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Attack On Hero
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Survive and defend the gate in a holdout-style game against 36 waves of unique and challenging monsters.
Workshop:Attack On Hero
Players:up to 5
Teams:1 (PvE)
Last update:2016-10-17
Latest version:Unknown
Average duration:~60 minutes

Attack On Hero is a custom game played on a custom Dota 2 map, with teams of 5 players Survive and defend the gate in a holdout-style game against 36 waves of unique and challenging monsters. This custom game is inspired by the popular Attack on Titan Anime .


  • The goal of the game is to defend the gate and survive against 36 waves of unique and challenging monsters
  • Many hero skills are edited
  • Some hero skills are replaced with such from other heroes or new custom spells
  • Some custom items
  • Purchase unlimited tomes (+1 to STR/AGI/INT for 160g) later in the game to improve your character
  • Dedicated Servers
  • All dead heroes respawn with full HP/MANA at each end of each wave on the spot they died

General Strategy[]


Some heroes are not available in this custom game:


  1. Tusk
  2. Forge Spirits
  3. Blademaster (Juggernaut)
  4. Mushroom Force (Natures Prophets, NP Treants, Treant Protector)
  5. Chaos Realm (Chaos Knight, Dark Seers)
  6. Witch Doctor
  7. Tormented Souls (Lechracs, Ghost campers)
  8. Lucifer (Doom)
  9. Ice & Fire (Jakiro into Phoenix and Winter Wyvern)
  10. Bristledog (Bristleback, big Bristleback)
  11. Night Stalker
  12. Demolitions Squad (Bears, Beastmaster)
  13. Slithereen Guardians (Slardars, Naga)
  14. Beware the Wolf (ulted Lycan, Wolves)
  15. Errant Soldier (Legion Commander, melee Dragon Knights)
  16. Spooky (Lifestealers)
  17. Fundamental of Gravity (Enigma)
  18. Lightning Revenant (Razor)
  19. Spirit Breaker
  20. Crypt Swarm (Nyx, Weavers)
  21. Infernal Golem (Chaotic Offering)
  22. Leviathan (Tidehunter, Morphlings)
  23. Mechatron (Tinker, Cogs)
  24. Windrunner
  25. Attack of the Bots (Clockwerk, Tinkers, Techies)
  26. One True King (Wraith King, Skeletons, Skeletal Archers)
  27. Ethereal Plane (Puck)
  28. Shadow Friends (Shadow Feind, Shadow Demons)
  29. The Veiled Sisters (Phantom Assassins)
  30. The Free Spirits (Ember, Storm and Earth Spirits)
  31. Worldsmith (Elder Titan, Totems)
  32. The Greatest Magus (Rubick)
  33. Phantom Menace (PL)
  34. The Magic Ends Here (AM)
  35. Demon Marauder (Terrorblade)
  36. Lich King (Lich)


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