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Patch Notes


  • Added Brewmaster minimap icon Brewmaster to Captain's Mode
  • Fixed non-hero units like Spirit Bear breaking smoke of deceit.
  • Fixed Burning Spear counter being reset by BKB.
  • Fixed illusions stealing Magic Stick/Wand charges from the owner.
  • Fixed a new bug with Riki's Blink Strike causing it to not attack right away.
  • Fixed True Form / Druid Form being cancelled and interruptable.
  • Fixed attack FoW reveal to happen when an attack fires off, rather than when your animation starts.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause move commands or abilities to execute at odd times.
  • Fixed bug where DotaTV director would stop directing in the last minutes of the game.
  • Fixed Vanguard's block chance being too low.
  • Fixed Brewmaster's primal splits creating illusions from Wall of Replica.
  • Fixed Brewmaster not receiving XP when split.


  • Heroes will no longer lose their shadows.
  • Item Icon have been redesigned

[We plan to continue update these over the next few weeks, please give us your thoughts in this forum (]

  • New visual style for Lion.
  • New Town Portal effect.


  • Some heroes will now call out to allies they encounter in the field during the early phases of a game.


  • Fixed control groups breaking in the case where a hero has unit sharing enabled and another hero tries to control group one of the summons.
  • Fixed a case where casting an ability to control a unit (ie. Chen's Persuasion), then querying the unit before the ability fired would not end up with the unit in a selected state and the abilities would not be usable.
  • Fixed damage done to player*controlled units not showing up in the combatlog.
  • Fixed attributes tooltip not showing the correct values for Spirit Bear (or other hero-like) units.


  • Bots can call out "top missing!" etc if an opponent goes away during the laning phase.
  • Bots are now more likely to use the Side Shop. They will hold off purchasing items if they think they'll be able to get them from the Side Shop soon, and are more likely to actually walk there to pick them up.
  • Bots no longer forget/ignore units that are reincarning.
  • Bots will now use couriers that are holding their items, even if the courier is currently returning to base.
  • Bots will only use couriers that are idle in base, so they shouldn't grab couriers as soon as they stop moving in, for example, the secret shop.
  • When a bot dies, if it had a courier en route, it will send the courier back to base.
  • Juggernaut is now more likely to use Omnisliash in teamfights, particularly when he thinks he can get all slashes on heroes.
  • Bots will no longer purchase items during the hero pick phase of the game.
  • Bots will no longer use any of their abilities on Passive difficulty.
  • Made Windrunner bot slightly more likely to use Powershot when ganking, and less likely to use Windrun for non*panic retreats.
  • Fixed bug that, under certain hero combinations, could cause lane selection to thrash.
  • Improved the Team Roam behavior, they should no longer clump up and get stuck, and should deal with any creeps attacking them.
  • Increased bot sensitivity to human pings for pushing and defending.
  • Increased range at which a non-carry bot will defer last-hitting to a carry bot. Non-hard-carries will now also defer to hard carries.
  • New UI shows movement speed.
  • Added rune symbols to Shadow Demon minimap icon Shadow Demon's cape texture.
  • Added a new teleport end animation for Axe minimap icon Axe.
  • The following heroes received injured run animations:
  • The following heroes received injured attack animations:
  • The following heroes received injured idle animations:
  • Updated the hero selection portraits of the following heroes: