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Patch Notes


  • Alchemist minimap icon Alchemist:
    • Fixed Acid Spray negative armor not affecting Siege units.
  • Dazzle minimap icon Dazzle:
    • Fixed Shadow Wave not healing siege units.
  • Keeper of the Light minimap icon Keeper of the Light:
    • Fixed Chakra Magic mana regen not transferring over Tether.
    • Fixed Illuminate dealing maximum damage instantly when killed by Nether Ward on cast attempt.
  • Rubick minimap icon Rubick:
    • Fixed duration of spellsteal not refreshing when stealing an ability you already have.
  • Nyx Assassin minimap icon Nyx Assassin:
    • Fixed Spiked Carapace triggering on HP removal.
  • Spectre minimap icon Spectre:
    • Fixed being unable to Reality to a sleeping Haunt illusion.
  • Templar Assassin minimap icon Templar Assassin:
    • Fixed Meld if the target dies while the attack projectile is airborn.
    • Fixed HP Removal spells (like Heartstopper Aura & Urn) draining Refraction.
    • Fixed Meld debuff not disappearing properly when the attack is disjointed.
  • Undying minimap icon Undying:
    • Fixed Tombstone not spawning zombies near sleeping enemy units.
    • Fixed a bug with Flesh Golem dropping the damage amplification too low outside of maximum distance.
  • Visage minimap icon Visage:
    • Fixed Soul Assumption gaining charges from enemy self inflicted damage.
    • Fixed Familiars being counted considered as basic creeps for the purposes of extra duration spells (like Paralyzing Casks).
  • Fixed Neutral's Ensnare getting dispelled when the enemy becomes Magic Immune.
  • Fixed Hand of Midas triggering Last Will on Necronomicons and hurting you.


  • Enabled new hero selection UI when spectating.
  • Added time penalty options in the private lobby for Captain's Mode (deducts 20/50/90 seconds from the bonus buffer time).
  • Illusions can now be remembered in control groups after respawning.
  • Broadcasters can join shared channels in the lobby.
  • Fixed a rare crash involving a stuck dragged inventory item across a level change.
  • Tournament panel will show which games you have previously watched.
  • Matches can now be rated by users via the new vote UI.


  • Fixed a bug where a completely wiped/absent enemy team would cause a low desire to push.
  • Fixed Kunkka being a dirty cheater when using Torrent.
  • Improved bot courier usage. They will no longer try to use the courier when someone else's stuff is on it, and will recover if someone else messes with the courier when it's bringing them their stuff.
  • Pinging towers now sets the overall bot desire to a flat value (modified by individual bot health and distance).
  • When creating a cheats-enabled bot game, you no longer can control the bots.


  • Keeper effects got some polish and bug fixes.
  • Windrunner polished textures and updated hero selection portrait.