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Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum is a gauntlet style event game mode available during the winter of 2021. It is the continuation to Aghanim's Labyrinth, where teams of four must battle their way through a series of monster-filled rooms of the Continuum Vault to reach the boss, The Primal Beast, at the request of Aghanim himself to save an alternate version of himself.


  • Teams of four enter a dungeon with several possible rooms. Finish the objectives of the room to move onto the next. Complete 17 rooms to beat the level.
  • Each player has a set number of lives. Upon dying, players automatically resurrect after 10 seconds. Dead teammates cannot be revived.
  • All dead players are automatically resurrected when a room is cleared.
  • The game ends when all players are out of lives and dead.


  • 14 heroes with modified abilities are available for this game mode.
  • Additional 15 heroes from last year's Aghanim's Labyrinth are unlockable through Blessings and can be randomly unlocked on certain level rewards in the Battle Pass.
Strength Agility Intelligence
  • Heroes with an asterisk (*) are not playable initially and must be unlocked.


  • Heroes have some modified or completely different abilities, either to better fit this game mode or for balance reasons
Hero Ability Description Talent Changes
Dawnbreaker minimap icon.png Dawnbreaker Starbreaker
  • Lvl 10 R: +18 Starbreaker Swipe Damage (reduced from +30)
Celestial Hammer
Luminosity Adjusted values
  • Creep Heal Percent: 40%
  • Ally Heal Percent: 50%
Solar Guardian
Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka Torrent
X Marks the Spot Changes armor and movement speed of the target (allies gain, enemies lose). Can disable auto-return by disabling autocast.
  • Duration: 5/6/7/8
  • Armor Change: 2/4/6/8
  • Speed change: 25%
Ghostship Adjusted value
  • Cooldown symbol.png 90
Magnus minimap icon.png Magnus Shockwave
  • Lvl 10 L: +200 Mana (replace)
Skewer Now skewers all enemies (not just heroes)
Reverse Polarity
Mars minimap icon.png Mars Spear of Mars
  • Lvl 10 L: +175 Health (replace)
God's Rebuke
Bulwark Has a maximum duration and a cooldown
  • Front Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%
  • Side Reduction: 8%/12%/16%/20%
  • Speed Penalty When Active: 20%
  • Block Bonus When Active: 50%
  • Max Duration: 4/5/6/7
  • Cooldown symbol.png 20/18/16/14
  • Mana symbol.png 25
Arena Of Blood
Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknight Purification Instantly heals an allied unit and damages all enemy units near them
  • Heal/Damage: 90/160/230/300
  • Damage radius: 260
  • Cast range: 550
  • Cooldown symbol.png 18/16/14/12
  • Mana symbol.png 80/95/110/125
Heavenly Grace Grants Damage Reduction instead of Status Resistance
  • Damage Resistance: 8%/12%/16%/20%
Degen Aura
Guardian Angel Value Adjusted
  • Cooldown symbol.png 120
Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix Icarus Dive Values Adjusted
  • HP Cost: 10%
  • Damage Per Second: 35/55/75/95
  • Move Slow: 20%/25%/30%/35%
  • Cooldown symbol.png 21/19/17/15
  • Lvl 20 L: +150 Supernova DPS (replace)
  • Lvl 25 L: +32 Sun Ray Damage per Interval (changed from Max Health damage)
  • Lvl 25 R: +12 Supernova Attacks to Kill (increased from +3)
Fire Spirits Values Adjusted
  • HP Cost: 12%
  • Attack Speed Slow: 40/50/60/70
  • Damage Per Second: 30/50/70/90
  • Cooldown symbol.png 32/29/26/23
  • Mana symbol.png 100
Sun Ray Deals fixed damage to enemies (still heals allies for a base amount plus a percentage of their health)

HP cost occurs immediately

  • HP Cost: 20%
  • Damage: 30/40/50/60
  • Base Heal: 20/25/30/35
  • Max Heal: 0.5%/1%/1.5%/2%
  • Damage/Heal Interval: 0.2
  • Max Duration: 5
  • Cooldown symbol.png 21
  • Mana symbol.png 90/100/110/120
Supernova Number of attacks to destroy greatly increased, but can be damaged by all units
  • Damage per Second: 90/120/150
  • Stun Duration: 2.5/3/3.5
  • Attacks to Destroy: 18/24/30
  • Cooldown symbol.png 90
  • Mana symbol.png 140/180/220
Sand King minimap icon.png Sand King Burrowstrike
Sand Storm Blinds and slows enemies as well as damages, but no longer provides invisibility
  • Radius: 375/400/425/450
  • Duration: 10/12/14/16
  • Blind / Slow: 25%
  • Cooldown symbol.png 36/32/28/24
Caustic Finale Affected enemies also take damage every 0.5 seconds

Explosion deals flat damage

  • Explode Radius: 300
  • Damage on Explode: 60/120/180/240
  • Damage Per Tick: 10/15/20/25
Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire Scatterblast
  • Lvl 25 R: +90 Damage (replace)
Firesnap Cookie
Lil' Shredder
Mortimer Kisses Adjusted value
  • Cooldown symbol.png 90
Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk Ice Shards
Tag Team
Walrus PUNCH!
Undying minimap icon.png Undying Decay Deals damage to all enemies in an area, gaining strength for each enemy.

Strength gain increased when hitting Captains and Bosses

  • Damage: 32/80/128/176
  • Strength Gain: 0.5
  • Strength Gain Captain Multiplier: 3
  • Strength Gain Boss Multiplier: 6
  • Lvl 10 R: +40s Decay Duration (changed from damage increase)
  • Lvl 15 R: +12 Tombstone Zombie Damage (reduced from +25)
  • Lvl 25 R: Soul Rip Gains 2 Charges (replace)
Soul Rip
Tombstone Adjusted values
  • Attacks to Destroy: 4/5/6/7
  • Zombie Damage: 12/16/20/24
Flesh Golem Adjusted values
  • Damage Amplification: 15%/20%/25%
  • Movement Bonus: 30
Clinkz minimap icon.png Clinkz Burning Barrage
Searing Arrows Slows the attack speed of enemies hit for 1.5 seconds
  • Bonus Damage: 20/30/40/50
  • Attack Speed Slow: 15/20/25/30
Skeleton Walk Gives bonus magic resistance in addition to movement speed and invisibility
  • Duration: 15/20/25/30
  • Movement Speed: 18%/24%/30%/36%
  • Magic Resistance: 15%/20%/25%/30%
Burning Army Summons 5 skeleton archers (current aghs ability)
  • Range:1300
  • Duration: 20
  • Count: 5
  • Attack Rate: 1.7/1.5/1.3
  • Damage: 30%/40%/50%
  • Cooldown symbol.png 100/85/70
  • Mana symbol.png 150
Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Drow Ranger Frost Arrows
  • Lvl 10 R: +25 Gust Blind (rduced from +50%)
  • Lvl 15 L: +300 Multishot Range (replace)
  • Lvl 25 R: +2 Marksmanship Attack Count (replace)
Marksmanship Gives bonus agi to ranged allied heroes in a radius. Does not pierce or grants bonus damage passively

Also has an active component to increase attack range and damage for a fixed number of attacks

Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyrocopter Rocket Barrage
Homing Missile Can no longer be destroyed by enemies

Now launched in .5 of a second

  • Stun Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
  • Cooldown symbol.png 37/15/13/11
  • Mana symbol.png 90/100/110/120
Flak Cannon Hits a specified number of additional targets instead of all enemies
  • Additional Targets: 4/5/6/7
  • Mana symbol.png 50
Call Down
Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut Blade Fury
  • Lvl 15 R: +100 Blade Fury Movement Speed (replace)
Healing Ward Releases 1 healing pulse per second for 6 seconds

Effects are halved on allies

  • Max Health Per Pulse: 4%/5%/6%/7%
  • Radius: 400
  • Pulse Count: 6
  • Cooldown symbol.png 30
  • Mana symbol.png 60/75/90/105
Blade Dance
Luna minimap icon.png Luna Lucent Beam
Moon Glaives
Lunar Blessing Has an active component to turn day into night and grants bonus damage to Luna and allies at night
Eclipse No longer has a limit of beams per unit
  • Number of Beams: 10/13/16
  • Cooldown symbol.png 90
Slark minimap icon.png Slark Dark Pact Now heals Slark for a percentage of the damage dealt (instead of dealing damage to himself)
  • Heal Percent: 15%
  • Lvl 25 L: +475 Health (replace)
Pounce Deals damage to every enemy Slark comes in contact with

Leashes the first Captain he connects with

  • Damage: 100/160/220/280
Essence Shift Now decreases hit enemies' outgoing damage to convert them to bonus agility

Can be activated to convert stacks to bonus Agility for a short duration, resetting the stacks

  • Active Agility Per Stack: 3
  • Active Duration: 7/8/9/10
  • Max Stacks: 10/15/20/25
  • Passive Agility Per Stack: 1
  • Damage Reduction Per Stack: 1
  • Cooldown symbol.png20
  • Mana symbol.png 40
Shadow Dance Bonus Movement Speed and Health Regeneration only occurs when active

No longer has a passive component

Sniper minimap icon.png Sniper Shrapnel
Take Aim
Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin Refraction Each instance of refraction absorbs a limited amount of damage before being consumed, letting the rest of the damage through
  • Max Damage Absorbed: 200/250/300/350
  • Lvl 15 R: +10% Evasion (reduced from +15%)
  • Lvl 25 L: +375 Health (replace)
Meld Only invisible for up to 2.5 seconds
  • Armor Reduction Duration: 5
Psi Blades
Psionic Trap Psionic Trap can no longer be activated manually, and detonates after 1.5 seconds.

Slowing influence raised to 40% at all levels.

Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa Earthshock
  • Lvl 10 R: +20 Damage (replace)
  • Lvl 20 R: +1.2s Enrage Duration (changed from status resistance increase)
Fury Swipes Values adjusted, capped at 6 seconds
  • Rest Time: 8
  • Reset Time (Boss): 14
  • Damage Per Stack: 10/19/28/37
  • Max Stack: 6
Viper minimap icon.png Viper Poison Attack Adjusted values
  • Magic Resistance Reduction: 1%/2%/3%/4%
Corrosive Skin
Viper Strike
Weaver minimap icon.png Weaver The Swarm Adjusted values
  • Attack Damage: 18/24/30/36
  • Attack Frequency: 1.15/1/0.85/0.7
  • Duration: 5
  • Attacks to Destroy: 2
Shukuchi Now grants bonus movement speed, might not reach 550 at lower levels
  • Movement Bonus: 200/230/260/290
  • Duration: 3
  • Cooldown symbol.png 12/11/10/9
Geminate Attack
Time Lapse
Bane minimap icon.png Bane Enfeeble Reduced values, effects are halved on boss enemies
  • Damage Reduction: 10%/12%/14%/16%
  • Heal/Regen Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%
  • Cast Speed Reduction: 10%/15%/20%/25%
  • Cooldown symbol.png 13/11/9/7
Brain Sap
Nightmare Enemies can now be damaged by allies without waking them up

Allied heroes can wake themselves up (after the invulnerability period) by issuing a command

  • Duration: 3/4/5/6
  • Damage Per Second: 30/45/60/75
  • Cooldown symbol.png 22/19/16/13
  • Mana symbol.png 125
Fiend's Grip
Disruptor minimap icon.png Disruptor Thunder Strike
Glimpse Affects all enemies (not just heroes) in an area

Fires an attack that deals bonus damage to all targets hit by Glimpse

  • Radius: 250
  • Bonus Damage: 20/40/60/80
  • Cooldown symbol.png 18/16/14/12
Kinetic Field
Static Storm Adjusted value
  • Cooldown symbol.png 60/55/50
Lich minimap icon.png Lich Frost Blast
  • Lvl 25 L: +10 Chain Frost Bounces (reduced from unlimited)
Frost Shield
Sinister Gaze Restores a percentage of max mana instead of draining

Now affects all enemies in a radius, and lets you cast your other abilities while channeling (same as the Aghs upgrade)

  • Max Mana Restored: 8%/12%/16%/20%
  • Radius: 400
  • Mana symbol.png 120/130/140/150
Chain Frost Adjusted value
  • Cooldown symbol.png 60/55/50
Lina minimap icon.png Lina Dragon Slave
Light Strike Array
Fiery Soul Fiery Soul is now an active ability, granting attack and movement speed for a duration

Still based on stacks of Fiery Soul that are added each time Lina casts a spell (up to 3 times)

  • Active Attack Speed Bonus: 30/40/50/60
  • Active Movement Speed Bonus: 5%/6%/7%/8%
  • Active Duration: 4
  • Cooldown symbol.png 20
Laguna Blade
Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain Shadow Strike
Scream of Pain
Sonic Wave
Void Spirit minimap icon.png Void Spirit Aether Remnant The remanent pulls the target in along with other units within 130 radius of the pull
  • Damage: 120/170/220/270
  • Pull Duration: 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8
Dissimilate Adjusted value
  • Mana symbol.png 95/100/105/110
Resonant Pulse Gains increase damage reduction for all units hit

Damage reduction gain increased when hitting Captains and Bosses

  • Base Shield Absorb: 80/140/200/260
  • Bonus Absorb Per Unit Hit: 10/15/20/25
  • Bonus Absorb Captain Multiplier: 4
  • Bonus Absorb Boss Multiplier: 12
Astral Step Adjusted values
  • Void Mark Damage: 150/200/250
  • Void Mark Debuff Duration: 1.25
  • Mana symbol.png 90
Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern Arctic Burn Arctic Burn now deals flat damage over time, but is no longer limited to 1 application per unit
  • Damage Per Second: 15/30/45/60
Splinter Blast
Cold Embrace
Winter's Curse Does not make the target immune to damage from Wyvern or allies
Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask Deals the same damage & stun to all enemies (no longer deals less to heroes)
  • Stun Duration: 1
  • Damage: 75/100/125/150
  • Bounces: 3/5/7/9
Voodoo Restoration
Maledict Affects all enemies (not just heroes)

Damage burst has a damage cap

  • Max Damage Burst: 180/220/240/260
Death Ward Attacks all enemies (not just heroes)

Bounces twice by default

  • Bounces: 2
  • Max Duration: 6/7/8
  • Cooldown symbol.png 60/55/50

Scepter Shards[]

  • Scepter Shards are obtained by clearing rooms. They allows heroes to pick one of three random upgrades for their abilities.
  • At the start of the exploration of the Continuum Vault, you are given option between three Legendary Shards, which give unique traits to an ability, or in certain heroes, may give an entirely new ability.
  • Normal Rooms drop Common Shards, which give minor buffs to the hero or an ability's existing stats.
  • Elite Rooms and Trap Rooms drop Elite Shards, which give buffs that are twice as potent as Common Shards.
  • Boss Rooms drop another Legendary Shards.
  • This table shows all Legendary upgrades. Common upgrades are not shown. Crossed out upgrades were removed.
Hero Ability Upgrade Description
Dawnbreaker minimap icon.png Dawnbreaker Starbreaker Stand Ablaze Starbreaker creates trails of your current level of Celestial Hammer fire when impacting an enemy.

This fire debuff stacks with other sources of Celestial Hammer fire.

