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Upgraded Abilities


  • All heroes have an ability that can be upgraded with Aghanim's Shard, or gain a new ability upon purchasing Aghanim's Shard.


Upgraded Abilities[]

Upgraded abilities
    • Curse of Avernus icon.png
      Increase Curse of Avernus base slow.
    • Mist Coil icon.png
      Causes Mist Coil to deal Abaddon's attack damage on impact.
    • Chemical Rage icon.png
      Grants the Berserk Potion ability.
    • Ice Vortex icon.png
      Causes Ice Vortex to deal damage over time and slow enemy attack speed in the area.
    • Counterspell icon.png
      Counterspell passively grants an aura that reduces enemy spell damage. The reduction is stronger in close range.
    • Magnetic Field icon.png
      Magnetic Field slows pushes enemies out of the area when cast and slows them while they are in it, and provides allies in it with magic resistance.
    • Echo Stomp (Astral Spirit) icon.png
      Echo Stomp may be placed on autocast to allow Elder Titan to take the place of the Astral Spirit as it completes its stomp.
    • Counter Helix icon.png
      Counter Helix now applies a stacking debuff to enemies hit by it that causes them to deal less total attack damage to Axe. Increases Counter Helix chance.
    • Brain Sap icon.png
      Causes Brain Sap to become a 550 AoE spell. Secondary targets only heal for 25%.
    • Flaming Lasso icon.png
      Flaming Lasso no longer disarms you.
    • Sticky Napalm icon.png
      Your attacks have a 50% chance to apply a stack of Sticky Napalm.
    • Call of the Wild Hawk icon.png
      Grants the Dive Bomb ability.
    • Bloodrage icon.png
      Bloodrage attacks now deal 2% of the target's max health as pure damage and heals Bloodseeker for that amount. Only works for Bloodseeker.
    • Shadow Walk icon.png
      Shadow Walk has a reduced cooldown grants damage reduction while invisible. Attacking to break invisibility will stun the target.
    • Drunken Brawler icon.png
      Gains Void Brawler stance granting 20% Status Resistance to Brewmaster and applies a 25% Slow for 2s on attack. Slow and Status Resistance are tripled when affected by Cinder Brew.
    • Primal Split icon.png
      Primal Split now creates a Void brewling with the Astral Pulse ability.
    • Quill Spray icon.png
      Grants the Hairball ability.
    • Silken Bola icon.png
      Silken Bola becomes an area of effect spell and increases miss chance.
    • Double Edge icon.png
      Causes Double Edge to slow enemy heroes and increase Centaur's strength per hero hit for a short time. Duration refreshes per stack, up to a max of 5 stacks.
    • Chaos Bolt icon.png
      Increases the cast range of Chaos Bolt, and causes it to create a Phantasm illusion to attack the target.
    • Holy Persuasion icon.png
      Allows Holy Persuasion to target Ancient Creeps. Can control up to Lua error in Module:Show at line 70: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). Ancient Creeps based on Hand of God's level.
    • Skeleton Walk icon.png
      Leaving Skeleton Walk creates 2 Burning Army Skeletons.
    • Hookshot icon.png
      Grants the Jetpack ability.
    • Freezing Field icon.png
      Grants the Stop Freezing Field ability.
    • Wall of Replica icon.png
      Grants the Normal Punch ability.
    • Cursed Crown icon.png
      Cursed Crown creates 4 brambles in a 175 radius around the target after the counter ends. Triggers even upon dispel. Reduces stun delay by 1 second.
    • Starbreaker icon.png
      Dawnbreaker gains magic immunity and free movement during Starbreaker.
    • Poison Touch icon.png
      Causes Poison Touch to hex affected targets for 2 seconds.
    • Spirit Siphon icon.png
      Increases Spirit Siphon charges by 1 and causes enemies to be feared for 1.5 seconds if they are siphoned for 3 seconds consecutively.
    • Thunder Strike icon.png
      Causes each strike gives a short 1.5 second buff to all allies within radius that provides +25% Movement Speed and +50 Attack Speed. Increases radius to 450.
