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Alchemy is a form of science, primarily associated with the Keen race. Humans like Lanaya also have some knowledge of alchemy. Some, such as Ulfsaar, despise alchemy.[1] Tinker believes alchemy is a false science, only believed by loons.[2]

Gold Transmutation[edit]

Considered a branch of chymistry, alchemy's most attractive claim is the ability to transmute ordinary materials into gold. Razzil Darkbrew attempted to use alchemical principles to transmute an entire mountain to gold, but failed.[3] Nevertheless, he was successful in turning smaller amounts of material into gold.[4] Other alchemical feats include brewing explosive chemicals[5] and strong acids capable of dissolving metal.[6]

The Nyx Assassin[edit]

Nyx Assassin has a special shell grown with the help of alchemical compounds, indicating that Nyx, as well as her zealot scarabs, may have some knowledge of alchemy.[7]


Numerous ingredients are known to be used in alchemy.

  • Gunpowder.[8]
  • Methane.[9]
  • Rum.[10]
  • Calcium.[11]
  • Calcium nitrate.[12]
  • Phosphorus.[13]
  • Sulfur.[14]
  • Mercury.[15]
  • Gasoline.[16]
  • Dragon's saliva, which requires "special alloys" to contain.[17]
  • Faerie Dragon blood, which is rare and valuable.[18]
  • Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Runes.[4]
  • Fluids extracted from dead bodies.[19]
  • Moulds and mosses.[3]
    • One such potion was brewed for an ogre, resulting in a berserker's rage of rapid movement, massive health regeneration, followed by an unusually serene calmness.


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