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Known Bugs

Cold Feet[]

Cold Feet gets dispelled when the target gets tossed in the air
Cold Feet's break distance is shperical, instead of a 2 dimensional circle like other AoE effects. This means that it gets dispelled when the targeted unit gets Toss icon Tossed, even when getting tossed straight upwards.
21 February 2017

Cold Feet's initial debuff appears like a permanent debuff in the status bar
Expiring buffs and debuffs show their remaining duration on the border of the icon in the status bar, a gree/red ring around the icon depletes based on how long the effect lasts. Despite being an expiring debuff, Cold Feet's debuff does not show this and appears like a permanent effect in the status bar.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast[]

Ice Blast does not prevent healing done by Decay and Whirling Death
Ice Blast is able to prevent health gained by gaining strength. However, the health gained by gaining strength through Decay icon Decay or by regaining lost strength upon expiring of Whirling Death icon Whirling Death's debuff on strength heroes is not prevented.
False Promise icon False Promise does not prevent health gain through Decay and Whirling Death either.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast can shatter heroes who are above the shatter threshold
Due to how Ice Blast's shatter works, it can shatter a hero who is above the shatter threshold. The effect checks for the hero's health on each tick, and if the health is below the threshold in one tick, the shatter is applied on the next tick. Any healing done before the shattering tick is ignored completely.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast instantly removes the health bonus of Granite Aura
When affected by Granite Aura (Ancient Granite Golem) icon Granite Aura, getting hit by Ice Blast causes the hero to instantly lose the health bonus of the aura on its current health. This only happens when at full or almost full health.
The same happens when applying False Promise icon False Promise on a hero under the aura's effect.
21 February 2017

Recasting Ice Blast makes the previous cast hit the new location
When recasting Ice Blast before the previous cast finishes causes the previous cast to apply its effects at wherever the second cast was targeted. This means the projectile of the first cast, although still traveling towards its correct location, applies the area damage/debuff on enemies around where the second cast was targeted. The second cast overrides the destination of the first cast's projectile.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast does not properly pierce spell immunity
Ice Blast icon Ice Blast does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies on impact. Since it is supposed to pierce spell immunity, it should apply its impact damage as well. Although it would get reduced to 0, this still is registered as damage, since some effects do react on 0 damage, or react on damage before any reductions.
26 February 2017

Ice Blast prevents Duel from granting its victory damage
When the Duel icon Duel caster dies to Ice Blast's shatter, the Duel target does not gain victory damage, despite being declared the winner. This interaction only works one way. This means when the Duel target dies to Ice Blast's shatter instead, the caster does gain the victory damage.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast overrides the forced credits of Reaper's Scythe and makes it not apply its respawn time increase
Reaper's Scythe icon Reaper's Scythe is supposed to increase the respawn time of the target and grant the kill credits to its caster when the target dies during it. However, when the target dies to Ice Blast's shatter (regardless of who triggered it), neither the respawn time increase is applied, nor is the kill credited to the caster of Reaper's Scythe.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast prevents Wraith King's Reincarnation when the required mana is acquired by Soul Ring
When dying to Ice Blast's shatter, Reincarnation icon Reincarnation does not trigger if the required mana was gained through Soul Ring icon Soul Ring's Sacrifice ability.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast prevents the Tempest Double from granting its kill bounties
When the Tempest Double dies to Ice Blast's shatter, it neither grants experience, nor gold to its killer.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast prevents the cooldown reduction of Chakra Magic on Reincarnation
When dying to Ice Blast's shatter while affected by Chakra Magic icon Chakra Magic, its cooldown reduction on Reincarnation icon Reincarnation is prevented.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast prevents Track from granting gold
When a hero dies to Ice Blast's shatter while Track icon Tracked, it does not grant Track gold to anyone.
7 May 2017

Ice Blast prevents Spiderlings/Spiderites from spawning spawning
When a hero dies to Ice Blast's shatter while affected by Spawn Spiderlings icon Spawn Spiderlings or Spawn Spiderite (Spiderling) icon Spawn Spiderite debuff, it does not spawn any Broodmother Spiderling icon Spiderlings/Broodmother Spiderling icon Spiderites.
17 September 2017

Ice Blast malfunctions when cast by illusions when it dies before impact
Upon death, Ice Blast is getting automatically released if it is active and was not released yet. When Ice Blast is cast by an illusion, the blast does get released, however, the icy ball neither applies the frostbitten debuff on enemy heroes it passes through, nor does it apply the impact damage/debuff upon reaching its destination. Furthermore, the visual effect marking the area gets stuck permanently.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing several issues
Sub-spells usually have the same amount of levels than the spell they belong to. Their level is automatically set equal to the main spell. However, Ice Blast's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing the following issues:
  • ALT-clicking on Ice Blast while its sub-spell is active always shows level 1 as its level in the chat, regardless of which level Ice Blast actually is.
  • Illusions created of Ancient Apparition while Ice Blast's sub-spell is active always have level 1 Ice Blast, regardless of which level Ice Blast is on the main hero.
  • Ice Blast cannot be leveled up while the sub-spell is active, getting the "Ability Is At Max Level" error message, even when Ice Blast is not on level 3 yet.
Other spells with the same issue are Tether icon Tether, Nightmare icon Nightmare, Telekinesis icon Telekinesis and Song of the Siren icon Song of the Siren.
21 February 2017

Ice Blast's launch sound does not play when launched on death by Rubick or an illusion
When Ice Blast gets launched automatically on death, it plays its launch sound. However, it only does this when Ancient Apparition was the caster. When the caster was Rubick or an illusion, the launch sound does not play.
21 February 2017