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Boats go "Pew pew" as they seek confrontation with their enemies, and maneuver to avoid range of autofiring weapons. Players save for larger boats with more powerful abilities as they balance the tradeoffs of different weapons and utility items.


Last update:2015-07-03
Latest version:v0.75
Average duration:20-40 minutes

Battleships is a ten-player custom game 5 versus 5 team game.


  • Each player starts out captaining a small boat (a barrel).
  • Players are given 1000 starting gold.
  • Boats do not have a targetable main attack, instead, players purchase weapons which automatically fire at random boats in sight and within the range listed in the weapon.
  • When the game starts, boat creep spawn and move along two lanes towards the enemy base.
  • Each weapon has 3 basic tiers, and each tier can be purchased twice to combine to a "doubled" weapon of that tier.
  • Killing towers permanently increases the constant gold income for the team that kills the tower.
  • A shop in each lane will sell armor reduction to your enemy's buildings, a heal to your buildings, and a neutral creep invasion.
  • Tidehunter will spawn as a neutral boss patrolling the edges of the map. Defeating him will give your team an extra wave of creep.


  • If one team destroys both of the enemy team's Harbors, the game will end. (Harbors are essentially barracks for boats.)


  • There are 7 weapon types. Each type has a specific maximum range and attack speed.
  • Overall weapon DPS scales inversely with weapon range. (High range weapons have low damage, and low range weapons have high damage.)
  • Each of the weapon types has an ultimate form, which grants an additional effect.
  • Weapon Type Overview
    • Coal
      • 600 attack range
      • 1.8s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Chance to stun target.
    • Fire
      • 700 attack range
      • 0.2s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Burns all ships within weapon range for a constant 60dps.
    • Plasma
      • 800 attack range
      • 3.0s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Reduces armor of target by 3.
    • Poison
      • 900 attack range
      • 1.5s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Infects target with a plague dealing 60 damage per second for 4 seconds.
    • Light
      • 1000 attack range
      • 1.2s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Projectile grants vision.
    • Ice
      • 1200 attack range
      • 2.1s attack speed
      • Ultimate upgrade - Reduces target's movement speed by 15% for 2 sec.
    • Wind
      • 1600 attack range
      • 1s attack speed
      • Does 50% of normal damage at ranges over 600.
      • Ultimate upgrade - Grants 60 movement speed to allies within 700 range of the target (including you) for 3 seconds. Also removes 50% range penalty.


New boats to purchase are available at 1000, 3000, 6000, and 12000 gold. Each tier of ship has significantly more health than earlier ones.

Other Items[]

You may have a maximum of one of each of the below types of items on your ship at a time.

  • Hull
    • Provides bonus HP and Armor.
  • Sails
    • Provides bonus movement speed to your ship.
  • Repair Wood
    • Provides an instant heal on a 35 second cooldown.
  • Repair Crew
    • Provides substantial bonus healing out of combat.


  • Wind weapons are very good to start with, as they can allow you to out-range your opponent.
  • Be aware of the attack range of your weapon. Since weapons auto fire and consider all targets in range valid, charging into a wave of boats to kill someone with 1hp will usually spell your doom.
  • Wind and Ice weapons cannot damage buildings.
  • Each tier of upgraded boat gives you a massively increased health pool.
  • You can afford an upgraded boat immediately with your starting gold, but you will be left completely defenseless and without weaponry.
  • If a teammate has disconnected for more than 5 minutes and aren't coming back, you can move their boat to the "Disconnected" area of your base to divide their gold among allies.

Update History[]

06 Jul 2015
  • Significant improvement to creeps:
    • Creeps now level
    • Creep Ai improved
    • Tier 1 creep range reduced so that short range weapons can fire from creep cover.
    • new model for the tier 1 creep (more models coming soon)
03 Jul 2015
  • Overcharge and Reckless Speed were accidentally put back into the game and have been swapped out for Panic and Engine Burst again.
02 Jul 2015
  • Valve fixed a bug so i can roll back my workarounds. items will be droppable again and won't be "refreshed" anymore.
01 Jul 2015
  • Fixed some places where weapon multiplication was still happening.
  • Fixed boat images in top bar.
30 Jun 2015
  • Fix for spawning Tidehunter too often.
  • Fix for items giving you more modifiers than designed. (Buying a single weapon would make it fire as if you bought more than one. This is now fixed.)
30 Jun 2015
  • More boats will float forward now instead of sideways. (Hopefully all of them.)
30 Jun 2015
  • actually fixed the boat buy crash issue
  • fixed crash issue from aircraft carriers launch all ability
  • Boats now look silly because of cosmetics but w.e its more playable.
30 Jun 2015
  • Changed cliff checking so it no longer moves you randomly when you are stuck and will not kill you as it takes you down.
  • Tried to fix buy boat crash... again.
29 Jun 2015
  • Maybe fix the boat buy crash bug.
29 Jun 2015
  • Reckless speed and Overcharge still were crashing so I am rolling them back out of the game.

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