    • Infernal Blade icon.png
      Infernal Blade stun duration is increased. If the enemy's level is a multiple of 3, or above level 24, they will be stunned for a longer duration and take bonus damage.
    • Elder Dragon Form icon.png
      Grants the Fireball ability.
    • Frost Arrows icon.png
      Frost Arrows now apply a Hypothermia stack to enemies, increasing damage from Frost Arrows and reducing their regeneration per stack. If an enemy dies with Hypothermia stacks, they burst and deal damage per stack and slow in an area around it.
    • Stone Remnant icon.png
      Causes Stone Remnant to provide ground vision. Increases charge count.
    • Fissure icon.png
      Reduces Fissure cooldown and allows Earthshaker to walk on it. When he casts any ability, an Aftershock is released along its path that stuns for a shortened duration.
    • Echo Stomp icon.png
      Echo Stomp may be placed on autocast to allow Elder Titan to take the place of the Astral Spirit as it completes its stomp.
    • Fire Remnant icon.png
      Fire Remnants deal damage per second in an area around them. If an enemy hero dies near Ember Spirit, a Fire Remnant charge will be replenished.
    • Nature's Attendants icon.png
      Adds 3 permanent Nature's Attendants that follow Enchantress around.
    • Black Hole icon.png
      Black Hole does a non-interrupting pull towards it in a 1000 AoE. Pulls at a rate of 175.
    • Time Walk icon.png
      Grants the Reverse Time Walk ability.
    • Ink Swell icon.png
      Causes Ink Swell to deal 40% more damage and heal the target for 40% of the damage Ink Swell deals. Upon expiration, the target will receive a strong dispell.
    • Homing Missile icon.png
      Homing Missiles now constantly fires the current level of Rocket Barrage in a 725 area of effect after 1 second of being cast. This Rocket Barrage prioritizes the Homing Missile target.
    • Sharpshooter icon.png
      Grants the Decoy ability.
    • Inner Fire icon.png
      Lowers Inner Fire cooldown and causes it to apply a movement speed slow and heal Huskar for a percentage of the damage dealt to enemies. Can be cast while disabled.
    • Chaos Meteor icon.png
      Causes two extra Chaos Meteors to land alongside the primary cast at slight angles. Reduces cooldown by 15 seconds.
    • Overcharge icon.png
      Increases Overcharge Spell Amplification.
    • Tether icon.png
      Io gains Spell Lifesteal and can now share Spell Lifesteal with its tethered target.
    • Liquid Fire icon.png
      Grants the Liquid Frost ability.
    • Blade Fury icon.png
      Increases movement speed during Blade Fury, and attacks random nearby enemy units with reduced damage.
    • Spirit Form icon.png
      Grants the Recall ability.
    • Ghostship icon.png
      Grants the Tidal Wave ability.
    • Overwhelming Odds icon.png
      Overwhelming Odds now grants armor for every unit hit and has increased duration.
    • Split Earth icon.png
      Causes Split Earth to repeat in the same location 3 additional times, with a 5 second delay between each one. Each time the radius increases by 75. Split Earth echo location is visible to both teams.
    • Chain Frost icon.png
      Grants the Ice Spire ability.
    • Infest icon.png
      Grants the Open Wounds ability.
    • Fiery Soul icon.png
      Lina's spells deal 15 more damage for each Fiery Soul Charge.
    • Mana Drain icon.png
      Causes Mana Drain to affect up to 2 additional enemies and gets +400 additional break distance. Lion becomes Spell Immune while channeling
    • Savage Roar icon.png
      Applies a basic dispel and grants allies in an area around the caster bonus movement and attack speed. Replicates between Lone Druid and Spirit Bear regardless of castability on the other.
    • Lucent Beam icon.png
      Lucent Beam has a reduced mana cost and may be ground targeted. The beam will strike the closest unit within the area of the targeted location, and an attack will also be launched on a random target in the area.
    • Summon Wolves icon.png
      Causes one of your creep waves to include one uncontrollable wolf that moves with the wave. Additionally, wolves spawned this way may Cripple towers.
