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Heroes Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
Races Demons
Factions Court of Ristul
Jasper Circle
Places White Spire
Seven Hells

Anessix is an Earthbound demon who debuted in Dota Underlords. She is one of the many Underlords who rose to power after Momma Eeb's death to rule over the city of White Spire, with Little Revtel currently under her control and influence. Her title is Mistress of Secrets.


Like all demons, Anessix shares many of their traits.

All of her demonic traits are hidden in an exterior of elegance and pomp. This can be observed in her mannerisms, the way she speaks to others, and the way she dresses.

Anessix is quite egotistical. She is aware of her meager power compared to the true devils, but she ignores that and often pretends that she is above her enemies. Despite this, she may be snapped back into reality whenever she is reminded of her inferior power when seeing someone do something that she is supposed to be able to do, such as seeing the Dark Trolls and their necromancy.

The Mistress of Secrets puts her demonic traits to use when performing business. After all, psychopaths are common in the field of business. She is resourceful, cunning, and Machiavellian in her line of business. As the Mistress of Secrets, she makes it so that she is the sole monopoly of the products and services that she offers, such as magic and information. No soothsayer, healer, or informant in White Spire may conduct their business in the presence of Anessix, lest their business will be eliminated or even themselves.

While she does have the ability to forcefully bend the minds of others to her will, she may opt for less manipulative options and prefer to cooperate with other people. This is where her patience comes in. She talks it out with others in need to earn their favor and loyalty.


Anessix has a rivalry with Terrorblade. She disagrees with Terrorblade's "antiquated views" since she is willing to work alongside mortals without enslaving them.

Her connection to the Court of Ristul is quite strained, but she is constantly working on it to keep her connection and favor with gold, information, and souls.

Anessix has some connections to the Jasper Circle and has access to their services.

Among all the Underlords of White Spire, Anessix hates Grek the most.

Anessix has some form of respect for Jull, another Underlord who seeks control over White Spire.