary of getting it too early as you have less utility than with other item choices.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel can be bought in the late game, powerful when teleporting to the Hawk to kill a lone target or push buildings.


Roles: Initiator Initiator Disabler Disabler Durable Durable Nuker Nuker
Complexity: ★★☆
Playstyle: Raised in the royal menagerie of Slom, Karroch learned to converse with beasts from a young age. With this unique talent, the Beastmaster is able to summon to his side a trusty Boar and a scouting Hawk. In addition to his companions, Karroch has mastered the art of throwing Wild Axes, cutting down trees and foes before returning to his hands. The Beastmaster awakens the Inner Beast of nearby allies, increasing their attack speed. Should an enemy attempt to flee, Karroch lets loose a Primal Roar, incapacitating the target and clearing the path to its demise.





  • Beastmaster's original name was Rexxar, a character in the Warcraft universe.
    • Rexxar was the main playable character of the bonus campaign in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
  • Beastmaster's item the "Shrieking Razorback" design seems to be based on the Shriekers from Tremors II: Aftershocks.[1]
  • Beastmaster's lines ▶️ ▶️ "Basshunter, on the hunt" are a reference to Swedish singer Basshunter, who has a song about DotA.
  • ▶️ "I'll be creeping while you are sleeping" is a reference to the lyrics of said song.