    • Reverse Polarity icon.png
      Grants the Horn Toss ability.
    • Rebound icon.png
      Rebound can be set to autocast to throw the targeted unit instead of rebounding off it.
    • Spear of Mars icon.png
      Spear of Mars impales up to two units and leaves a fire trail behind that deals damage over time and slows movement speed.
    • Mystic Snake icon.png
      Grants the Cold Blooded ability.
    • Divided We Stand icon.png
      Divided we Stand can be cast as long as there's a Meepo within 300 radius of yourself. Causes that Meepo to fling you towards a target within a 900 AoE, dealing 100 damage and slowing their movement speed by 50%. Cooldown 18/16/14s Mana Cost: 75
    • Leap icon.png
      Upon landing, launches a projectile along Sagan's leap path, dealing damage and slowing units affected. Grants 1 bonus charge.
    • Mischief icon.png
      Mischief has a shorter cooldown, longer invulnerability period, no longer slows Monkey King and disjoints projectiles.
    • Adaptive Strike (Agility) icon.png
      Causes Adaptive Strike to have +1 Multishot. Multishot prioritizes heroes.
    • Adaptive Strike (Strength) icon.png
      Causes Adaptive Strike to have +1 Multishot and increases the stun duration by 1 second. Multishot prioritizes heroes.
    • Song of the Siren icon.png
      Song of the Siren heals allies by 5% of their Max HP per second for its duration.
    • Sprout icon.png
      Causes the first two trees destroyed with Sprout to summon Greater Treants. Can only have two Greater Treants alive.
    • Death Pulse icon.png
      Grants the Death Seeker ability.
    • Hunter in the Night icon.png
      Hunter in the Night may be cast on a creep, instantly killing it and restoring some of Night Stalker's maximum health and mana. Cannot target ancients during the daytime. Cooldown: 20
    • Vendetta icon.png
      Vendetta now moves faster, and a successful Vendetta attack now reduces the target's Magic Resistance.
    • Multicast icon.png
      Grants the Fire Shield ability.
    • Guardian Angel icon.png
      Grants the Degen Aura ability.
    • False Promise icon.png
      Causes False Promise to have a 0.15-second fade delay invisibility.
    • Astral Imprisonment icon.png
      Grants an additional +5% Mana Capacity steal to Astral Imprisonment. Also allows allies to move at 60% movement speed during Astral Imprisonment (they are visible, but untargettable and can't perform any other actions).
    • Rolling Thunder icon.png
      Grants the Roll Up ability.
    • Coup de Grace icon.png
      Grants the Fan of Knives ability.
    • Spirit Lance icon.png
      Spirit Lance bounces once on an enemy, prioritizing Heroes. Increases Spirit Lance illusion damage.
    • Sun Ray icon.png
      Allows Sun Ray to be cast during Supernova, and slows affected enemies by 12%.
    • Pulverize icon.png
      Grants the Rock Throw ability.
    • Phase Shift icon.png
      Puck attacks all enemies within its attack range + 200 every time it phase shifts.
    • Dismember icon.png
      Grants the Eject ability.
    • Life Drain icon.png
      Life Drain can target your Nether Ward, causing life drain to refract to all enemy heroes within 700 units of the ward for 70% of its damage. The effect is interrupted if the ward is destroyed.
    • Nether Ward icon.png
      Increases cast range by 350.
    • Blink (Queen of Pain) icon.png
      Releases a sonic boom when Queen of Pain blinks, at both her starting and ending locations. Deals 125 damage in a 300 AoE and silences for 1.75 seconds.
    • Storm Surge icon.png
      Causes Storm Surge to have a chance when attacked, and always when targeted with a spell, to release forked lightning that strikes the target other nearby enemies, dealing damage and slowing movement speed.
    • Cloak and Dagger icon.png
      Grants the Sleeping Dart ability.
    • Spell Steal icon.png
      Upgrades the stolen spells to the Shard level.
    • Telekinesis icon.png
      Allows you to target yourself or allies with Telekinesis. Throw range is Expression error: Unexpected < operator.% longer and cooldown is reduced by 30% when targeting allies. Throw delay reduced to Lua error in Module:Show at line 75: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value). seconds.
