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Alchemy is a process that involves transmutation of matter.


As a process that involves the use of science such as Chymistry to do magical processes that produce magical results, the line between Alchemy's status as a magic or science is quite blurry, causing some observers to think that it is a form of magic,[1] despite its alchemists thinking otherwise.[2]

Uses and Products[]

A traditional Alchemic recipe from the Darkbrew family, Razzil concocts a powerful Acid Spray that can dissolve the strongest metals. Even when one does not touch it, the acid is so toxic that it can be dangerous to those who even inhale it.[3]

This Unstable Concoction is a positive prospect of Razzil's failed transmutation of an entire mountain into gold. Realizing its destructive combat potential, Razzil shares his failure to others with this volatile solution, a mixture of unknown ingredients.[4] The concoction will begin to heat up[5] and then explode after five seconds of brewing, so it is ideally thrown towards an opponent before it blows up on the user's face.[6]

The lore of Greevil's Greed states that Razzil, despite not having the ability to transmute a mountain yet, can still transmute smaller compounds into gold in the meantime to grant themselves a relatively small source of income.

First brewed and concocted by Razzil over a week in jail using the surrounding moulds and mosses, this potion or tincture induces a Chemical Rage on its recipients, giving them a boost of strength at the cost of being put under an unstoppable berserker rage. The potion's effects are not permanent, but the potion's afterglow causes serenity, happiness, and an open-minded state.

  • Initially, the potion is administered through drinks, but Razzil has found other methods to administer the potion to his Ogre partner. Razzil administers the chemicals directly into his ogre's exposed brain[7] or with a tube with a triple reinforced outer shell that pumps it into his body.[8]
  • According to Mars minimap icon.png Mars, the potion is a type of stimulant.[9]

Zharvakko's Paralyzing Cask is part of his arsenal of alchemy. It contains the crushed bones of his late friends and foes.

There was once a brilliant but failed alchemist who had a collection of mystical vials that have the ability to transform liquid water into nearly any kind of substance. Across alternate continuities, the alchemist-thamaturge was killed by mishandling one of these potions when he sneezed while holding them. These vials that are being now sold to the highest bidder in an auction sale (alongside the transmuted corpse of their owner) include the following:

  • A blood vial that can transform water into blood. When used on live subjects, it causes them to seep out their own blood.[10]
  • A vial of chrome that can transform water into chromium. When used on live subjects, it turns them into a chrome statue.[11]
  • A vial that can dry up water. When used on live subjects, it dessicates them into a dry corpse, diminished of their water content.[12]
  • A vial that can electrify water. When used on live subjects, it turns them into a conductor of electricity, hence the humming sound they produce.[13]
  • A vial that turns water into oil. When used on live subjects, it makes them greasy as oil.[14]
  • A vial that turns water into a potion. When used on live subjects, it makes them pickled as if they were preserved in potion.[15]
  • A vial that turns water into slime. When used on live subjects, it makes them slimy.[16]

Alchemy may also encompass the mixture and production of alloys. When designing new alloys, a dragon's flamegland can prove useful for mixing alloys, likely used for melting down metals for easier mixing.[17] This can produce mundane alloys like nickle-titanium, which is flexible and can be used to line the curved trim of pauldrons.[18] Shadeglass is another alloy of alchemy, known for being invaluable and nigh-indestructible. It is invaluable because fourteen months of mixing materials can only produce one pound of shadeglass.[19] This alloy can also be used in crafting mundane laboratory equipment like eyepieces[20] and flasks.[21]

Ingredients and Materials[]

Numerous ingredients are known to be used in alchemy.

  • Gunpowder, used for unknown purposes.[22]
  • Fluids extracted from dead bodies[23] such as methane.[24]
  • Rum.[25]
  • Calcium.[26]
  • Calcium nitrate.[27]
  • Phosphorus.[28]
  • Sulfur.[29]
  • Mercury, which is used for making mercury switches.[30]
  • Gasoline, likely used as fuel for Alchemic devices or for other uses.[31]
  • Dragon's saliva, which requires a proper mixture of alloys to contain the flammable substance.[32]
  • Faerie Dragon's blood, which is rare and valuable.[33]
  • Bounty Runes.
  • Moulds and mosses, used by Razzil to make a potion for his ogre partner.


The Hand of Midas icon.png Hand of Midas was used to sacrifice animals for gold transmutation.

The Philosopher's Stone icon.png Philosopher's Stone is a weightless charm created by an enchanter with a powerful scorn for brute force.

An alchemist named Cedric crafted a pair of bracers that can manipulate spacetime.[34] It is said that it cannot be worn by mortals for it kills them the moment that they put it on.[35]

Flasks for alchemy can be carved and formed out of Radiant Ore.[36]

Notable Entities[]


Razzil Darkbrew is the Alchemist minimap icon.png Alchemist. Representing the Keenfolk lineage of Darkbrew, he is the black sheep among them with his alignment to Alchemy, rather than his family's sacred science of Chymistry. He is infamous for accidentally destroying an entire mountain in an attempt to transform all of it into gold, which got him into jail. He met his ogre partner in jail where he plotted their escape with a berserk potion that made the ogre eager to collaborate with Razzil, making him his new assistant in his second transmutation attempt.

Cedric was one of the many alchemists lured by the mysteries of Jovat Kazran, a legendary alchemist who turned himself into a Dark Fundamental called the Enigma.[35] To prepare for his dark ascension, he crafted a pair of bracers that can manipulate the fabric of spacetime to compliment the godly powers that he will receive when he ascends to godhood.[34]

Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma knows enough info about Alchemy to fabricate convincing and detailed journals of a legendary alchemist named Jovat Kazran. The journal is a record of his obsession with the four fundamental forces of the universe and the steps that Jovat Kazran took to turn himself into a Dark Fundamental. One of the many alchemists lured by its secrets of becoming a Dark Fundamental was Cedric, who was converted into an eidolon like the rest of the alchemists who sought Enigma's mysteries.[35]

Midas has long been considered as Alchemy's most successful practitioner. One of his best feats was inventing a series of gauntlet prototypes that can produce coins with each strike, meant to be worn only by the revered knights of an unnamed kingdom as a solution to the vast costs of war. [37] His relation to the Hand of Midas is unclear, besides it bearing his own name in its title.

Possibly in some alternate continuity, the appointed Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png Nyx Assassin's carapace was slowly administered with alchemical compounds that molted it over the course of seven seasons, hardening it against blades and spells.[38] This may indicate that Nyx, as well as her zealot scarabs, may have some knowledge of alchemy.

Long before the Hidden Temple found and recruited her, the Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin studied grimoires of alchemy as part of her investigations of the natural world.[39]

Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor uses alchemy as part of his magical arsenal, often using the crushed bones of friends and foes alike for his cask.[40]


Tinker minimap icon.png Tinker believes that Alchemy is a false science, only believed by loons.[41]

Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa rejects the presence of Alchemy in nature, for he believes that it is a form of pollution.[42]

Razzil and his ogre once had to massacre a mob of angry villagers who didn't welcome his Alchemy, which either suggests that it is controversial or the villagers were familiar with the crime that the fugitive Razzil did with his mountain transmutation.[43][44]


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