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Patch Notes


  • Spectator hero picker uses localized hero names.
  • Spectator only query manipulation doesn't happen for broadcasters.
  • Scoreboard + stats panels moved above game end panel so broadcasters can talk about them after the game is over.
  • Fixed bindings on flying courier.
  • Fixed : minimap resetting to origin when we move to the bottom.
  • Fixed query interaction with FoW.
  • Fix for hero picksounds not playing in captain's mode.


  • Made the Fountain's vision the same at night. Fixes a patch of FoW inside the base where sometimes items can be dropped from stash and they can't be seen.
  • Fixed some item sell cost issues.
  • Swapped glow color of necronomicon archer and warrior, was flipping compared to Dota 1 causing confusion on which was which.

Update 2

  • Integrated invisible mouse cursor fix.
  • Fixes missing quickstats.
  • Shield and burst swapped places for flying courier.
  • Added support for cycling through control groups.
  • Witch Doctor: Moving Cask speed back to what it was before.
  • Made "Number of Spectators" work correctly on the Watch Panel.
  • Removed in flight mirana arrow sound for now.
  • Disabled zooming in the camera.
  • Revised some Item and Ability Names.
  • Fixed proc chance on Mjollnir.
  • Fixed strength bonus on Satanic.