    • Epicenter icon.png
      Increases Epicenter Pulse damage, and every 700 units moved causes a small single Epicenter Pulse around Sand King.
    • Demonic Purge icon.png
      Grants the Demonic Cleanse ability.
    • Necromastery icon.png
      Shadow Fiend gains an extra soul per kill. Shadow Fiend can consume a soul per attack to deal critical damage and fear the target. CD: 3.
    • Shackles icon.png
      Shackles creates Serpent Wards attacking the target. Increases Shackles cast range by 125. Serpent wards lasts 7 seconds.
    • Glaives of Wisdom icon.png
      Causes Glaives to bounce 1 time towards the closest enemy unit, dealing 50% of Silencer's attack damage. Bounce range is 600. Additionally, it increases the Intelligence stolen per kill by 2.
    • Mystic Flare icon.png
      Grants the Shield of the Scion ability.
    • Slithereen Crush icon.png
      Increases Slithereen Crush radius, and causes it to apply Corrosive Haze for a short time to units affected.
    • Shadow Dance icon.png
      Grants the Depth Shroud ability.
    • Scatterblast icon.png
      Causes Scatterblast to deal extra damage as well as stun and knockback enemy units in the point blank range.
    • Assassinate icon.png
      Grants the Concussive Grenade ability.
    • Dispersion icon.png
      Every damage absorbed will trigger a Spectral Dagger to be launched at the last player-controlled attacker, occuring a max of once every seconds.
    • Savage Roar icon.png
      Applies a basic dispel and grants allies in an area around the caster bonus movement and attack speed. Replicates between Lone Druid and Spirit Bear regardless of castability on the other.
    • Nether Strike icon.png
      Causes Nether Strike to grant spell immunity, and deal extra damage and apply Break.
    • Overload icon.png
      Can be activated to grant Storm Spirit and nearby allied heroes 3 Overload charges. Provides bonus Attack Speed. Lasts up to 12 seconds or until the charges are depleted.
    • Warcry icon.png
      Warcry is now undispellable and passively grants armor to all allies near Sven.
    • Blast Off! icon.png
      Increases Blast Off! cast range by 300, and applies a 1.75 second stun to affected enemies.
    • Magnetic Field icon.png
      Magnetic Field slows pushes enemies out of the area when cast and slows them while they are in it, and provides allies in it with magic resistance.
    • Psionic Trap icon.png
      Increases max trap count and trap vision range. When activated, traps now silence affected enemies.
    • Sunder icon.png
      Grants the Demon Zeal ability.
    • Anchor Smash icon.png
      Anchor Smash now affects buildings and has increased damage and reduced cooldown.
    • Chakram icon.png
      Grants the Flamethrower ability.
    • Rearm icon.png
      Grants the Warp Flare ability.
    • Tree Grab icon.png
      Causes Tree Grab to have no charge limit.
    • Nature's Guise icon.png
      Causes Treant to move faster and become invisible with Nature's Guise and root enemies upon attacking. Deals damage over time and roots for longer if the attack was near a tree.
    • Battle Trance icon.png
      Grants the Rampage ability.
    • Ice Shards icon.png
      Increases depth of Ice Shards, and enemies trapped within an ice shard are slowed and take damage per second.
    • Firestorm icon.png
      Firestorm can be self-targeted. When used that way, the Firestorm follows Underlord around. The wave count is increased, and tick rate / duration time occur more quickly.
    • Flesh Golem icon.png
      Reduces Flesh Golem Cooldown by -35s and causes Undying to spawn one zombie on each attack while transformed.
    • Earthshock icon.png
      Earthshock applies a 1.5 second Enrage on Ursa when cast.
    • Magic Missile icon.png
      Bounces once on an enemy, prioritizing heroes. Increases Cast Range by 100.
    • Venomous Gale icon.png
      Increases travel range, and when Venomous Gale impacts enemy Heroes, it creates Plague Wards around them.
