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Patch Notes


  • When buying power treads directly, evaluate which of the 3 recipes would be cheapest to create and buy those items. fixes having a mantle of int in inventory, buying power treads and not using the mantle in the combine.
  • Manta will now create morphling illusions with the correct amount of health.
  • Fixed Sange and Yasha total cost.


  • Nature's Prophet: Fixed Scepter not working.
  • Nature's Prophet: Now talks to spectators when picked.
  • Nature's Prophet: Fixed Dota 1 hotkeys.
  • Shadow Fiend: Fixed losing charges when reincarning.
  • Faceless Void: Chronosphere is now guaranteed to show for both teams.
  • Beastmaster: Fixed Wild Axes AoE and speed
  • Pudge: Fixed Meat Hook not working on magic immune units.
  • Pugna: Fixed his ward not giving bounty.
  • Pugna: Added Timed Life hp indicator.
  • Spectre: Fixed Haunt illusions not dying when their targets die.
  • Weaver: Fixed The Swarm affecting ancients.
  • Witch Doctor: Fixed some Paralyzing Casks speed issues.


  • Fixed the neutral projectile bug. Now if the source of a projectile is a neutral and its target is not visible to the enemy team then we don't send the projectile.
  • Veno wards and Shadow shaman wards all use the smaller hull size. This should prevent them from blocking narrow paths.
  • Fixed Roshan (and neutrals) being visible to both teams if he got a modifier that provides vision.
  • Fixed enemy team being able to hear Windrunner's charge sound effect.
  • Fixed enemy team being able to hear Mirana's arrow launch sound effect.
  • Fixed Hand of Midas not working on Chen's creeps
  • Fixed The Swarm attack priority.


  • Swapped FoW and Stats panel hotkeys for broadcasters.
  • Fixed being able to tab to dead units in your selection group while waiting for them to fade away.
  • Added: creep, necro, and courier binds in legacy mode.
  • Added "drop item from stash" to right click menu for stash items, drops the item on the ground next to the fountain.
  • Fixed gap above portrait in action panel.
  • Restricting purchases from the side shop panel to the unit being near the side shop.
  • Fixed ban and team labels being missing after playing all pick.
  • Fixed international movie not playing in spectator hero selection.
  • Polished up tournament team picker: made picking script more apparent, removed chat visibility for spectators, removed banded sphere lighting.
  • Changed legacy keys for the following heroes: Drow Ult from P to M, Puck secondary 1 from D to E, Dazzles Ult from E to W, Enchantress ability1 from P to N.