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Patch Notes

  • Axe: Battle Hunger is no longer purgeable.
  • Axe: Culling Blade is no longer absorbable with Linkens' Sphere.
  • Axe: Siege units don't trigger and don't take damage from Counter Helix.
  • Beastmaster: Remove frontal cone on axes.
  • Beastmaster: Boar poison doesn't affect Mechanical, Towers, or Others.
  • Chen: Fixed Holy Persuasion to break channels on its target.
  • Doom Bringer: Fixed LVL? to do bonus damage first.
  • Faceless Void: Chronosphere no longer pauses mechanicals or wards (except for Mass Serpent Wards, which are still paused).
  • Furion: Fixed Wrath of Nature's damage increase to be multiplicative, not additive.
  • Furion: Sphere will now block Wrath of Nature's damage.
  • Leshrac: Linken's Sphere will now absorb the damage of Lightning Storm, but not the entire spell.
  • Lina: Dragon Slave no longer uses a frontal cone.
  • Lion: Impale no longer uses a frontal cone.
  • Mirana: Minor fix to Arrow speed.
  • Mirana: Removed pre-cast arrow particle effects.
  • Morphling: Fixed colors becoming bugged.
  • Morphling: Fixed Morph cooldown bug.
  • Necrophos: Death Pulse is no longer dodgeable.
  • Necrophos: Illusions no longer have Heartstopper Aura
  • Necrophos: Heartstopper Aura now works on magic immune enemies.
  • Necrophos: Heartshopper Aura is no longer purgeable.
  • Necrophos: Heartstopper Aura now ignores the damage multiplier on Illusions.
  • Necrophos: Reaper's Scythe will now work properly with Refresher Orb.
  • Necrophos: Added stun value to Reaper's Scythe tooltip.
  • Puck: Illusory Orb now grants 800/800 flying vision which persists for 3.34 seconds.
  • Puck: Illusory Orb no longer uses a frontal cone.
  • Puck: Dream Coil no longer affects illusions.
  • Pudge: Made radius of rot more static/representative of actual rot radius.
  • Pudge: Made rot debuff effect have a more distinct palette, with a hit effect and constant blood for recipients
  • Rattletrap: Fixed Hookshot sound getting stuck if he couldn't damage anyone after making contact (friendly or invul enemy).
  • Razor: Static Link's projectile now grants 800/800 flying vision which persists for 3.34 seconds.
  • Razor: Clamped the damage values of Plasma Field to ensure it wasn't resulting in too much damage.
  • Razor: Static Link is no longer purgeable.
  • Razor: Eye of the Storm no longer affects ancients.
  • Razor: The armor reduction from Eye of the Storm is removed immediately if Razor dies.
  • Razor: The armor reduction from Eye of the Storm is no longer purgeable.
  • Slardar: Sprint is no longer purgeable.
  • Shadow Fiend: Fixed Requiem of Souls summoning a Balrog of bad perf if nevermore created illusions.
  • Sniper: Fixed the cast time on Assassinate.
  • Sniper: Assassinate keeps units from going invisible.
  • Sniper: Fixing the duration on the Shrapnel's slow. It was hardcoded to 1.5 and now it's 2.0.
  • Spectre: Fixed illusions not delaying 1 second before attacking.
  • Spectre: Desolation now happens when the attack is executed, rather than when it lands.
  • Spectre: Dispersion no longer works on ancients or Roshan.
  • Tinker: Rearm no longer refreshes the cooldown of Linken's Sphere.
  • Tiny: Adjusted the gravity of Toss such that it takes 1 second on level ground.
  • Vengefulk Spirit: Fixed the range on Wave of Terror. It was huuuuge! now it's the cast range.
  • Windrunner: Fixed Shackleshot speed.


  • Increased Manta's invulnerability duration to 0.23 seconds.
  • Blink Dagger now properly clamps its distance when cast outside of the maximum.
  • Fixed Vladmir not working
  • Changed the scoreboard to show an ulti's cooldown instead of the "no mana" state when the ability is both in cooldown and doesn't have enough mana.
  • Mekansm aura 500->750
  • Hand of Midas now eats summoned and magic immune golems (parity).
  • Vladmir's Offering is now one modifier instead of 4. (All auras were 900 units).
  • Using Arcane Boots will now interrupt channels.
  • Using Buckler will now interrupt channels.
  • Using Magic Stick/Wand will now interrupt channels.
  • Only one stick/wand will gain charges if you have more than one in your inventory.
  • Medallion of Courage now triggers Sphere.
  • Hooked up Medallion's new sound effect.
  • Medallion of Courage's buff is now tagged as a debuff.
  • Using Mekansm will now interrupt channels.
  • Mekansm "no heal" buff is no longer purgeable.
  • No longer commenting on Orb of Venom purchases.
  • Using Pipe will now interrupt channels.
  • Pipe debuff is no longer purgeable.
  • No longer hiding Ring of Basilius modifier for other units affected by it.
  • Using Soul Ring will now interrupt channels.
  • Soul Ring buff no longer purgeable.
  • Extra Max Mana from Soul Ring goes away as spells are cast.
  • Urn of Shadows now trigger Sphere.
  • Urn of Shadows now interrupt channels.
  • Phase Boots modifier is no longer purgeable.


  • Fixed Autocast orbs still being active while silenced
  • Fixed a bug where you could issue a move command on an enemy and you would continue to follow him even if he became invisible or went into the fog
  • Kill Streaks are no longer cleared if the hero is going to reincarnate.


  • Fixed Shadow Shaman's wards not drawing.
  • Fix for bad status effects if illusions were in the game and multiple status effects were on multiple units
  • Fixed camera z lerp not being fast enough to update the position. Made the world feel closer than before.
  • New Effects for:
    • Armlet
    • Diffusal Blade Slow
    • Manta Split Invuln
    • Mask of Madness
    • Orb of Venom
    • Sange Maim
    • Sange & Yasha Maim
    • Courier Sprint and Invuln
    • Bloodstone


  • added spectator hotkeys:
    • 1-0 select heroes
    • F1-F4 stats panels
    • F5-F7 fog of war
  • Fixed neutral dots on the minimap showing up when the camp is known to have been cleared.
  • Added purchase messages to the courier, flying courier, sentry wards, and observer wards.
  • Fixed "Requires Side Shop" shop bug caused by selecting a unit that can't buy and then trying to buy stuff.
  • Team scores are now shown spectators in non-tournament games.
  • Fixed being able to see enemy heroes teleporting away if the particle bbox clipped out of the FoW
  • MultiUnit selection
    • Units are removed from player's selection when they die.
    • Tab cycling now cycles unit types instead of individual units.
  • Attributes section of action panel redesign, shows +stats on str, agi, int, and highlights primary attribute.
  • Control+tab ( or what is bound to dota_cycle_selected ) cycles through selected unit groups in reverse.
  • Fixed HUD armor value's not using the correct formula for unique armor bonuses.
  • Channel bar is now shown to spectators.


  • Some environment improvements
  • Some fog of war darkness level tweaks
  • Dire side lighting is improved for readability