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Ice Age
Ice Age icon
Causes all enemy heroes in a 800 radius to take 25 damage per second and -100% Health/Lifesteal Regeneration for 5 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0.01+0.5
Cast Range: Affected by Cast Range bonuses. 800
Radius: 800
Damage per Second: 25
Health Restoration Reduction: 100%
Duration: 5
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol

  • This aiblity was supposed to be a new Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard upgrade for Ancient Apparition, but it was never released.
    • It was added in [ Info Needed ], and is still fully functional.
  • Places a debuff on enemy heroes within the radius upon cast, leaving or entering the area afterward has no effect.
  • Deals damage in 1-second intervals, starting 1 second after the debuff is placed, resulting in 5 instances.
    • Can deal a total of 125 damage to each debuffed enemy.
  • The debuff from successive casts on the same targets does not stack but refreshes the duration.