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This article is about the interface display. To view a full database of equippable items, see cosmetic items.

A loaded armory.

The Armory is the client interface for cosmetic items in the Steam inventory. It can be sorted and searched via keywords or customizable filters. Steam items (Steam Trading Cards, Dota 2 Invites) will not be placed in the Armory, but in the Steam section of the Steam inventory. Items in the Armory can be directly listed to the Steam Market, and Market information regarding items can be viewed in the item tooltip.


  • A default Armory comes with 10,000 slots.
  • Armory size can be increased by purchasing an Armory Expander, which grants the account an additional 240 slots (4 pages).
    • Armory size can be increased up to 34,000 slots.
      • To achieve this starting from a default Armory, one would need to use 100 Armory Expanders.


The armory can be filtered down to specific categories of items, which are saved to provide easy searching. Many filters are provided by default, including Rare Items, Couriers, Wards and Keys and Treasures; however the player can edit these or create their own, whenever they choose, and can be as specific as desired. Other filters include if the items is Inscribed, or even if the item contains a specified word in its description.

Not including 'All Items' filter, you can only make 8 editable filters in total.


Gift wrapping interface

The gift wrapping interface

Gifts can be sent to a friend by right-clicking an item and selecting the Gift Wrap option. This will create a Wrapped Gift containing the item.


Wrapped Gift/Restrictions

Code Redeeming[]

Codes from certain promotional merchandise can be redeemed at the Armory for in-game items.

Item Recycling[]

This feature is only available during certain events. It allows players to exchange unwanted items for rewards.

Patch history[]

  • The Armory used to be called the Backpack.
  • Deleting an item in the Armory used to yield a small chance of receiving another item of the next higher Rarity tier. This feature has since been removed.
  • Changed to new Armory.
  • Increased base armory slots from 1080 to 10000.
  • Increased maximum possible slots from 24000 to 34000.

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