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Known Bugs


Batrider's loadout facial expressions do not work together with his head cosmetic items
The facial expressions in the hero loadouts do not work well with several items in the head slot. The items are static and do not move along with his face. This currently affects the following head pieces: These items have parts which are supposed to be on Batrider's lower face area. But they are static, so when Batrider does his mouth opening animation, his mouth completely clips through them.
3 April 2017

Several tooltip issues
Batrider's ability tooltips have several errors and are missing some crucial information.
  • Sticky Napalm:
    • Does not mention its damage type. It is missing "AbilityUnitDamageType" "DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL" in the npc_abilities.txt.
    • Description says that it drenches an area in oil, and not enemy units within the area, making it sound like enemies have to stand within the area to stay affected.
    • Description only says that the damage scales with stacks. The scaling slow is not mentioned.
    • The single ALT note is slightly outdated, only mentions Orb of Venom icon.png Orb of Venom and Radiance (Active) icon.png Radiance, and does not mention Urn of Shadows icon.png Urn of Shadows and Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail.
    • Traits do not indicate that the damage and slow stack, reading only "EXTRA DAMAGE" and "MOVEMENT SLOW".
  • Flamebreak
    • Does not tell its knockback distance (it is not equal to the explosion radius).
    • The debuff says it deals 50 damage per second, which is wrong for all 4 levels.
  • Flaming Lasso
    • Does not mention its damage type. It is missing "AbilityUnitDamageType" "DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL" in the npc_abilities.txt.
    • Description says that it cannot drag units over impassable terrain, which is not true.
    • The self-disarm is not mentioned in the description.
    • The value in the second ALT note about the Lasso break distance is wrong. It is 425, not 400
3 April 2017

Sticky Napalm[]

Sticky Napalm does not update its source when a new stack is applied
When Batrider does not place the first Napalm stack on a unit, he cannot trigger the Napalm damage, no matter how many following stacks he added. The Sticky Napalm modifier does not update to its latest source and stays sourced to whoever placed the first stack. This means when for example a Hybrid of Batrider places the first stack, Batrider has to let it expire first and start a new stack in order to trigger the damage. Ideally, the Sticky Napalm should trigger for everyone who contributes to the stack. Or more simply, update its source to the latest caster.
3 April 2017

Sticky Napalm's overhead counter jumps to 0 after losing & regaining vision
Sticky Napalm's overhead counter jumps to 0 when losing and regaining vision over the target while having 10 stacks on them. It works fine with 1-9 stacks, but the 10th stack bugs out upon vision loss. This is only a visual glitch, the stacks work normally still.
3 April 2017

Sticky Napalm's cast animation does not finish after reaching the cast point, instantly getting canceled
There are a lot of heroes who get their animations instantly canceled as soon as the cast point is reached, resulting in some ugly jerking, strange looking animation resets, or partially even completely missing animations due to very low cast points.

Affected spells are: Sticky Napalm, Viscous Nasal Goo, Rocket Flare, Fissure, Torrent, X Marks the Spot, Overwhelming Odds, Earth Spike, Howl, Earthbind, Sacred Arrow, Starstorm, Impale, Mana Burn, Nether Blast, Blink Strike, Smoke Screen, Shadow Poison, Shadow Poison Release, Soul Catcher, Mystic Flare, Shrapnel, Storm Hammer, Psionic Trap, Chakram, Chakram, Timber Chain, Ice Shards, Earthshock, Maledict and The Swarm
13 July 2017


Recasting Flamebreak while the previous projectile still travels makes it explode at the wrong place
When recasting Flamebreak before the projectile of the previous cast exploded, the previous cast explodes where the new projectile is upon reaching its target area, instead of exploding at its targeted area. The new cast messes up with the trajectory of the previous cast (although not visually).
3 April 2017

Flamebreak's explosion is not properly centered on the targeted area
Flamebreak's explosion is offset by a range of 25 away from its origin. It hits 25 range further than the target area and is missing 25 range on the other side.
3 April 2017

Flamebreak's explosion particles do not draw when exploding close to caster
Flamebreak's explosion effects are bound to the projectile. When the spell gets cast too close to the caster, the projectile never appears. This causes the explosion effect to not appear either. It still applies its knockback and debuff normally, but is not drawing any explosion.
As a comparison, the extra particle effects added by the level 25 talent are not bound to the projectile and therefore always appear, regardless of how close it was cast.
3 April 2017

Flamebreak's explosion particles are deformed and don't match the AoE
Flamebreak's explosion effect is deformed into an egg shape, so it does not represent the explosion area. The deformation gets worse the closer the target area is to the caster. The area is a circle shape, which it no longer represents properly.
18 November 2017


Firefly causes Batrider to appear below the ground for enemies when cast while out of vision
When Batrider died, entering enemy vision with Firefly active causes him to appear below the ground and slowly emerge to the surface. For this to happen, Batrider must have died and after respawning, must stay out of enemy vision and cast Firefly before enemies gain vision over him. If they gain vision over him during Firefly, he appears below the ground.
The same happens with Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern and her Arctic Burn.
3 April 2017

Firefly's flying vision is instantly lost upon losing the spell
This affects Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick only. Currently, Firefly's flying vision is bound to the spell itself, instead of the modifier it places on the caster. This means, upon losing the spell, the flying vision of an already running instance is lost as well, while all other aspects of the instance (flying movement and the fire trail) continue to work normally. The caster regains the flying vision when acquiring the spell again while the instance is still running.
3 April 2017

