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Patch Notes

  • Fixed Wind Waker not applying basic dispel.
  • Vambrace
    • Fixed being able to purchase the item.
    • Fixed being able to purchase multiples of the item.
  • Fixed Fire Shield having the incorrect number of fireballs.
  • Fixed Dust not revealing invisible heroes.
  • Fixed Roshan being unattackable while switching pits during the time of day change.
  • Fixed Harpoon being able to double attack ignoring cooldown.
  • Fixed Shield Rune ping messages.
  • Fixed Universal Heroes not being listed in the hotkey grid.
  • Divided We Stand
    • Fixed ability interactions between Bottle Rune and Pack Rat.
    • Fixed item interactions between Divided We Stand and multiple Bottles.
  • Fixed interaction between MegaMeepo and Manta Style.
  • Fixed interaction between Dig and Manta Style.
  • Updated Trap Autocast functionality and ability interactions.
  • Fixed ability interactions between Phylactery and Track.
  • Fixed pinging the Watcher crashing the game.
  • Fixed being able to aggro Roshan while he's moving.
  • Updated the following ability tooltips:
    • Fountain Invulnerability
  • Updated the following ability backend strings:
    • Reincarnation Skeleton Spawning