Counter Orbital When attacked, Dawnbreaker has a 17% chance to counter attack with a swipe of Starbreaker. The normal charged-up attack of Luminosity has a 33% chance to be a Starbreaker smash.
Sun Crusher Starbreaker gains the ability to turn, movement speed equal to 25% of her current movement speed, and swings 35% faster. Dawnbreaker is magic immune for the duration
Celestial Hammer Hammer Time Celestial Hammer gains 3 charges. Your Starbreaker smash is triggered when the Hammer lands, and Converge becomes point targeted, allowing you to choose which hammer to converge to.
Sun Forge Celestial Hammer now creates a moving trail of fire between it and Dawnbreaker until recalled, and lasts an additional 3 seconds in the world before automatically returning.
Haven While in the world, Celestial Hammer pulses at 50% of your current Solar Guardian radius and heal / damage.
Luminosity Solar Battery Dawnbreaker gains bonuses up to 25% movement speed and 75 attack speed while Luminosity has any active stacks, reaching the maximum when Luminosity is fully powered up.
Bright Foundry Dawnbreaker's attacks passively apply 1 second(s) of Celestial Hammer fire debuff. The charged up attack of Luminosity launches your current level of Celestial Hammer in Dawnbreaker's facing direction. This fire debuff stacks with other sources of Celestial Hammer fire.
Light Bringer Luminosity may be activated to fully charge for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60, Mana Cost: 100.
Solar Guardian Sun Sentinel Upon landing, Dawnbreaker and all allies in Solar Guardian's radius gain 3 seconds of magic immunity and fully charged Luminosity attacks.
Death of a Star Whenever Solar Guardian is cast, all non-primary targets have 50% Solar Guardian pulses created around them until Dawnbreaker lands. When dying, Dawnbreaker automatically casts Solar Guardian on the lowest health ally (herself if no others alive).
Solar Flare Upon landing, all enemies inside Solar Guardian's area are knocked back and receive the current level of Celestial Hammer fire debuff for 6 seconds. This fire debuff stacks with other sources of Celestial Hammer fire.
Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka Torrent Squall Each cast of Torrent creates additional Torrents in a line starting from Kunkka, scaling up in power and damage until they reach the target position.
Marked Enemies hit by a Torrent have X-Marks the Spot applied to them.
Tidebringer Tsunami Tidebringer triggers a V-shaped tidal wave for 60% of Tidebringer's range, dragging enemies along its wake and dealing 20% of Tidebringer's damage.
No Quarter Tidebringer gains 2 charges. Each enemy cleaved by Tidebringer grants Kunkka 5% additional movespeed and 5% additional damage for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
X Marks the Spot Grog Blossom upon recalling from X-Marks the Spot, Admiral's Rum is splashed on nearby allies in a 600 radius around the recalled unit.
Seal Legs Allies affected X-Marks the Spot fire a 60% strength Torrent every 300 range they move.
Dread Pirate When cast on an enemy, X Marks the Spot fears it away from Kunkka, triggering a Tidebringer attack on start and end of the effect. Lasts 50% of the duration on enemy captains.
Ghostship Fire Cannons Ghostship fires cannons on both sides as it moves, dealing 25% of Ghostship's damage but full stun duration.
Rumboldened Admiral's Rum grants spell immunity for 3 seconds.
Skull n' Bones When Ghostship crashes, it will fire off a Torrent within 300 range of the crash site every 0.25s for 3 seconds.
Davy Jones' Locker Ghostship creates a whirlpool at the crash location that applies Admiral's Rum to allies in a 400 radius every second for 7 seconds.
Magnus minimap icon.png Magnus Shockwave Triwave Shockwave now fires 3 shockwaves. Secondary shockwaves deal 50% less damage.
Shock and Awe Enemies hit by Shockwave deal 75% less damage for 2.5 seconds.
Shockarang Shockwaves launch a secondary Shockwave in the opposite direction after reaching their maximum distance.
Empower Empowerment Empower has no target requirement and is applied to all allies.
Over-Empower Empower has 2 charges. Allies also receive Magnus's self damage and cleave multiplier.
Vampower Empowered attacks now have 10% lifesteal.
Too Many Waves Empowered attacks now have a 20% chance to cast Magnus's Shockwave.
Skewer Quick Slide Lowers cooldown, cast point, and mana cost on Skewer.
Friendly Skewer Allows Magnus to push friendly heroes out of danger.
Spit Take Magnus heals allies hit for 60% of skewer's damage. The allies are not moved.
Bulldoze Magnus gains 7 strength per target skewered for 20 seconds.
Toss Away Magnus preforms a Horn Toss at the end of the skewer, dealing 50% of skewer's damage to all enemies hit.
Blast Off Magnus attacks each enemy as he skewers them.
Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity Radius Reverse Polarity's radius is increased to 820.
Reverse Reverse Polarity Magnus reverses Reverse Polarity, gaining an additional ability that flings out enemies away from him instead of pulling them in, applying the damage and stun of Reverse Polarity.
Dematerialization Allies' attacks critically strike enemies stunned by Reverse Polarity for 300% damage.
Extra Polarity After casting Reverse Polarity, Magnus's movement speed is increased by 100% and his attack speed is increased by 150 for 15 seconds.
Mars minimap icon.png Mars Spear of Mars Shish Kebab Spear can impale up to 7 enemies at once.
Boomstick Spear explodes in a 450 radius at its destination, dealing an additional instance of its current damage.
Trail Blazer Spear leaves a burning trail in its wake. The trail lasts for 4 seconds and burns enemies for 20% of Spear's damage every 0.5 seconds.
God's Rebuke Full Circle God's Rebuke deals damage in a full circle around Mars.
Stunning Rebuke God's Rebuke stuns enemies for 2 seconds.
Strong Arguement God's Rebuke grants Mars 4 strength for 10 seconds for each enemy hit.
Bulwark Retort During Active Bulwark, Mars has a 17% chance to counter attack with God's Rebuke if attacked from the front.
Bastion Every 1.1 seconds of Bulwark being active, Mars gets an additional charge, up to 3 total. When Bulwark is turned off, Mars releases a Spear for each charge, in a semi-circle in front of him.
Phalanx When activating Bulwark, Mars summons 3 invulnerable and unmovable soldiers next to him. Soldiers have an attack range of 300, and deal 25 + 30% of Mars's Base Attack Damage with each hit. Soldiers last for the full duration of Bulwark.
Arena Of Blood Anyway, Here's Spearwall Soldiers in the Arena of Blood also attack enemies up to 250 units outside the arena.
Remote Workplace Arena of Blood has a global cast range, and a 25% cooldown decrease.
Colosseum Allies inside the Arena gain 35 bonus damage and 25 bonus attack speed.
Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknight Purification Holy Place Purification now heals all friendly units in a 250 area of effect.
Benevolence Purification now has 2 charges.
Stalwart Every time Omniknight takes damage, Purification Cooldown is decreased by 0.2 seconds.
Blessed Cure Purification has a 50% chance to affect the target twice.
Heavenly Grace Heavenly Purification Heals the target with the current level of Purification when Heavenly Grace is cast.
Zeal Heavenly Grace amplifies damage dealt by the affected unit by 30%.
Heavenly Barrier Heavenly Grace blocks 5 instances of damage on the targeted ally.
Judgement Heavenly Grace knocks back enemies within 400 of the target on cast, and deals damage equal to 150% of Omniknight's base attack to the affected enemies.
Degen Aura Righteous Path Degen Aura also affects allies, increasing their movement and attack speeds by 50% of the Degen Aura values.
Condemnation Degen Aura damages enemies in its area of effect for 25% of Omniknight's base attack damage every 0.75 seconds.
Absolution Enemy units that die within Degen Aura's area of effect restore 4% of Omniknight's max Health and Mana.
Guardian Angel Heal Life Angel Any time a unit affected by Guardian Angel is attacked, there is a 20% chance that the unit will be healed by Omniknight's current level of Purification.
Angelic Flight Guardian Angel gives 30% magic resistance and flight for it's duration.
Personal Savior Omniknight gains a separate ability, allowing him to cast his current level of Guardian angel on a single target. Mana cost is reduced by 50 percent.
Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix Icarus Dive Savior The first allied hero Phoenix collides with during Icarus Dive is carried along and receives an instant heal for 10x Sun Ray's base heal per second. Units are invulnerable during the dive, and afterwards receive persistent invulnerability for 4s. Icarus Dive's autocast can be toggled off to disable the ally-saving behavior.
Blast Wave At the end of Icarus Dive, Phoenix generates a blast that deals 400% of Icarus Dive's DPS as an instance of damage in 400 radius, applies Icarus Dive's debuff, and knocks enemies back 350 units.
Binary Star Icarus Dive generates a half-radius Supernova at the destination that lasts 3s. This sun does not restore Phoenix's health and mana or refresh its cooldowns.
Fire Spirits Spirit Balm Fire Spirits affect allies in their impact radius, healing them over time. The heal amount is 50% of Fire Spirits' damage per second. Additionally increases Fire Spirits' travel speed by 450.
Permeation Launched fire spirits apply their debuff to enemies they pass through. The first enemy struck is carried by the spirit to its destination.
Flame Revenant Fire spirits leave a flame revenant where they land. The revenant damages units with an aoe flame attack whose dps is 75% of Fire Spirit's dps. Applies 15% movement slow. Each flame revenant's lifetime is 2x Flame Spirit's debuff duration and its attack range is 2x Fire Spirits' radius.
Sun Ray Luminance Allies affected by Sun Ray are strong dispelled and granted 400% of Sun Ray's base heal as bonus attack speed. Heroes can only be dispelled once each per Sun Ray cast.
Focus Point The tip of the Sun Ray deals 200% more damage and heals for 150% more.
Gamma Ray Allows Sun Ray to be cast during Supernova and causes it to directly apply the Fire Spirits burn to enemies
Supernova Capture Supernova can target an allied hero to bring it with Phoenix into the sun. If the sun survives, both heroes are restored. If the sun dies, both heroes die.
Horizon Supernova pushes units back towards its outer edge and applies Icarus Dive's burn.
Expel Core Supernova launches Fire Spirits towards enemies in its radius. The amount launched is equal to Fire Spirits' spirit count. It prioritizes nearby enemies and enemies that aren't currently affected by Fire Spirits.
Sand King minimap icon.png Sand King Burrowstrike Channeled Burrow Sand King retreats underground for up to 3 seconds, becoming invulnerable and powering up his burrowstrike. When the channel is over, the burrowstrike deals up to 3 times more damage, depending on the duration of the channel.
Transport Burrow Any enemies struck by Burrowstrike are taken with Sand King to his destination
Undo Burrow For 1.5s after casting Burrowstrike, Sand King can re-cast it, burrowstriking back to his original location.
Sand Storm Independent Storm Sand King can leave his sand storm without it being destroyed
Field of Impale Every 0.4s a mini-Burrowstrike with an AoE of 75 is created randomly within the sandstorm, impaling and stunning enemies for the current values of BurrowStrike.
Vacuum Storm And time a Sand Storm is created, it sucks enemies into the far edge of the Sand Storm in front of Sand King, and applies the Caustic Finale debuff on all of them.
Caustic Finale Final Sand Storm Whenever Caustic Finale is triggered it creates a Sand Storm that lasts for 6 seconds that is 0.5 the size of a regular Sand Storm.
Active Caustic Caustic Finale becomes an active ability with a 22 second Cooldown. When activated, Caustic Finale will cause an explosion that deals 50% of Caustic Finale's damage on every attack. Active duration is the same as Caustic Finale's debuff duration.
Caustic Strength Every time Sand King appplies the Caustic Finale debuff, his strength is increased by 10% for 8 seconds.
Epicenter Epicenter on the Move If there are enemies nearby, every 600 that Sand King moves creates a pulse of Epicenter
Pancenter On cast, an Epicenter that deals 30% damage is created around each allied hero
Defensive Epi Allies within the Epicenter range gain 80% damage resistance and 50% status resistance for the duration of the Epicenter.
Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire Scatterblast Tripple-barreled Scatterblast has 3 charges.
Stopping Power Scatterblast knocks enemies hit 300 units back, and applies a firespit debuff based on the current level of Mortimer Kisses.
Sawed-Off Along with the main blast, Snapfire fires two additional volleys of Scatterblast to her sides.
Firesnap Cookie Baker's Dozen Snapfire gives Firesnaps to all targets in a 300 area around her main target. Only the main target hops forward, secondary targets hop in place. The initial cookie flies 50% faster.
Raisin Firesnaps Firesnsaps now cause the current level of Mortimer Kiss to be created at the landing destination, and can be fed to enemies, causing them to jump in place.
Freshly Baked Firesnaps give allies 250 Bonus Attack Range (ranged only) and 50 Attack Damage for 6.5 seconds.
Lil' Shredder Explosive Shells Lil Shredder attacks deal damage in a 150 radius.
Lil Friendly Shredder Lil Shredder can be cast on allies.
Ricochet Lil Shredder attacks bounce to an additional 3 targets within a 500 range.
Mortimer Kisses Fragments of Kisses Kisses explode on impact, sending 6 fragments into an area 300 around the initial area.
Autocannon When Mortimers Kisses are active, Snapfire blasts enemies within 450 range with Scatterblast every 1 second(s).
Safety First When Mortimer Kisses are active, Snapfire takes 80% less damage.
Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk Ice Shards Ice Shard Extension Grants 2 charges. The Ice Shard projectile continues past the cast target, dealing damage to enemies up to 2000 units away. Ice shards will still be created in the usual place. The extension projectile will deal an additional 200 of Ice Shard's damage (values are not stated through ability description).
Icebreaker Each shard explodes eery 0.75 seconds in a 250 radius, dealing 40% of the Ice Shard initial damage for the duration of the shards.
Iceball When Ice Shards are created, a Snowball is launched back toward Tusk, hitting any enemies on its way.
Snowball Snow Fort All allies inside the Snowball gain an additional 4% Max health as regen per second
Snowball Blast At the end of the Snowball, all enemies within a 450 area of the end receive an additional burst of Snowball damage.
Global Cooling Snowball has global cast range and ally units can be added into the snowball from anywhere. Max travel duration is not increased.
Tag Team Cool Party Allies hitting an enemy affected by Tag Team gain 8% lifesteal.
Tag, You're In Tag Team can now be toggled on or off and has no duration, but drains 15 mana per second.
Local Cooling Any enemy that dies while affected by Tag Team lowers the cooldown of Tusk's abilities by 1 seconds.
Walrus PUNCH! And Another Punch! If an enemy is killed by Walrus Punch, its cooldown is refreshed.
Tusky-Duskie Upon landing from Walrus Punch, all enemies within 300 radius of the landing zone take 50% of the initial punch damage.
Walrus Wallop Walrus Punch knocks back enemies up to 600 units. When the unit collides with another enemy, that enemy also takes a 25% weaker crit damage and recieves a weaker knockback, continuing the effect on units it hits. A unit can only be hit once per use of Walrus Wallop.
Undying minimap icon.png Undying Decay Bring Out the Dead Spawn a zombie next to each enemy hit by Decay.
Rotting Mitts Gives Undying a 22% chance to cast Decay after a successful attack.
Macabre Reverberations Decay triggers 2 additional times at the targeted location 3 seonds apart. The additional Decays deal 50% damage and steal 50% strength.
Soul Rip Goading Totem Soul Rip can now be ground targeted to spawn a Goading Totem. The totem lives for 4 seconds and taunts enemies to it every 1 seconds. When the totem expires it damages enemies and heals allies for 50% of Soul Rip's cumulative value in a 350 area. Toggling Auto Cast will always ground target.
Rip and Tear Every nearby unit that loses health from Soul Rip has a 50% chance to spawn a zombie. These zombies attack random nearby enemy targets.
RIPPED Casting Soul Rip on an allied hero shares 20% of Undying's current Strength for 12 seconds. Casting Soul Rip on an enemy deals additional damage equal to 100% of Undying's current Strength.
