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Attack Range
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Attack range is the range at which a hero may perform their basic attack on another unit. There are two main subdivisions of attacks: melee and ranged. Attack range can be extended by certain abilities.

Melee and Ranged[edit]

The attack range itself is not what decides if a unit is classified as ranged or melee. This characteristic is set for each unit individually, regardless of their actual attack range. This means that it is possible for a melee unit to have a higher attack range than a ranged unit. These are the differences between melee and ranged units:

  • Melee heroes attacks hit instantly upon reaching their attack point.
    • Melee attacks miss if the target moves more than 350 range out of the hero's attack range, unless they have True Strike.
    • Melee heroes can attack up cliffs, provided the enemy is close enough to the edge to be within the hero's range.
    • Melee attackers have an extra 150 attack range when attacking Observer and Sentry Wards 1 icon.png Observer and Sentry Wards.
    • Melee heroes have innate damage block, having a 50% chance to block 16 damage.
    • Melee heroes receive different (usually higher) values from certain items, such as Skull Basher icon.png Skull Basher, Quelling Blade icon.png Quelling Blade, and Poor Man's Shield icon.png Poor Man's Shield.
    • Eye of Skadi's Cold Attack movement speed slow and attack speed slow use lesser values against melee heroes.
    • The attack range bonus from Broom Handle icon.png Broom Handle and Echo Sabre's Echo Strike work exclusively for melee heroes.
  • Ranged heroes fire a projectile when they attack.
    • The time it takes for a ranged projectile to land is determined by the hero's projectile speed and their distance from the target.
    • Projectile attacks can be disjointed, and have a chance to miss when attacking a target on higher terrain.
    • Eye of Skadi's Cold Attack movement speed slow and attack speed slow use greater values against ranged heroes.
    • Some attack range bonuses apply exclusively to ranged heroes, such as Dragon Lance icon.png Dragon Lance, Telescope icon.png Telescope, and Vengeance Aura.

Acquisition Range[edit]

In order to prevent units from automatically attacking any visible enemy unit, they have a certain acquisition range. This range determines how close an enemy has to get in order for the unit to automatically attack it. Since this only goes for auto-attacks, this range has no influence on units which have auto-attack disabled in the game options.

The default acquisition range for melee heroes is 600, and 800 for ranged heroes. There are some exceptions to this mainly due to abilities. The exceptions are:

Attack range table[edit]

M Melee

R Ranged

1 Attack range can be modified by abilities; see below.

2 These heroes use a different range when their active attack modifier is used manually, rather than used with autocast.

3 Most stealable spells which alter attack range also fully affect Rubick's attack range for their duration when stolen and used, with the exception of Elder Dragon Form and Metamorphosis, which do not change his attack range. See Spell Steal interaction for details. If picked by a ranged hero in the Ability Draft game mode however, Elder Dragon Form does increase their attack range, while Metamorphosis does not change the attack range of any other hero than Terrorblade.

Heroes Base Attack Range Modified Attack Range Bonus Talent Range
675R 735/795/855/915R
670R 150R lvl25
625R 100R lvl20
625R 100R lvl20
600R 100R lvl20
600R 100R lvl15
575R 600/640/680/720R 100R lvl15
550R 8650/750/850/950R 100R lvl25
550R 225M
500R 575/650/725/800R
500R 150M
425R 9770/850/925/1000R
400R 600R 325R lvl10
400R 450R 150R lvl25
160R 4240/290/340/390R
150M 8550/790R 240R lvl25
150M 500R
150M 350M

Attack range granting talents[edit]

The following heroes have a talent that grants them bonus attack range.

Bonus Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
Attack range
  • Venomancer minimap icon.png +100
  • Jakiro minimap icon.png +325
  • Windranger minimap icon.png +100
  • Viper minimap icon.png +100
  • Arc Warden minimap icon.png +100
  • Silencer minimap icon.png +100
  • Clinkz minimap icon.png +125
  • Lina minimap icon.png +150
  • Sniper minimap icon.png +100

Besides these, the following heroes have other specific attack range talents

Specific attack range talents

Attack range modifying abilities[edit]

Recent Changes[edit]

  • Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord's attack range increased from 175 to 200.
  • Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge's attack range increased from 150 to 175
  • Doom minimap icon.png Doom's attack range increased from 175 to 200.