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Aspect of Oscilla
Cosmetic icon Aspect of Oscilla
Wearable 14962
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Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Shield

Though the Orbs of Oscilla had garnered intense study and spurred divisive debate spanning entire epochs of arcane methodology, Nortrom was the first to posit that these artifacts were no mere items of power, but astral appendages of some great creature, each of which might be used to locate further pieces of a terrifying whole.
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Ambient Effect
Arcane Curse icon Arcane Curse Effect

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Arcane Curse icon Arcane Curse
Aspect of Oscilla Arcane Curse icon


  • This item shares aesthetics with Glaive of Oscilla.
  • The word or name "Oscilla" may come from the word "oscillate" which means moving back and forth two points. The Latin word Oscilla is the plural form of the word oscillum which is any mask or crafted face hung as offerings to the gods, such as Bacchus. The oscillum was hung by a string on a tree, causing it to swing back and forth should a wind blow through it. This is the origin of the word "oscillate" that we use today.
    • Oscilla and oscillum are words derived from another word os which means "face", "mouth", "orifice", the "beak" of a ship or any other foremost/entry aspect of something in Latin, hence the masks or crafted faces. The faces featured on this item and its effects might be a reference to this os.

Patch History[]

  • Updated model.