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Heroes Skeleton King minimap icon.png Skeleton King
Wraith King minimap icon.png Wraith King
Places Empire of Bone
Texts Eldwurm Eddas
Events Wraith-Night
Resources Wraith Essence

Azorszos (also known as Azorszos the Bony or Mage-Physik Azorszos) is the mage-physician of Ostarion's royal court, both in life and in undeath. He is responsible for the creation of both the Skeleton King and the Wraith King.


As their court doctor, he is tasked with keeping his liege's health in good shape. However, a swift rotting disease that was beyond Azorszos' skill claimed the lives of Ostarion's royal family. The young prince Ostarion inherited the throne as a result, but the disease nearly claimed him as well were it not for Azorszos' desperate measures.

Invoking powerful magics, Azorszos submitted his newfound lord to an ossification ritual, stripping away his vulnerable flesh and turning him into a being of animated bone which nullified the disease. On the other hand, Azorszos unwittingly stood close enough to the ritual's area of effect to also be ossified by his own spell, but not close enough to be fully scoured—leaving his nervous system intact.

For the next nine centuries, he would live with his mistake of creating a monster out of desperation. His nerves would also succumb to leprosy without being able to die from it, leaving him to feel raw pain for many centuries. Many were the attempts that he made to beg to his king for the sweet release of death, but none of them were fulfilled.

He would soon find his opportunity to leave the mortal coil when Ostarion violently consulted him about the haunted solstice known as Wraith-Night. The longest night of the year, just before Frostivus, where the barrier between the planes grows thin and wraith flesh floods into the world of the living where it can be harvested in large amounts, using up the collected essence to form a brand new incorporeal body. Although Azorszos had his concerns about Ostarion's transfiguration into something more dreadful than a skeleton, and the fate of the world that must bear his presence from now on, he was all too eager to share the dark mysteries of the ritual when his liege promised his sacrifice should the ritual go well.

And now, Azorszos must repeat history as he transforms his king once again into a deathless being. He placed his king into a magical trance so he may absorb the Wraith Essence released by his royal knights from the hordes of night. He was never heard of again, but it should be safe to assume that he was sacrificed like everyone else during the ritual, since no one but the newly reborn Wraith King survived the night. [1] [2]