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This article or section contains content that has been removed from the game or store, or has never been released. It exists solely for archival purposes.

This article is about the in-game item. For the professional player, Wang "Banana" Jiao, see Banana (Player).

Banana was an item that was randomly dropped after destroying trees. However, they only dropped in private lobbies, with cheats enabled.

Banana icon
Removed Item
Cost 0 Gold
Sell Value -
Stacks NO LIMIT / Inventory Slot
Active Eat Banana
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Usage Alert ? No
Banana (0)

Additional Information[]

  • A tree had a 5% chance to drop 2 to 5 Bananas upon getting destroyed.
    • The drop chance was determined by true random distribution, so it was possible for bananas to not drop (within 100 trees, or to drop by e.g. 3 trees in a row).
  • Could be dropped by any tree, including those created from planted trees (e.g. Sprout icon Sprout).
    • However, the tree has to be destroyed in order for the item to drop. Planted trees do not drop bananas upon expiring.
  • Dropped Bananas do not expire, they could be picked up later on as well.
  • Bananas could be sold but did not yield any gold.


Eat Banana
Pierces spell immunity.
No Target
Self / Enemies
Permanently grants intelligence. Drops a banana peel when consumed, which causes the next enemy which step on it to slip, moving around randomly and getting disabled. The peel disappears once an enemy slipped on it.
Intelligence Gain: 4
Banana Peel Radius: 100
Banana Slide Distance: 400
Banana Slide Duration: 1
Charge Replenish Time
Cooldown symbol

  • Interrupted the caster's channeling abilities on cast.
  • Drops the banana peel 35 range behind the caster's location. The peel is visible to everyone.
  • The banana peel is permanent until stepped on by an enemy unit, whereupon it disappeared.
  • Once an enemy unit came within 100 range of a peel, it will be stunned and moved around randomly for 1 second.
    • Units were moved at a speed of 400, which resulted in a total possible distance of 400.
    • The unit slides in a random direction. While sliding, the direction can be changed randomly 4 times.
  • While sliding, a unit could not be affected by another banana peel.
    • Destroys trees within a 100 radius around the unit while sliding.
  • The peel provides 150 radius flying vision around it until an enemy slipped on it.



  • This item was an early hint to Monkey King minimap icon Monkey King's release. This is further proven by the item's removal on the same patch as Monkey King was released, on 7.00.
  • The banana model is also used for Venomancer minimap icon Venomancer's Taunt: Bananadancer.

Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Banana/Changelogs
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  • Created.