Tombstone The Dead Hunger Undying gains an additional ability that allows him to instantly consume all of his zombies, healing for 5% of his max health per zombie and gaining 10% movement speed and 15 attack speed per zombie.
Ripened Corpses 25% of Zombies spawned are Ripe. When a Ripe zombie successfully attacks it explodes, triggering a Decay at its currently location with 50% of the base Decay radius.
Bury the Living Tombstone can now house one hero, protecting them inside and healing them for 2.5% of their max health every 0.5 seconds.
Flesh Golem Death March Undying continuously spawns zombies to attack nearby enemies while Flesh Golem is active.
Rejuvinating Rot Undying heals for 4% of his maximum health whenever an enemy dies within 500 units while Flesh Golem is active.
Smash Flesh Golem attacks damage enemies in a 350 unit radius for 50% damage while also applying Flesh Golem's slow and damage amplification.
Clinkz minimap icon.png Clinkz Burning Barrage Splitfire Burning Barrage arrows split off into three shots on the first enemy they hit. Increases Burning barrage arrow damage by 10%.
Withering Onslaught Skeleton archers launch a short Burning Barrage at the first enemy they attack. The number of arrows fired is 50% of Clinkz's Burning Barrage's arrows.
Singe Each Burning Barrage arrow applies a stunning knockback followed by 100% movement slow for 1s.
Searing Arrows Ignite Each searing arrow applies a 1.5s burn whose damage per second is 100% of Searing Arrows' bonus damage.
Skeletal Colossus Grants a new ability: Skeletal Colossus. Clinkz summons a massive sword-wielding skeleton. It uses Clinkz's attack damage values and has cleaving attacks that apply Searing Arrows. The colossus will attack units it can see within 2000 range and it cannot be given commands. Cooldown: 120, Mana Cost: 150.
Melter Each searing arrow reduces the target's armor by 1. The max stack count is 25% of Searing Arrows' attack speed slow.
Skeleton Walk Beckon Undead Leaving Skeleton Walk creates 2 Burning Army skeleton archers.
Wraith Touch While in Skeleton Walk, Clinkz steals a portion of damage from enemies he passes through. The attack damage stolen is 25% of Skeleton Walk's bonus movement speed. The buff lasts for 14s after Clinkz breaks his invisibility. Max bonus damage: 150.
Strafe Leaving Skeleton Walk grants 400% of Skeleton Walk's movement speed as bonus attack speed. Additionally grants 100% evasion against ranged attacks. Lasts 7s.
Burning Army Entrenchment Each skeleton has a charred region around it that grants lifesteal to Clinkz equal to 50% of Burning Army's damage percentage. Applies 40 attack speed slow to enemies in the area.
Giant Skeletons Skeleton archer arrows hit 3 additional enemies in 350 radius around the target, applying movement slow equal to half of Searing Arrows' bonus damage for 1.5s. The skeletal colossus applies 0.5s stuns with its cleave attacks.
Staggerbones Upon spawning, Clinkz's skeletons deal 225 damage in 300 radius and stun for 10% of Burning Army's duration.
Drow Ranger minimap icon.png Drow Ranger Frost Arrows Refracting Arrow Frost Arrows shatter on hit and send arrows at enemies within 400 range of the target. Sends 1 arrow per 1.0 second of Frost Arrows Slow Duration.
Bitterly Cold Whenever Frost Arrows Slow is applied to an enemy, the enemy gains a Bitterly Cold stack, dealing 75% of Frost Arrow's Bonus Damage per Bitterly Cold stack every second. Damage is increased to 150% if the target is moving. Bitterly Cold can build up to 4 stacks and lasts 200% of Frost Arrows Slow Duration.
Wave of Arrows Frost Arrows attacks have a 15% chance to send a wave of Multishot in the direction of attack.
Gust Silent Echo A second Gust echos with 100% increased size and knockback after a 1.5 second delay.
Fleet-Footed Allies hit by Gust slip from the enemy's grasp with 40% increased movespeed and phased movement for the same duration as Gust's Silence and Blind Duration. Drow gains free pathing when hit.
Armed and Ready Enemies hit by Gust reduce the cooldown of Multishot by 1 second. Enemies hit by Multishot reduce the cooldown of Gust by 1 second.
Crosswind Gust becomes vector targetted, applies Frost Arrows Slow and deals 600% of Frost Arrows Bonus Damage as magical damage.
Multishot Shifting Shots Drow can move during Multishot. Multishot will continue to be centered on the initial target location. Drow has 10% reduced movespeed while flanking.
Wall of Arrows Multishot fires an additional 4 arrows per second along each side of Multishot's arc.
Overwhelming Power Multishot hits generate stacks of Overwhelming Power, giving Drow knockback on her attacks, 20% bonus damage, and 5% bonus move speed. Overwhelming Power stacks fall off at a rate of one per second.
Marksmanship Marked Reflexes Drow sends a wave of Gust in the direction of the next enemy that disabled her Marksmanship aura if it has not been disabled for 5 seconds.
Glacial Blast Marksmanship's active gains 2 charges and shots create an explosion of frost, damaging and rooting all enemies near the target. The area affected has 33% of the radius of Marksmanship's aura, deals Marksmanships's bonus damage as magic damage, and applies a 0.8s root.
Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyrocopter Rocket Barrage Rocket Attack Autoattacks have a 20% chance to create a Rocket Barrage turret at the enemy location that lasts for 3 secconds.
Barrage Turret Rocket Barrage becomes a ground and unit targeted ability that summons a Turrent on an ally or a location that does a Rocket Barrage around it.
Missle Barrage Rocket Barrage is attached to the Homing Missile for the full duration of its flight.
Homing Missile Missile Ride Any ally can saddle up and ride the Homing Missile. Enemies hit as the missile passes through them take the Missile's damage. Can not go over impassable terrain.
MiniMissiles On hitting its target, the Homing Missile splinters into up to 6 minimissiles aimed at other targets within 800 range. The minimissiles deal 50% of the original Homing Missile damage and stun.
Missile Strike On hitting it's target, the Homing Missile creates a Call Down at it's location, with 25% of it's radius and power.
Flak Cannon First Strike The first strike of Flak Cannon hits all visible enemy units on the map.
Cannon Missile The first attack of Flak Cannon launches Homing Missiles at all secondary enemies hit, that deal 50% of Homing Missile damage and stun.
Napalm Trail All secondary shots from Flak Cannon leave a trail of fire beneath them that deal 20% of Gyrocopter's attack damage every 0.5 seconds.
Call Down Cluster Bomb Call Down leaves a mine field in it's wake that lasts 90 seconds. Each mine deals 25% of Call Down damage.
Strafe Call down summons 3 wingmen that fly over the battle field, hitting all units in range with Rocket Barrage.
Precision Strike Instead of one Call Down, Gyrocopter creates a 175 radius Call Down around each target in the initial area of effect. These strikes follow their targets and do not miss.
Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut Blade Fury Fury Sparks Blade Fury deals increased damage to enemies the farther they are from Juggernaut. For every 200 range from Juggernaut, Blade Fury deals 100% increased damage.
Fury Force Blade Fury creates a duplicate at the cast location that gently pulls enemies in and deals 50% damage.
Flourishing Sweep Blade Dance critical hits send a flying Blade Fury that travels 800 units at 250 speed. Only one flying Blade Fury can exist at a time.
Healing Ward Swords on a Ward Healing ward casts Blade Fury at the start.
Detonate Ward After healing, Healing Ward automatically chases an enemy and detonates with damage equal to 50% of the total amount healed.
Zen Ward Juggernaut gains the ability to summon a Zen Ward which regenerates mana at the same rate Healing Ward regenerates health and gives an armor buff equal to twice Healing Ward's health percentage.
Blade Dance Up-Tempo Blade Dance critical hits reduce the cooldown of the ability with the longest remaining cooldown by 1.5 seconds.
Double Time Blade Dance gains 2 charges of a short range teleport. The next 2 attacks after teleporting are rapid and long range. The teleport and bonus attacks have a range of 450. Recharges every 15s.
Flashing Steel Blade Dance critical hits give Juggernaut a multiplicatively stacking 15% movespeed and 15% evasion buff that lasts 7 seconds. Max of 5 stacks. Unlocks max movement speed for Juggernaut while active.
Omnislash Omnislash Duet Omnislash can be cast on an ally and they will also cast Omnislash.
Dizzyslash Juggernaut casts Blade Fury for the full duration of Omnislash. In addition, Juggernaut casts a free Blade Fury at the end of Omnislash.
White-Hot Katana Juggernaut overheats his blade during Omnislash, mini stunning and igniting all enemies hit for 25% of his attack damage each second over 5 seconds and slowing them by 40%. When the Omnislash ends Juggernaut is invulnerable, phased, and disarmed for 2.5 seconds as the blade cools.
Luna minimap icon.png Luna Lucent Beam Diffusion Lucent Beam strikes gain a 250 area of effect, causing 30% of the effect on nearby units.
Lunatic Frenzy Lucent Beam can target a friendly unit, granting it 20% lifesteal and attack speed by 30% of Lucent Beam's damage and causing temporary night. The duration is equal to 3x Lucent Beam's stun duration.
Crescent Moon Allows Lucent Beam to be ground targeted. Lucent Beams release an instant attack on enemies in Moon Glaive's range of the initial target.
Moon Glaives When The Moon Hits Your Eye Glaives gains an active ability that causes the next attack's glaives to knockback enemies, stunning them for 0.75s and slowing them for 5s. This effect can passively trigger on any glaive hit 12% of the time. Cooldown: 12.
Sharp Satellites Luna passively gains a rotating shield of glaives that impact and deal an instant attack to enemies it collides with. Glaives are replaced every 10 seconds until the max, which is equal to the current Glaive Bounce count.
Moon Well When a unit dies from a glaive bounce, a 250 radius eclipse with 35% of the primary beam count and night duration is created at the unit's location.
Lunar Blessing Lunar Remnant When a Luna attacks an enemy, that enemy receives a stacking debuff that causes it to take Lunar Blessing's damage per second for 3 seconds.
Over the Moon Lunar Blessing's cooldown is reduced by 50% and casting is instant, causing luna to leap forward 750 range, strinking targets under her with Lucent Beams with a percentage of power equal to 3x Lunar Blessing's damage bonus.
Mark of the Moon Luna's primary attack applies a Mark for 6s which applies -10 Magic Resistance. When Luna casts Lucent Beam, all Marked units are also struck by beams.
Eclipse Lunar Cycle Killing enemy units while Eclipse is active reduces Eclipse's current cooldown by 10 seconds each time.
Lunar Focus Gives Eclipse 3 more beams. Changes Eclipse so it can either be cast on an allied unit or on a point on the ground. If point cast, the radius decreases to 300 and the beams fire 200% as quickly.
Into the Night During the night, friendly units gain bonus movement speed and evasion equal to 3x the Eclipse beam count, with Luna gaining double the benefit. Eclipse night lasts an additional 4 seconds.
Slark minimap icon.png Slark Dark Pact Broken Contract Dark Pact adds Essence Shift stacks for each target hit.
Smells Fishy Dark Pact Push pushes away enemies with each pulse, stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
Brackish Bath Dark Pact can target units, friendly or enemy, and purges all allies around the target. Dark pact deals 150% more damage.
Pounce Gone Fishing Slark also attacks all targets he jumps through, including the leashed enemy.
Little Skippers Creates 6 copies of Slark that jump in different directions in a 180 degree cone, damaging and leashing enemy units.
Fish Food Allies attacking a leashed unit get a bonus 60 attack speed.
Essence Shift Apex Predator When Essence Shift is activated, Slark attacks everyone in a 250 radius.
Lucky Catch With each attack, Slark has a 15% chance to apply Pounce on the attacked target.
Sea School When activated, increases the primary stat of all allies by the same amount Slark increases his agility.
Shadow Dance Deep Six When Shadow Dance is activated, Slark also activates his Essence Shift active, with 2x the amount of Essence Shift's max stacks.
Reef Rage While in Shadow Dance, every 0.25 seconds, Slark emits a Dark Pact pulse.
Hook, Line, and Sinker When Shadow Dance is activated, pulls all enemies in a 450 area of effect towards slark and leashes them with the current level of Pounce.
Sniper minimap icon.png Sniper Shrapnel Explosive Shrapnel Units that die under Shrapnel explode in a 325 unit radius, stunning enemies for 1s and dealing 50% of the Shrapnel damage they received.
HO HO, HA HA! Sniper gains 10 attack speed for 15s for each enemy that dies under Shrapnel.
Bullet Dance Enemies gain miss chance and Sniper gains movespeed equal to Shrapnel's Slow while under Shrapnel.
Headshot Full Bore Headshots apply a stacking 2 armor reduction that lasts 7 seconds.
Gutshot Headshot gains an active component, allowing it to fire Sniper's attack with a guaranteed headshot in a cone in front of him. The knockback and slow are increased by 10x. Cooldown: 10, Mana Cost: 50.
Say Goodbye To Yer Head! On an attack, Sniper has a 50% of Headshot's base chance to fire a minor Asssassinate at the target with 25% power.
Take Aim Run & Gun Take Aim applies a weak purge to Sniper and changes the slow value by 100, causing Sniper to sprint instead of move slowly.
Shooting Gallery While Take Aim is active, each attack fired grants an additional stacking 50 attack speed for the duration.
Artillery While Take Aim is active, its bonus attack range is increased by 2x, and his attacks create instant 50% strength Shrapnel at the target's location that stacks with other sources of Shrapnel.
Assassinate Buckshot Assassinate hits enemies in a cone behind the main target for 75% of Assassinate's damage.
Hipfire Reduces Assassinate's aim duration by 50% and applies a 1.5s stun to the target.
Concussive Grenade Sniper gains Concussive Grenade, a new ability that launches a concussive grenade at the target location, knocking back Sniper and enemies. Enemies take damage equal to 100 + 50% of Assassinate's damage.
Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin Refraction Glass Shield Refraction can be cast on allies. Cast range is 800.
Absorption Every time an enemy is killed with Refraction Damage active, gain 1 stack of Refraction Damage Absorb.
Smoke and Mirrors When Refraction is activated, a Psionic Trap is placed where Templar Assassin is standing.
Meld Vanishing Slice Templar Assassin attacks all enemies in a 300 area of effect when activating Meld.
Celestial Step Meld becomes a ground targeted skill with a cast range of 600. Templar Assassin instantly teleports to the selected location and goes into Meld.
Latent Charge Every time an enemy is killed while debuffed by Meld Strike, Templar Assassin gains a charge of Refraction Damage.
Psi Blades Covert Devices Templar Assassin has a 15% chance to create a Psionic Trap under a target hit by the Psi Blades spill.
Psychic Burst Psi Blades deal damage in a 175 Area of Effect around the spill target.
Psionic Trap Veiled Cuts Psionic Traps also launch a Meld attack onto each enemy when they detonate.
Resurgence Psionic Traps heal all Templar Assassin's allies for 50% of the damage they deal.
Shaded Echo Psionic Traps stay on the ground and pulse, dealing additional damage, up to 3 times.
Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa Earthshock Cannonball Earthshock applies 125 knockback and stuns for 1.5 seconds.
Digging In Earthshock applies and has its damage increased by Fury Swipes.
Relentless Earthshock slows for an additional 2 seconds. Enemies that die under the Earthshock debuff give Ursa 3 stack(s) of Overpower.
Overpower Torn to Shreds Overpower attacks do 130% critical hits.
Elusive Overpower provides 30% evasion for 3.5 seconds.
Reckless Overpower attacks deal 35% of attack damage as physical dmage in a cone up to 650 distance behind the target.
Fury Swipes Lacerated Armor Fury Swipes apply 1 armor reduction per stack.
Rend Fury Swipes give Ursa 3% Lifesteal / Spell Lifesteal per stack.
Ursa Minor Fury Swipes gains an active component that summons 3 invulnerable, uncontrollable Ursa Cubs. The cubs deal, will randomly attack, and apply Fury Swipes for Ursa and themselves on nearby enemies, but the cubs receive only 25% of the Fury Swipes bonus damage. Duration: 10, Cooldown: 20, Mana Cost: 50.
Enrage Rampage An Earthshock is triggered at Ursa's position every 1 second(s) while Enrage is active
Ferocity Enrage provides 80 attack speed to allies within 700 radius.
