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This article or section contains content that has been removed from the game or store, or has never been released. It exists solely for archival purposes.
Ancient Prowler Shaman
Ancient Prowler Shaman model.png
Ancient Prowler Shaman icon.png
Ancient Jungle Creep
Level 5
Health 1200
Health regeneration 0.5
Mana 400
Mana regeneration 1
Armor 12
Magic resistance 0%
Status resistance 0%
Attack damage 59‒65
Acquisition range 500
Attack range 100
Base attack time 1.5
Attack animation 0.83+0.67
Movement speed 300
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 24
Vision range 800 (G)
Bounty 60‒71
Experience 95
Model scale 1.15

Ancient Prowler Shaman was a neutral creep found in:


Desecrate (Ancient Prowler Shaman) icon.png
No Target
Stomps the ground, dealing damage to nearby units and reducing their base physical armor by 50%.
Cast Animation: 0.4+1.37
Radius: 300
Damage: 200
Base Armor Reduction: 50%
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 12
Mana: 100
Debuff modifier_spawnlord_master_stomp: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • The armor reduction is based on the affected units' base armor and armor granted by agility. Direct armor bonuses are ignored.
  • The armor reduction adapts based on how the affected units' armor changes due to agility loss or gain in 0.5 second intervals. It is not set upon placing the debuff.
  • Desecrate first applies the debuff, then the damage.
  • Multiple instances of the debuff do not stack.
  • As a neutral unit:
    • The Prowler only casts this spell when there is at least 1 or more enemy within the radius while it is attacking.
    • The enemy must be a valid target for the spell. Units which are not affected by the spell do not count.
  • As a player controlled unit:
    • No restrictions.
  • Has a cast backswing of 0.17 when cast by Doom minimap icon.png Doom (acquired through Talent Devour).
  • Has a cast backswing of 1.07 when cast by Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick (acquired through casting Spell Steal on Doom).

Petrify (Ancient Prowler Shaman) icon.png
Causes the next attack to petrify the enemy, rooting them and dealing 75 damage per second.
Cast Range: 150
Damage per Second: 75
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 15
Partially pierces spell immunity. Can target and root spell immune enemies.
Does not damage spell immune enemies.
Buff modifier_spawnlord_master_freeze: Undispellable. Persists death.
Debuff modifier_spawnlord_master_freeze_root: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • Roots and disarms the target, preventing it from moving, attacking and casting certain mobility spells.
  • Deals 37.5 damage in 0.5 second intervals, starting immediately on cast, resulting in 4 damage instances.
  • Refreshing the debuff on a target does not stack. It refreshes the root duration, but not the damage.
  • The attack first applies the debuff, then its own damage.
  • The Prowler's weapon emits a purple glow whenever the ability is ready.
  • As a neutral unit:
    • Petrify is set to autocast for the Prowler, so that it gets used whenever it is ready on an attack.
  • As a player controlled unit:
    • No restrictions.
  • When acquired by Doom minimap icon.png Doom, it is initially on autocast as well. Cannot be stolen by Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick.


  • This creep's internal name is Spawnlord Master.
  • According to the game files, the Prowler Shaman was supposed to have a bash ability. It had a 40% chance to stun for 1 second. It presumably got scrapped during the beta.

Version history[]

  • Increased armor from 11 to 12.
  • Removed.
  • Increased gold bounty from 54-64 to 60-71.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 60-71 to 54-64.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 69-78 to 60-71.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 86-98 to 69-78.
  • Reduced experience bounty from 119 to 95.
  • Created.