    • Poison Attack icon.png
      Increases max stacks, and causes Poison Attack to lower armor per stack and to affect buildings for reduced damage.
    • Gravekeeper's Cloak icon.png
      Grants Visage the ability to cast Stone Form. Restores up to 35% of your health.
    • Dissimilate icon.png
      Adds a partial outer ring to Dissimilate. Increases damage by 135.
    • Shadow Word icon.png
      Turns Shadow Word into a 450 AoE Spell. Grants 10% movement speed bonus to allies and slows enemies by 10%.
    • Geminate Attack icon.png
      Geminate Attack will also hit units within 1200 range of the original target that have The Swarm beetles attached to them.
    • The Swarm icon.png
      Reduces cooldown by 2 seconds and causes The Swarm to latch onto and reveal invisible units.
    • Focus Fire icon.png
      Grants the Gale Force ability.
    • Cold Embrace icon.png
      When Cold Embrace ends, a Splinter Blast goes off that location, hitting enemies within 1200 range. Reduces cooldown by 4 seconds.
    • Death Ward icon.png
      Grants the Voodoo Switcheroo ability.
    • Reincarnation icon.png
      Causes Reincarnation to have no mana cost and spawn 3 skeletons to attack each nearby enemy hero when Reincarnation is triggered.
    • Thundergod's Wrath icon.png
      Grants the Static Field ability.

    Granted Abilities[]

    Granted Abilities
    • Berserk Potion icon.png
      Alchemist throws a potion at an ally, applying a basic dispel and giving them attack speed, movement speed and HP regen.
    • Hairball icon.png
      Coughs a quill-packed hairball towards the target location. Erupts at the location, hitting enemies in with Viscous Nasal Goo and stacks of Quill Spray.
    • Jetpack icon.png
      Clockwerk activates a jetpack, gaining flying movement, flying vision, and bonus movement speed. Clockwerk has a severely-limited turn rate during this time and cannot attack. Jetpack is cancelled upon casting Hookshot.
    • Stop Freezing Field icon.png
      Immediately stops the Freezing Field
    • Normal Punch icon.png
      Passive cooldown attack. Causes Dark Seer's next attack on a hero to have True Strike, knock an illusion out of the victim, damaging and stunning them based on how far Dark Seer has moved in the past 3 seconds. Max power is reached after 900 distance moved.
    • Fireball icon.png
      Ignites an area, dealing damage over time that lingers on enemies in it. Has reduced cast range when melee.
    • Reverse Time Walk icon.png
      Available for seconds after landing Time Walk. If used in this period, you will reverse your time walk back to your previous cast location. Does not affect health or proc scepter hits.
    • Dive Bomb (Hawk) icon.png
      Reveals itself for 1, and then flies towards the target enemy, dealing 250 damage and stunning them for 2 second, killing the hawk.
    • Decoy icon.png
      Hoodwink sends a decoy illusion to the target location. When the illusion is attacked or hit by a targeted ability, it is destroyed and it throws a lesser bushwhack towards the enemy.
    • Liquid Frost icon.png
      Jakiro adds a frost effect to his attack, stunning enemies. Enemies hit are slowed and receive a percent their max health per second plus a base amount as damage every 1 second for 4 seconds.
    • Recall icon.png
      After a short delay, teleports the targeted friendly hero to your location. If the targeted friendly hero takes player based damage during this time, the ability is interrupted.
    • Tidal Wave icon.png
      Releases a Tidal Wave that spawns behind Kunkka. Deals damage and drags enemies along it for the duration. Enemies cannot attack while being dragged.
    • Ice Spire icon.png
      Creates an icicle at the target spot, slowing enemies within. Has 800 health.

      Chain Frost can bounce to the Spire if there are no other enemies in range.

      Lich can cast Frost Shield on the Spire.
    • Open Wounds icon.png
      Lifestealer rends an enemy unit, slowing the victim's movement speed and allowing all allies to regain health for a percentage of the damage they deal to that unit. All damage dealt will steal life, including damage from spells. The victim recovers movement speed over the duration. Deals 2% of the target's max health per attack on the target from real heroes. After receiving 500 damage, the Open Wounds fester and spread to a non-infected random enemy within 700 radius.