Protect the Cubs Enrage also provides all Enrage benefits to allied Heroes within 700 radius.
Viper minimap icon.png Viper Poison Attack Contagion When a unit dies affected by Poison Attack, the current debuff is applied to enemies in 300 area of effect.
Venomous Discharge Poison Attack festers and explodes when expiring, dealing damage in a 300 area of effect equal to 2x the total damage the enemy took from the current debuff.
Poison Snap Whenever an enemy takes 25 damage from Poison Attack, it will be mini-stunned.
Nethertoxin Toxic Osmosis Nethertoxin restores 8% of its damage dealt as health to Viper.
Nethertoxin Charges Nethertoxin gains 2 charges.
Lingering Miasma Enemies that die from Nethertoxin extend the pool duration by 2 second(s).
Corrosive Skin Exudate Viper gains 25% of the attack speed lost by targets debuffed by Corrosive Skin as bonus attack and movement speed.
Fly Into a Rage Corrosive Skin can be activated to gain flying movement for 8 seconds, and automatically apply Corrosive Skin's debuff to all enemies within 450 range. The poison damage is doubled. 30 cooldown, 50 mana cost.
Shedding Skin Corrosive Skin becomes an aura that affects teammates within 900 range for half the effect.
Viper Strike Antitoxin Viper Strike can target allies, healing them for the damage amount and buffing their movement and attack for the slow amounts.
Contamination Viper Strike becomes a no target spell. Any target walking within Viper Strike cast range for the duration of the ability will be struck by a Viper Strike every 0.4 seconds. The duration of the ability is equal to Viper Strike's overall debuff duration.
Snakebite Viper Strike will bounce to 2 additional targets.
Weaver minimap icon.png Weaver The Swarm Bug Your Friends Beetles attach to allies, healing them and increasing their armor for the values of the base ability.
Bug Bug Boom When a Beetle is killed, it explodes in a 250 radius, dealing damage equal to 150% of the damage it already dealt to its target.
Hivemind All enemies affected by the Swarm transfer 30% of damage dealth to other affected units within 450 range.
Shukuchi Reality Rips Shukuchi leaves a trail behind Weaver that lasts 4 seconds and deals 35% of Shukuchi's damage every 0.5 seconds. Path radius is 150.
Blacklist Once Shukuchi is complete, Weaver fires an attack at all affected enemies.
Shukuchi Swarm Units hit by Shukuchi are automatically affected by the current level of the The Swarm.
Geminate Attack Many Threads Weaver's additional attack hits an additional 3 targets in Weaver's attack range + 250.
Swarm the Beaches Weaver's additional attack attaches the current level of The Swarm to the target.
Give Some, Take Some Weaver's additional attack lifesteals 20% of the attack, and knocks back the target by 40 range.
Time Lapse Back To Basics Time Lapse can target allies.
All's Well that Starts Well When Time Lapse is cast, it automatically restores the target to full health and mana.
Explosive Reality Time Lapsed units create explosions at the start and end of their paths, damaging units in a 250 area for 50% of the target's missing Health.
Bane minimap icon.png Bane Enfeeble Shared Torment Bane's attacks and targeted abilities on an Enfeebled unit will spill in a 700 range and 200 width behind it.
Dark Tendrils For every 2 seconds that an enemy is Enfeebled or when it dies, a stationary Fiend's Grip is created behind it for Enfeeble's max duration. If a unit walks into the area, it will reciece a short Fiend's Grip lasting 50% of the normal duration.
Dark Symbiosis Enfeeble may be cast on allies, lasting 2x the duration and grantim them bonuses instead of debuffs.
Brain Sap Mind Fracture Brain Sap knocks the targeted unit back 500 range away from Bane, Brain Sapping and applying a 50% movement slow for 4 seconds to all enemies hit. Secondary targets only heal for 35% of the normal amount.
Cloud of Frailty Grants 2 charges of Brain Sap. If an enemy with Brain Sap dies within 8 seconds of being Brain Sapped, any of their debuffs applied by Bane are spread to targets in a 500 radius around the dying unit.
Shaded Apparition When a unit is Brain Sapped, Bane gains invisibility and 30% movement speed for 4 seconds. His attack to break invisibility will deal a critical strike with bonus damage equal to 100% of Brain Sap's damage.
Nightmare Sleep Terror When Nightmare ends, enemies in a 500 area around the unit are dealt damage equal to the accumulated damage the unit took from Nightmare.
Sweet Dreams Friendly Nightmared units gain a 200% longer invulnerability period that grants them 750 unslowable movespeed with flying, and any Brain Saps occuring while an ally is Nightmared will Heal it.
Nyctasha's Congregation Nightmare confuses instead of stunning enemies, causing them to attack nearby enemies with 60% bonus movement speed and 120 bonus attack speed. The confused enemy becomes disable resistant and cannot go below 1 health until the debuff ends. Nightmare lasts 2x on non-Captain enemies.
Fiend's Grip Black Ichor Every second while Fiend's Grip is channelled, an additional target within 300 range of Bane or a currently affected target becomes Fiend's Gripped for the remaining time of the original debuff.
Driven to Delirium Fiend's Grip can be cast on allies, granting them bonus attack and movement speed equal to Fiend's Grip's damage per second. Their attacks steal 500% of the mana drain values as health for themselves and Bane. Increases Fiend's Grip cast range by 200.
Fear the Dark Bane will automatically Nightmare enemies that attack him while channeling Fiend's Grip.
Disruptor minimap icon.png Disruptor Thunder Strike Cloud Cover Interval between strikes reduced by 50%. Amount of strikes increased by 3.
Mana Storm Every strike restores 8% of max Mana to allies in a 450 radius around the target. Each strike also increases Disruptor's Intelligence by 2 for 25 seconds.
Critical Strike Every strike has a 25% chance to crit, dealing 175% damage.
Loaded Weapon Disruptor gains 60% chance to cast a Thunder Strike on an attacked target.
Glimpse Blast in the Past When enemies arrives at their final destination, 170% of Disruptor's Intelligence is dealt in a 250 radius around them.
Shocking Travel Deals 70% of Disruptor's Intelligence for every 75 units of distance the enemy has been glimpsed, over the course of the glimpse duration.
Kinetic Field Electric Fence Kinetic Field deals 50% of Disruptor's Base Attack Damage to enemies trapped inside every 0.5 seconds.
Area of Bliss Allies inside the kinetic field heal 50% of Disruptor's Intelligence every 0.5 seconds.
Stay in the Zone Kinetic Field increases allied attack speed by 60.
Ring-ception Creates a second Kinetic Field with a radius that is 2 times bigger than the original.
Static Storm Perfect Storm Static Storm automatically creates a Kinetic Field on cast.
Field of Dreams All attacks on the affected enemies have a 30% chance to crit for 150% damage.
Pacific Storm All enemies caught in Static Storm deal 30% less damage.
Lich minimap icon.png Lich Frost Blast Frozen Solid Frost Nova's blast encases enemies in ice, rooting and disarming them.
Death Dealer's Discount Increases primary and area damge dealt to the primarey target by 50%. If Frost Nova kills its primary target, 75% of its mana cost is refunded and its cooldown is reduced by 100%.
Frost Splinters Physical attacks against enemies slowed by Frost Nova deal 50% of the attack's damage as magic damage to nearby enemies. The damage radius is the same as Frost Blast's.
Frost Shield Shiver Shield Each pulse of Frost Shield applies 5 stacking magic resistance reduction to enemies and mini-stuns them. Stacks up to 6 times.
Frost Giant Allies affected by Frost Shield grow to giant size, gain 50 movement speed, can path over any terrain, and deal 100% of Lich's Intellect per second to enemies they are standing on.
Anti-Magic Shield When Frost Shield is cast on allies it applies a strong dispel and grants them magic immunity for 3 seconds.
Sinister Gaze Sinister Spire Sinister Gaze creates an Ice Spire at the center of its effect and attracts enemies to it, rather than to Lich. The Ice Spire lasts for 18 seconds and reduces the move speed of nearby enemies by 50.
Life Leech Sinister Gaze deals 150% of the mana restored as damage and heals Lich for the same amount.
Skeletal Summoning Lich summons a skeletal warrior next o each enemy effected by Sinister Gaze. The base attack of the skeletons is increased by the same percentage as Sinister Gaze's mana resoration percentage. Skeletons last 10 seconds.
Chain Frost Splitting Cold Each bounce of Chain Frost splits into two bolts if there are at least two possible targets. Half the total of the remaining bounces is transferred into each bolt.
Friendship Chain Chain Frost can target and bounce to friendly heroes, granting them Frost Shield. Adds 4 extra bounces to Chain Frost.
Blast Chain Chain Frost bounces cause Frost Blast bursts around enemies.
Lina minimap icon.png Lina Dragon Slave Dragon Trail Dragon Slave leaves a trail of 4 Light Strike Arrays in it's wake. These Light Strike Arrays have 50% less radius and damage.
Trislave Whenever a Dragon Slave is cast, it creates 2 additional waves of fire to either side of the primary wave. Secondary waves deal 50% less damage.
Ignition Enemies hit with Dragon Slave are ignited for 3 seconds, taking 10% of Dragon Slave's damage every 0.5 seconds, and giving Lina 10 mana per unit hit.
Dragon's Toot Dragon Slave can be cast on Lina or an ally. This causes a Dragon Slave to be cast behind the targeted unit, propelling them up to 50% of Dragon Slave's in the direction they are facing. Dragon Slaves cast this way deal 150% more damage. Dragon Slave's cast point is reduced to 0.2.
Light Strike Array Light Pulsation Light Strike Array pulsates 3 more times where it was cast.
Firestrike Every enemy hit by Light Strike array are aslo attacked by Lina.
Vacuum Array Enemies within 150% of Light Strike Array's radius get pulled in and hit by LSA.
Fiery Soul Multisoul When Fiery Soul is activated, Lina attacks up to 3 targets with 100 bonus range. Secondary targets take 50% less damage
Share the Burn Fiery Soul active becomes ally-targeted with 850 cast range, giving the ally both the passave and active bonuses of Fiery Soul for the duration.
Laguna Blade Bouncy Blades Laguna Blades bounces to up to 7 additional targets
Long Blade Laguna Blade turns into a channeling spell. Every 0.2 seconds, Lina acquires an additional target for her Laguna Blade. On release, she hits all of them at once. Can acquire up to 5 seconds.
Linear Blade Laguna Blade hits every unit along it's path of travel, within a 125 width.
Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain Shadow Strike Stinging Lash Each attack has a 20% chance to apply Shadow Strike to the target.
Spread the Pain Each attack Shadow Strike bounces to up 5 additional targets.
Delight and Torment When the debuff effect of Shadow Strike ends, that unit emits a Scream of Pain
Blink Haunting Echos Blink generates a Scream of Pain at its end position.
Fervent Assault Blink provides 60 bonus attack speed for 4s.
Hall of Pain Enemies that are between the start and end points of Queen of Pain's Blink get hit by her current level of Shadow Strike.
Scream of Pain Rapturous Cry When an enemy is killed by Scream of Pain, Queen of Pain's Blink cooldown is reset.
Invigorating Shriek Every enemy hit by Scream of Pain sends back an echo to Queen of Pain, healing her for 10% of the damage dealt and restoring 10% of Scream's mana cost.
Resounding Wail Knocks back every enemy hit by Scream to the max distance of Scream's area of effect. Every hit reduces the cooldown of Sonic Wave by 0.75s.
Sonic Wave Thundering Resonance Sonic Wave leaves a trail that applies 20% damage of Sonic Wave's damage every 0.5 seconds. The trail lasts 6 seconds.
Sonic Tsunami When Sonic Wave is cast, it is emited in 6 directions around Queen of Pain.
Discordant Force Increases Queen of Pain's Attack Speed and Attack Damage by 10 for 15 seconds for each enemy hit with Sonic Wave.
Void Spirit minimap icon.png Void Spirit Aether Remnant Phantom Attack Enemies caught by Aether Remnant recieve a 200% critical strike attack from Void Spirit.
Inverted Force At the end of Aether Remnant's pull, it pushes affected enemies 550 units away. Other enemies the pushed unit collides with receive 200% of Aether Remnant's damage, have 40% movement slow for 4s, and are knocked back.
Dissimilate Translocate Upon casting Dissimilate, allied heroes within 350 radius of Void Spirit are pulled into the void with him. Each translocated ally deals 75% of Dissimilate's damage where it reappears and receives Resonant Pulse's base shield absorb.
Expanse Adds a partial outer ring to Dissmilate. Upon exiting a portal, Void Spirit applies Astral Step's void mark to all enemies in the portal's radius. Reduces Dissimilate's cooldown by 2s.
Triad Echo Dissimilate generates 3 remnants at the exit portal. Increases Aether Ramnat pull duration by 0.7s.
Lure of the Void Void Spirit's exit portal leaves a burning circle that increases spell damage against enemies by 12% and deals 20% of Dissimilate's damage every 0.5s. lasts 7s.
Resonant Pulse Null Force Resonant Pulse applies 200 knockback and deals a Void Spirit attack to all affected enemies.
Cadence Allies hit by Resonant Pulse gain a shield protecting them against physical damage. The total damage blocked is 2 times Resonant Pulse's shield absorb.
Suppression Resonant Pulse gains 2 charges and provides magic immunity for 2s.
Astral Step Calculated Attacks Void Spirit's attacks apply Astral Step's Void Mark with 50% damage potency.
Turbulent Rift Astral Step leaves a damaging trail, applying 15% of the Void Mark Damage as burn damage every 0.5s for 4s.
Breach The first unit hit by Astral Step receives 40% of the Void Mark Damage every 0.5s for 6s.
Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern Arctic Burn Winter's Breath Arctic Burn attacks up to 2 additional targets within range, dealing 50% less damage to secondary targets.
Second Degree Burn Every 3.5 seconds, an Arctic burn attack is doubled.
Arctic Splash Arctic Burn attacks damage enemies in a 175 radius around the target.
Splinter Blast Chilled to the Bone After the secondary targets are hit, the main target is struck by returning splinters from each target for 50% of Splinter Blast's damage.
Cool and Collected Splinter Blast pulls secondary targets towards the initial target and applies the current level of Arctic Burn debuff.
Soothing Breeze Splinter Blast heals allies around the target for 50% of the Splinter Blast's damage.
Cold Embrace Empowered Embrace Cold Embrace now has 2 charges. Units that attack an embraced target have Arctic Burn applied to them.
Ice Cold Killing At the end of Cold Embrace, the current level of Splinter Blast will emanate from the affected unit.
Diamondize Cold Embrace targets also gain magic immunity and can move at 225 movement speed.
Winter's Curse Sharing is Scaring Winter's Curse remaining duration transfers to a nearby enemy if the initial target dies.
Foul Cursing Incoming damage from affected enemies to the target is amplified by 50%.
Wintermancy Heals Wyvern and all her allies for 50% of the target's max HP if it dies during Winter's Curse.
Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor Paralyzing Cask Multi-Cask Paralyzing Cask launches 1 additional casks to targets in the cast range.
Bad Medicine Paralyzing Cask applies the current level of Maledict on hit.
A Fine Powder Paralyzing Casks deal their damage in a 250 radius.
A Big Mess Witch Doctor has a 15% chance to throw his current level of Paralyzing Cask when attacking.
Voodoo Restoration Hocus-Pocus Voodoo Restoration affects enemies as well, dealing the heal amount as damage.
Invigorating Charm Allies affected by Voodoo Restoration also gain 15% lifesteal.
Cursed Aura Enemies in Voodoo Restoration's radius take 35% bonus damage from all sources.
Spirit Balm All mana used on Voodoo Restoration is granted to all allies in its area, except for Witch Doctor himself.
Maledict Blighted When Maledict ticks, it damages all enemies in a 300 area of effect.
Mumbo Jumbo Every big tick of Maledict heals Witch Doctor for 65% of the damage dealt.
Strange Boon Allies can be affected by Maledict. 60% of damage dealt by the spell heals them instead, along with additional bursts of healing based on how much damage they've taken.
Infectious Malady Every time Maledict does a burst, it infects enemies in a 250 radius with the same level of Maledict.
Death Ward Bewitched Death Ward does not need to be channeled.
Pain Diffuser Death Ward attacks 3 additional enemies. These additional attacks do not bounce.
Wise Enchantment While Death Ward is active, Witch Doctor takes 80% less damage.


