August 05, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

Extra special hack

dota_gamescom_althack is the Convar
When this ConVar is active:
Alt as an autocast option is disabled
ALT+Q W E A S D = inventory 1 2 3 4 5 6


  • Crystal Maiden: Fixed Freezing Field to never land a splash too close to CM.
  • Sand King: He is now stunned for the duration of his burrow strike so he doesn't walk out of short ones too soon.
  • Sand King: He now plays burrow_in at the beginning of his ability and the burrow_out when the impale projectile finishes its course.
  • Sand King: Fixed the fly time 0.8 -> .52.
  • Sand King: The stun time was starting at the beginning of the vertical motion but it's supposed to start when the unit lands. Changing the stun time 1.65 -> 1.65 + 0.52.


  • Fixing the damage on chain lightning for maelstrom 150 -> 120 and mjollnir 200 -> 160.
  • Fixed Power Treads not giving the right stats when switching them.
  • Bottles that contain runes are no longe shareable.
  • Dota Masamune is now Greater Crystalys for now.
  • Fixed visual effect for Maelstrom and Mjollnir.
  • Fixed Manta moving your hero automatically.


  • Updated saturation of heroes.
  • Added "projectile" effect for Ethereal Blade.
  • Fix to dota projectiles coming from the wrong location when the source is in the FoW.
  • Fixed furions eyes looking busted.


  • Added levels to towers. The towers near the center are level 1, and each row of towers increases in level to level 4 near the ancient.
  • Fixed the team gold reward for tower kills to increase by 40 gold per hero per tower level (20 for denies), so level 1 towers give a 200 gold team bonus and level 4 towers give a 320 gold team bonus (100-160 for denied towers).
  • Tightened the spawn radius of neutrals slightly.
  • Filler buildings are now invulnerable until the appropriate time.
  • Fixed most cases of creeps attacking filler buildings before barracks.
  • There's a new chat command, -clearwards, which removes all wards from the map.
  • Adjusted chances for pseudo-random items/abilities to proc so they are correct (less frequent for chances > 25%).
  • You can no longer pick up a rune as it's already being picked up.


  • Hooked up silence icon over portrait.
  • Fixed getting stuck on a black screen at the end of the game if you were casting/chatting when the game ended.
  • Fix order of players in top slots in hero picker.
  • Many updated ability icons.
  • Dota 1 legacy hotkeys added.
  • Fixed some size issues with Spectral Dagger.
  • Sticky Query: when a queried unit goes into the FoW the query won't be cleared. The information is not updated until they come back out of the FoW.
  • Fixed broken AA tooltips.
  • Added lifetime indictator for Rhasta's Wards.
  • Fixed new keybind not removing remove old keybind.
  • Disabled holding own CONTROL to issue the same order to all controllable units for now.
  • Redirect the "status" command from hltvclients to the tv_status command output.