Ancestral Trappings Set

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Ancestral Trappings Set
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Rarity: Rare

The early shadow priests of the Dezun Order were said to have woven their vestments in utter darkness, for only in the total absence of light could they properly channel the essence of the Nothl Realm into the fabrics. It was believed that once complete, the enchantment would grow stronger as the garment aged. The oldest regalia are therefore not only prized for their hallowed creators, but for the heightened Nothl power they bestow upon the wearer. Contains all of the items in the 'Ancestral Trappings' set for Dazzle.
Created By
Ancestral Trappings Set
Ancestral Arm Wrap
Ancestral Cloak
Ancestral Dress
Ancestral Headdress
Ancestral Medicine Stick

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.

Set Items[edit]