Types & Order[]

  • Rooms come in different types, and appear at different depths (order of exploration).
  • One of several possible rooms will appear at each depth (see list below). Teams can select which room to enter by channeling on an outpost, which displays the room's name, type, and rewards.
  • Most depths give players a choice between two types of rooms.
    • Challenge: Team must clear one of three challenges. These rooms can randomly receive a difficulty upgrade, making them an Elite room, which has 1 extra room effect (some of which are specific to elite rooms).
      • Combat: Clear all enemies.
      • Trap: Reach the end of an obstacle course.
      • Random: Either a Combat or Trap room. The type of room, as well as its room effects, will be revealed after the room has been selected.
    • Event: Occurs at random between various challenge rooms, they each contain an NPC that offers potential bonuses and upgrades, sometimes for a cost.
    • Boss: Fight against a powerful boss. The boss's statue can be seen at the start of each act, allowing the team to prepare.
    • Rest: Rest area before the start of Act 2 & Act 3 as well as before the final boss fight. Will have all three shops.
    • Bonus: Mini-game room that rewards team with evenly distributed gold.
Vault 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 1-6 Vault 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 Vault 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4 3-5
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Rest.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Rest.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Rest.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Aghanim.png
Start Combat Combat Combat Combat Boss Bonus Rest Combat Combat Combat Combat Boss Bonus Rest Combat Combat Combat Rest Primal Beast
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Elite.png
Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite Elite
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png
Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap

Room Rewards[]

  • After a room is completed, players will be rewarded with a fixed amount of gold, experience point and 3 random Scepter Shards (pick one), except for Rest rooms and Aghanim's room. If a combat room has multiple waves, players will get experience point after each wave.
  • Challenge rooms also reward:
    • Gold: Varied amount of bonus gold, depending on depth.
    • Items: Neutral Items (items' tier depends on depth) or consumable items.
    • Life: Two Bonus Lives.
  • Elite Challenge rooms have double the rewards, including Elite Scepter Shards, which are twice as potent as regular Scepter Shards.
  • Trap rooms have treasure chests at predetermined locations with seemingly random rewards, which is twice as much if they are also an Elite Challenge rooms. Regardless of difficulty, they always give Elite Scepter Shards. Trap rooms additionally give bonus gold for players that complete the trap room (without losing all their lives), completing the trap room without dying and completing the trap room without taking any damage.
  • Each player has one of five random Trap Room abilities with a limited number of uses per trap room. Everyone will have different abilities, which are randomly assigned with each trap room encounter.
    • Butcher's Hook - Launch a bloody hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging it in. 1 charge, 1500 range.
    • Rattlin' Hookshot - Sends out a hook that latches to the first unit it hits, pulling you to it. Max range: 1500. 1 charge, latches on heroes as well as treasure chests.
    • Spirit of Lycan - Grants you bonus movement speed. 75% bonus movespeed, 2 second duration, 3 charges.
    • Faerie Fade - Briefly defy all physical dimensions. 2 charges, 1 second duration.
    • Hierophant's Shield - Protect your target with invulnerability. 2 charges, 2 second duration, can also be used on allies (cast range of 600).

Challenge Room List[]

