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AoE Radius

AoE Radius affects Areas of Effect, increasing width and radius of spells. Does not affect lengths and ranges that are already increased by Aether Lens.

AoE Radius is affected by the "AoE bonus" stat.


AoE bonus mechanics[]

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The AoE bonus affects most No Target circular radius abilities (e.g. Scream of Pain icon Scream of Pain) and Target Area circular radius abilities (e.g. Shrapnel icon Shrapnel).

AoE Bonuses affect all Auras and Cleave sources (e.g. Lunar Blessing icon Lunar Blessing, Great Cleave icon Great Cleave).

AoE bonus also affects most Target Point abilities with line-shaped radius (e.g. Boundless Strike icon Boundless Strike) and cone-shaped radius(e.g. Breathe Fire icon Breathe Fire), leads to an expansion in the width radius of the Abilities' Hitbox.
Despite some line-shape Target Point abilities such as Meat Hook icon Meat Hook, Timber Chain icon Timber Chain do not receive the AoE bonus.

Nihilism icon Nihilism and Impale icon Impale are special cases as they do not have Effect Radius and Hitbox Radius increased, despite AoE Radius being increased.

Target Unit abilities have a Search Radius to fire secondary projectiles (e.g. Fade Bolt icon Fade Bolt) are always affected by the AoE bonus.

Target Unit with Area Effect abilities (e.g. Storm Hammer icon Storm Hammer) are always affected by the AoE bonus too.

Unlike Cast Range bonus, which causes all Vector Targeting spells have their cast range increased but not their effect range.
AoE Radius bonus make almost Vector Targeting spells have their effect range increased.

  • Example :
    • Swashbuckle icon Swashbuckle has "75 Slash width" increase when equipped with Bloodstone.
    • Aether Remnant icon Aether Remnant has "75 Remnant Watch width" and "75 Remnant Search range" increase when equipped with Bloodstone.

Recent Changes[]

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  • AoE Bonuses now affect all auras and Cleave sources
  • Crystal Maiden minimap icon Crystal Maiden's Arcane Aura icon Arcane Aura ability
    • Increases Crystal Maiden's cast range by 50/75/100/125, and provides 7/8/9/10% AoE Bonus - require facet Frozen Expanse
  • Necrophos minimap icon Necrophos's Heartstopper Aura icon Sadist ability:
    • Gains +50 AoE Increase per current Sadist stack - require facet Profane Potency
  • Primal Beast minimap icon Primal Beast's Uproar icon Uproar ability:
    • When activated, each stack provides 10% AoE bonus - require facet Ferocity
  • Rubick minimap icon Rubick's Arcane Supremacy icon Arcane Supremacy ability:
    • Every time Rubick casts a spell, he gains +25 AoE Spell Radius Amplification for 20s. Multiple instances of this buff stack independently - require facet Arcane Accumulation
  • Added support for a new bonus: AoE Radius Bonus
    • Currently this effect is provided only by Bloodstone icon Bloodstone