    • Horn Toss icon.png
      Magnus tosses any enemies in front of him, launching them to his rear. Enemies take damage, spend 0.6 seconds in the air, then and are heavily slowed for upon landing.
    • Cold Blooded icon.png
      When Medusa is targeted with a spell, a single-target Mystic Snake is sent back towards the enemy. Cooldown: 12.
    • Death Seeker icon.png
      Spawns a fast moving large Death Pulse towards the target enemy or ally, causing the target to become ethereal. Reduces enemy magic resistance. Spreads towards nearby enemies and allies after impact.
    • Fire Shield icon.png
      Creates a shield around the target ally, absorbing a percentage of the damage of next 3 attacks from enemy heroes. When damage is absorbed, a fireball is launched at the attacker.
    • Degen Aura icon.png
      Greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of enemy units that stray too near.
    • End Roll Up icon.png
      Ends Pangolier's Roll Up early.
    • Roll Up icon.png
      Pangolier curls into an immobile protective ball, gaining magic immunity and allowing him to turn. Can be cast during Rolling Thunder to temporarily hit the brakes. Can cast Rolling Thunder and Shield Crash during Roll Up. If enemies attack Pangolier during this, he will roll away from the attacker, applying Rolling Thunder damage/stun if there are enemies in the way. Cooldown: 30
    • Fan of Knives icon.png
      Phantom Assassin releases sharp blades around her, dealing a percentage of each victim's max health on impact and applying Break.
    • Rock Throw icon.png
      Primal Beast throws a rock at the target location that stuns and damages enemies. The rock cannot be thrown within a minimum range of Primal Beast.
    • Eject (Pudge) icon.png
      Ejects the swallowed allied hero inside of you.
    • Sleeping Dart icon.png
      Fires a dart at the target enemy, putting them to sleep. The target will wake up at the end of the duration or if they take too much damage. Upon waking up, the target takes damage and is slowed.
    • Telekinesis Land icon.png
      Chooses the location you will land when Telekinesis finishes.
    • Demonic Cleanse icon.png
      Cleanses the target allied unit, removing negative buffs for the duration. At the end of the duration, the unit is healed. Units under the effect of Disruption can still be affected by Demonic Cleanse.
    • Shield of the Scion icon.png
      Every time Skywrath Mage casts an ability, he gains a buff that grants bonus Intelligence and Armor. Each cast stacks independently.
    • Depth Shroud icon.png
      Creates a cloud at the target location. All allies inside the radius are hidden and affected by Shadow Dance. Cast Range: 800. Cooldown: 75
    • Concussive Grenade icon.png
      Launches a grenade at the target area, dealing damage to enemies and knocking them and Sniper himself back. Enemies affected have their movement slowed after the knockback.
    • Demon Zeal icon.png
      Costs part of Terrorblade's current HP to cast, dispelling Terrorblade and providing bonus movement and attack speed. The bonuses are stronger out of Metamorphosis. Cooldown: 14.
    • Flamethrower icon.png
      Releases a flame in the direction Timbersaw is facing. Applies a debuff that deals damage per second and slows enemy movement speed. Affects buildings for reduced damage.
    • Warp Flare icon.png
      Throws a flare towards an enemy, dealing damage, teleporting them away and reducing their Cast and Attack Range for 3 seconds.
    • Rampage icon.png
      Grants all allied Heroes globally a bonus based on whichever stance Troll Warlord is currently in. Ranged provides bonus Attack Speed and melee provides Status Resistance.
    • Gale Force icon.png
      Summons a strong wind that pushes all enemies within 1000 radius by 240 units per second in the target direction for 3 seconds. Vector Targeted. Cast Range: 1500 Mana Cost: 150 Cooldown: 30s
    • Voodoo Switcheroo icon.png
      Turns Witch Doctor into a Death Ward briefly with reduced attack speed. He is hidden during this time.
    • Static Field icon.png
      Zeus shocks any enemy that he attacks or is hit by his abilities, causing damage equal to 9% of their current health.