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B8 is a new esports organization founded by The International 2011 champion Danil "Dendi" Ishutin.[1]


  • January 2nd - LastHero leaves the team.[2] RdO, Sexyfat and Duster join the team while MeTTpuM and Astini join as coaches.[3]
  • January 13th - 5up leaves the team.[4]
  • January 28th - [T]SA joins the team.[5]
  • January 29th - Coach Astini takes a break from competitive dota.[6]
  • March 16th - RdO, Sexyfat and Duster leave the team,[7] they are replaced by watson, DkFogas and NoFear.[8]
  • April 15th - Limitless joins the team.[9]

  • January 27th - The organization is founded.[1]
  • February 6th - The full roster is announced.[10]
  • March 27th - pio65 is replaced by Xcalibur.[11]
  • May 26th - Xcalibur and LeBronDota leave the team.[12]
  • June 7th - A new roster is announced; Crystallis, LastHero, 5up and Fishman join the team.[13]
  • August 3rd - Ghostik and KingR leave the team.[14]
  • December 7th - The team part ways with Crystallis and Fishman.[15]

  • Player Roster[]


    ID Name Position Join Date
    Kazakhstan watson Alimzhan Islambekov 1 2021-03-16
    Ukraine Dendi Danil Ishutin 2 2020-01-27
    Russia Limitless Yaroslav Parshin 3 2021-04-15
    Russia [T]SA Sergey Timchenko 4 2021-01-28
    Russia NoFear Aleksandr Churochkin 5 2021-01-28


    Inactive Players
    ID Name Position Join Date Inactive Date Active Team
    Russia DkFogas Vladislav Frolov 3 2021-03-16 2021-04-15 NoTechies NoTechies

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