Firefly does not provide flying vision to the caster when it is not Batrider or Rubick
The flying vision currently only works when the caster is either Batrider or Rubick. Any other unit casting Firefly does not gain flying vision.
3 April 2017

Firefly's fire trail visually disappears too soon
Firefly's fire on the ground appears after a set time. It does not last as long as the spell does, which it should. The fire segments disappear 18 seconds after they got created. So when choosing the +8s duration talent, about 1/3 of the duration there is basically invisible fire.
3 April 2017

Firefly's loop sound ends too early when having multiple instances running
When casting Firefly multiple times, the loop sound stacks for each cast, but all instances of the loop sound end together when the first Firefly cast expires, instead of all lasting as long as their instances do.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso[]

Flaming Lasso's doesn't check for distance between Batrider and lassoed unit
Flaming Lasso's break distance is based on how far Batrider moved in an instance. So even when blinking towards the lasso target, the lasso breaks. Vice versa, Batrider can do short blinks away from the target without breaking it, instantly pulling it over a short distance.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso breaks when the target gets teleported, regardless of distance
When the target gets teleported (meaning instantly moved), the lasso breaks. However, it does not consider the distance at all, so even a 0 range teleport breaks the lasso. The lasso is supposed to stick on the target as long as it stays within 425 radius of Batrider.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso gets canceled by Dismember and Walrus Kick
When a lassoed unit gets Dismembered or hit by a Walrus Kick, the lasso ends immediately. Walrus Kick is also the only source of forced movement (which does not only consist of upward movement) which fully works on lassoed units.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso causes Geomagnetic Grip to stop working until the target dies
When a lassoed unit gets targeted by Geomagnetic Grip, the grip's modifier gets stuck on the unit. This prevents the unit from being affected by future casts of Geomagnetic Grip. The modifier is lost on death, so the spell does not work on the target until it dies.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso causes Chronosphere to get rapidly applied and dispelled on the lassoed unit
When a lassoed unit enters a Chronosphere, the Chronosphere's modifier gets rapidly (on each server tick) applied on and removed from the unit. This results in the target being able to cast instant cast spells right after the Lasso expires, even when still inside the Chronosphere. This does not happen when the unit was affected by the Chronosphere first.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso's disarm ends when first cast lasso ends, instead of last cast
When casting Flaming Lasso on multiple targets quickly in succession, the self-disarm lasts as long as the first cast does, instead of lasting as long as the last cast does. This means, once the first lasso expires, Batrider is no longer disarmed and can attack even while still having another enemy lassoed.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso's secondary lasso does not get canceled when the primary target is freed in any way other than death
When the primary target of Flaming Lasso gets freed from the lasso, the secondary target is still lassoed in certain scenarios. When the primary target is freed by dying, or by Batrider dying, the secondary target is freed as well. But if the primary target is freed by strong dispels, or other ways (getting teleported a short distance), the secondary target is not freed.
3 April 2017

Recasting Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Flaming Lasso doesn't refresh the damage over time
When casting Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Flaming Lasso on an enemy, and then re-casting it on the same target before it expires, the duration and self-disarm are refreshed. Although the damage modifier is refreshed as well, it stops dealing damage based on when the first cast would have ended.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso can be cast on Roshan without affecting him
Since Roshan is immune to forced movement, Flaming Lasso gets instantly canceled when cast on him, doing effectively nothing but disarm Batrider and waste the spell. It should either not be able to target Roshan, or it should disable (and damage, when upgraded) him.
3 April 2017

Casting Flaming Lasso on an already lassoed unit does not properly update the source
When multiple heroes cast Flaming Lasso on one target, the source does not update. The second cast refreshes the already existing lasso and it still stays with the first caster. The second caster gets disarmed, and the disarm on the first caster is unaffected. It should either transfer the lasso to the new caster, or not disarm the new caster but refresh the disarm on the previous caster.
This scenario can be encountered in a regular game when Batrider faces Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick and Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage in the enemy team, the latter having Aghanim's Scepter.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso's self-disarm is displayed as a debuff
Modifiers placed on self are supposed to appear as buffs (green borders), not debuffs (red borders). The color's point is to indicate whether the effect comes from an enemy or an ally, and not whether it's a good or bad effect. Flaming Lasso's self-disarm currently appears as a debuff.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso's loop sound ends too early when recasting on same target
Flaming Lasso's loop sound has a set duration of a couple of seconds. So when Flaming Lasso gets recast on a target, the loop sound ends before the lasso ends, instead of lasting as long as the lasso does.
3 April 2017

Flaming Lasso's loop sound plays even when the target dies to its first dmg tick
When the target dies to Flaming Lasso's first damage tick (Aghanim's Scepter upgraded), the loop sound plays for a couple of seconds. It should not play at all when the target dies immediately to it.
3 April 2017


Big Bad Bandana is not properly attached to Batrider's head
The Big Bad Bandana beard is not properly attached to Batrider's chin. Whenever he talks, the beard separates from his chin and floats in front of his mouth.
3 April 2017

Firestarter gas mask is stretching with Bat's mouth movements
When Batrider talks, the Firestarter Gas Mask is stretching to his mouth movements. Since it is a gas mask, which are not elastic like that, Batrider's mouth movements should be disabled while having this item equipped.
3 April 2017

Fiery Tyl's cosmetic item icon does not match the actual model
The Fiery Tyl ride of Batrider looks different on the icon than it does ingame. The heads are completely different.
3 April 2017