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Patch Notes

  • Scaled up creep HP bar.
  • Updated hero HP bars to match creep scale changes as well has show player color.
  • Added New Kunkka model.
  • Added Venomancer.
  • In replay/spectator mode, the heroes in the scoreboard are now clickable (jump to the location of the hero).
  • Axe's Berserker's Call now works properly with neutral creeps.
  • Cleaned up linear projectile issues on non-level ground.
  • Bots now know how to use a number of items: BKB, Shiva's Guard, Blade Mail, Sheepstick, Eul's Scepter, Dagon, Force Staff, Necronomicon, Orchid, Refresher, Ancient Janggo, Arcane Boots, Armlet, Buckler, Ethereal Blade, Invisibility Sword, Manta, Medallion of Courage, Mekansm, Pipe, and Urn of Shadows.
  • Tiny can no longer throw couriers using Toss, and the damage from Toss will no longer damage couriers.