August 04, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Neutrals should no longer stack up after a player reconnects. We think.
  • Only private lobbies that are full of real players will use Captain's Mode now.


  • Type a password in the box and hit enter.
  • Create a lobby.
  • Only other players who have typed the same password in the box and hit enter will be able to see/join your lobby.


  • Dazzle: damages units near him correctly when casting shadow wave.
  • Enchantress: Untouchable doesn't affect units that are magic immune.


  • Fixed Battle Fury cleave working on ranged heroes.
  • Fixed Bottle/Salve/Clarity from being dispelled by extremely low magic damage.
  • Fixed the order of Power Treads stat toggle.
  • Fixed Urn of Shadows heal stacking.
  • Diffusal damage isn't affected by block.
  • Fixed Radiance, was not removing the aura when the item was dropped and toggle also toggled the +60 damage.


  • Dominated units no longer have phased collision. Affects Chen, Enchantress, and Helm of the Dominator.
  • Wards are now deniable.
  • Fixed Neutrals not spawning correctly after one of the pack had been dominated away. This happened constantly while playing Chen and prevented the camp from coming back until my poor unit got killed.
  • Chen will only immediately teleport units he controls.
  • Changed the turn rates for other heroes to fit better with the new nevermore turn rate values. This should bring the feel of turning closer to Dota 1. Opened up the action windows such that timing for actions should be unaffected.

Visuals =

  • Removed death effect blood from AA.
  • Added quick death effect to AA.
  • Made TP end effect capable of moving with a target.
  • Removed death effect blood from CM.
  • added some electric arcs to doubledamage and a bit more visible blue effect.
  • death anim for Ancient Appa.
  • Updated Chen.
  • Crystal Maiden has a new death animation.
  • Updated drake/dragon models.


  • Moved spectator controls to top right.
  • Moved spectator controls toggle button into the top bar.
  • Fixed player interpolation in player prespective view.
  • Fixed game ID/name text being truncated in the create tournament lobby list.
  • All new "Gamescom Edition" shop:
    • Lots of visual, layout, and usability improvements.
    • 30% thinner
  • Updated Pudge's Icons.
  • Added in missing Chen Ultimate Scepter tooltip.
  • When spectating in player perspective mode, if you don't move the mouse cursor for 3 seconds, it will hide the cursor and scaleform will use the spectated player's mouse coordinates, so you see tooltips, etc.
  • Fixed crash in chat when there's no dota player resource on the client.
  • Fixed quotes/greater than/less than symbols in chat.
  • Moved channel bar below the chat.
  • Added the ability to set a password on practice lobbies.
  • Broadcasters from different languages can no longerhear each other.
  • Made tv_listen_voice_index work during demo playback.
  • Added: hooked minimap simple colors and hide background for in game settings.
  • New bad ancient.
  • Reverting gem icon to match in game model.
  • Pro request: Added team only chat to team spectator.
  • Turned on captain's mode in practice lobbies.
  • New chen spell icons.
  • Nevermore icon and portrait fix.
  • Added portrait for treants.
  • Lion portrait is less clown colors.