  • Combat rooms can also be Elite rooms.
  • Rooms with asterisk symbols are returning encounters from the original Labyrinth, and cannot be encountered in Apprentice difficulty.
Depth Floor Type Possible Rooms Enemies Notes and Tips Minimap
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Chippy Conifers Reconvene*
  • Evergreen Sniper
  • Pinecone Champ
  • Pinecone Warrior
  • Evergreen Sniper has acorn shot ability
  • Pinecone Champ has God's Rebuke with a long cast time
  • Enemies spawn in waves
Aghanim's Labyrinth Continuum Conundrum Minimaps Pine Grove.png
1 1-1 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png For the Cubs
  • Lair Ranger
  • Lair Cub
  • Lair Ranger has overpower, earthshock, and fury swipes
  • Cubs spawn in multiple waves as long as the Lair Ranger is alive
  • Potentially dangerous with modifiers like Chilling Touch or Surge
Bears Lair
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Splitsville the Second*
  • Panda Bear Guy
  • Earth Third
  • Ember Third
  • Storm Third
  • Brewmaster uses Thunderclap with noticeable delay and reduced AoE, and Primal Split at low health.
  • Primal Split can be prevented by killing the Brewmaster before the split completes, or with a silence/stun
  • Earth brewling also has Thunderclap, Storm brewling has a ranged attack
  • Room starts with one Brewmaster, followed by 3 waves of 3 Brewmasters each
  • One player can lure two Brewmasters per wave, allowing the other players to focus Brewmasters individually
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Stay Frosty (Easy)
  • Giant Wendigo
  • Frostbite Shaman
  • Lesser Wendigo
  • Giant Wendigo has a delayed AOE freeze ability
  • Frostbite Shaman has an ice ball projectile ability and frost armor
  • All enemies are pre-spawned and only aggro when approached / attacked, room can be cleared methodically
Snowy Hills
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Magma Mines (Easy)
  • Magma Center (Tower)
  • Magma Forward
  • Magma Gaurd
  • Magma Forward has a projectile ability that travels in a straight line for a short distance
  • When the second magma center is attacked, a portal is spawned containing one Magma Forward and a cluster of Magma Guards
  • Attacking the third magma center spawns two such portals
  • Magma Center releases AoE projectiles that deal continued damage in the affected area for several seconds
Collapsed Mine
1-2 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Bug Bait
  • Carrie (Friendly)
  • Swarm Spawner
  • Beetle
  • Room contains a friendly blue Hellbear and a button to start the encounter. If the Hellbear survives, an extra life rune is dropped
  • Enemies spawn in waves, and only begins once the button near the hellbear is pressed. Each portal contains four small beetles and a Weaver, and the number of portals increases per wave
  • Weavers can deal high damage and stun an a small AoE after a short delay. They also use Shukuchi when low on HP
  • The final wave spawns enough enemies to make an Echo Slam Potion or Ravage Potion valuable to use
Tropical Keep
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Dark Forest
  • Forest Sentinel
  • Young Kodiak
  • Room contains a Treant Protector captain
  • Bears spawn in waves as long as the Treant Protector is alive
  • Treant Protector uses Nature's Grasp and can cast Overgrowth in an area in front of him
  • Treant Protector uses Nature's Guise to become untargetable with each wave of bears
Aghanim's Labyrinth Continuum Conundrum Minimaps Dark Forest.png
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Jungle Jam*
  • Nothl Warrior
  • Acolyte of Dezun
  • Tamed Wildwing
  • Huskar has Berserker's Blood, uses Life Break as his opening attack, and uses Inner Fire when there are multiple heroes nearby
  • Dazzle has a high damage poison touch and uses shadow wave when low on HP
  • All enemies are pre-spawned and only aggro when approached / attacked, room can be cleared methodically
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Salty Shore
  • Mines (Trap)
  • Skipper
  • Gulligan
  • Mines detonate after a brief delay when approached
  • Skippers have a delayed fish projectile that travels in a straight line
  • Portals spawn all across the room, including behind players
Salty Shore
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Silent Killer Strikes Again*
  • Deadeye
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Drow ranger has Gust (silence), Multishot, Hurricane Pike (item) and Shadow Blade (item). Drow has very high physical damage
  • Uses Shadow Blade after taking enough damage, which creates several portals of skeleton swarms
  • Two heroes carrying a dust is recommended, possibly more with Glimmer or Flicker modifiers
Sacred Grounds
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Thalassophobia
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Deep Traps
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Estate End
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Regal Traps
1-3 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Gelatinous Bastille
  • Acid Blob
  • Dungeon Bat
  • Acid Blobs has a jump that deals high AoE damage and a stun to units in the landing area
  • Acid Blobs leave damaging acid puddles after dying, and only expire when the room is fully cleared
  • Each section requires all blobs in the area to be killed in order to proceed. Each area has increasing waves of Acid Blobs to clear
Blob Dungeon
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Mole Cave
  • Large Eimermole
  • Small Eimermole
  • Large moles will burrow underground and travel towards a player. When they pop up, they deal large damage and stun in an area in front of them; watch for the sand trail as they move underground
  • Spawns multiple waves of increasing numbers of enemies
  • The final wave spawns enough enemies to make an Echo Slam Potion or Ravage Potion valuable to use
Mole Cave
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Morphology Mix*
  • Riptide Elemental
  • Little Pincher
  • Morphling has a delayed, high damage waveform ability
  • Spawns in multiple waves, alternating between spiders and Morphlings
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Multiplicity
  • Mathematician
  • Teacher's Assistant
  • Any unit hit by Mathematician's glowing orb projectile will spawn 2 phantom lancers
  • Mathematician has doppelganger ability which spawns 2 phantom lancers
  • Each side of the room has a Mathematician that only attacks when aggroed
  • When the first four Mathematicians are slain (one on each side of the room), two more will spawn at the center
Aghanim's Labyrinth Continuum Conundrum Minimaps Multiplicity.png
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Scurry Scarabs of Scuttletown*
  • Scarab Priest
  • Scarab Zealot
  • Scarab Priest have a slow moving, long range Impale ability and uses Spiked Carapace at half health. They also have high physical damage
  • Scarab Zealots also have Impale
  • Scarab Priests periodically creates burrowed scarabs, which release Scarab Zealots if they are not destroyed in time
  • After a Scarab Priest dies, another scarab priest will walk towards the heroes if they're not aggro'd before; be careful not to aggro multiple Priests at once
Desert Oasis
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Bridges to Bedlam
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Bridge Traps
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Jailbreak
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Prison Traps
1-4 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Aziyog Caverns (Easy)
  • Underlord
  • Warrior
  • Underlords use Firestorm that also spawns warriors in the impact area
  • After dealing enough damage, Underlords will try to escape using the portals. If successful, they are healed for a significant amount
  • Move out of Firestorms. If an Underlord starts running towards a portal, interrupting him will stop him from trying to escape
  • Heroes with long range abilities, such as Phoenix, can kill Underlords in the other areas with impunity
Aziyog Caverns
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Bamboozled
  • Swindler
  • Relict Cheater
  • Relict Fool
  • Room contains packs of baboons with a captain, and two Monkey Kings
  • Baboon captains shoot a slow projectile which deals damage and applies Corrosive Haze. Monkey King uses Boundless Strike and Primal Spring, both of which deal heavy damage
  • Monkey King will attempt to use Tree Dance to escape when low; destroying the tree will stun Monkey King for a long duration
Bamboo Gardens
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Melancholy Morass
  • Soothing Marsh Blossom (Destructable)
  • Swamp Infector
  • Swamp Crab
  • Swamp Bug
  • The water slows you by 30% until the encounter is completed
  • Enemies have a low damage Poison Sting
  • Venomancers periodically spawn with groups of crabs and bugs from portals. They cast a delayed Poison Nova with a small radius, but deals heavy damage that often leaves you at 1 HP. Keep your distance when it starts its cast animation
  • Destroying a Soothing Marsh Blossom spawns a temporary healing zone around it that also dispels Poison Nova
Swamp of Sadness
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Toothy Toothums Blast Back*
  • Piercer (Spike Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Toothy Toothums
  • Misunderstood Artist
  • Grimstoke will cast Ink Swell on Lifestealer when aggro'd, but not if encountered alone. Grimstrokes are best to isolate and kill first
  • Each Lifestealer has an overhead meter (similar to Visage) that increases with damage taken. Will simultaneously activate Rage when the gauge is filled, dealing a burst of AoE damage as well as gaining magic immunity & a significant movement/attack speed bonus
  • Lifestealers move and attack slowly normally, and can easily be kited and whittled down carefully without triggering Rage
  • Rage won't occur if Stunned or Silenced
  • Be careful of the room's traps; the spiked traps can potentially be used on Lifestealer as well
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Caverns of Catastrophe
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Cavern Traps
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Crispy Calamity
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Bog Traps
1-5 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Ridges of Nishai
  • Elder Tremor
  • Muddite
  • Earthshaker has Fissure, Totem Smash, Totem Leap, and Ground Pound (ultimate)
  • Earthshaker will damage and slow anyone hit by totem leap. Short stuns anyone hit by totem smash.
  • Earthshaker cast ground pound when low hp.
  • Ground Pound spawns multiple split earth under each heroes. The split earths get larger with each Ground Pound
  • Rock mounds around the arena will spawn a swarm of small but powerful golems if a player steps on them. Ground Pound can also release these golems if a split earth occurs on them.
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Blooming Cliffs
  • Corrupted Fae
  • Corrupted Petal
  • Dark Willow has Shadow Realm, Bramble projectiles, Cursed Crown, Terrorize, and Bedlam (ultimate)
  • Permanent brambles are in place along the edges of the room from the very start of the fight
  • Dark Willow can be targetted while under shadow realm effect.
  • Shadow realm spawns Corrupted Petals when Dark Willow moves and she sends a damaging projectile wave when it ends
  • Casts Cursed Crown on herself and tries to fly near heroes to stun them
  • Terrorize lasts a very long time and will likely send you into multiple high-damage brambles
  • Bedlam spawns multiple wisps that fly in fast moving circles around her and deal heavy damage to anyone caught near them; best to keep your distance until it ends
Enchanted Woods
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Eldwurm Aerie
  • Kasaj Whitewing
  • Eldwurm Hatchling
  • Wyvern constantly flies through straight lines in the air, dropping AoE ice attacks when flying over heroes. Cannot be targeted while flying, watch the minimap and keep your distance
  • Eventually lands in one of the nests on the map, also causing a cluster of eggs to hatch and release a swarm of Hatchlings (the eggs can be seen on the minimap before they spawn)
  • Wyvern releases slow moving ice projectile attacks when landed
  • Wyvern uses Winter's Curse when at about half health; you will see the target Hero as well as the affected area before it happens, so keep your distance
  • When at very low HP, Wyvern will land in the center and start casting an ultimate that spawns high-damage/slow ice clusters beneath all heroes; can be hard to dodge even when moving
  • Listen to Aghanim's dialogue upon entering the room.
Ice Dragon Aerie
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Rizzrick the Razorsaw's Deep Cuts*
  • Rizzrick
  • Little Ent
  • Timbersaw uses multiple Chakrams as well as a Timber Chain that deals damage and a long duration stun
  • Will use a very high damage Whirling Death when at least two heroes are next to him
  • Tres spawn little ents when destroyed, and the trees regrow after a few seconds. These ents can drop health and mana potions, but are created regardless of who destroys the trees
  • When low on health, Rizzrick will use his ultimate, which releases three waves of multiple Chakrams in all directions (which often spawn swarms of Ents) after a brief startup delay. Keep your distance when you see the channeling start
  • Casting Glimpse on Rizzrick during his ultimate will end it prematurely. Other stuns/silences only delay its cast
1-6 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png Hook, Line, and Stinker
  • Fisherman Sam
  • Use Pudge's Meathook to grab fish. Green fish with a golden aura give you more bags of gold.
  • Meathook has a very long range, but can only be used once the hook returns. Hooking a close target makes the Meathook available faster
  • Mines will stun Pudge if hooked
Bonus Hook
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png Mango Orchard
  • Fruit Dealer
  • Fruit Enjoyer
  • Collect dropped mangoes that spawn among the nearby mango trees and feed them to dragon toads (as projectiles) to get gold
  • Each dragon toad fed will spawn two gold bags, one towards you and the other towards one of the two wheelbarrows at the center
  • Avoid ogres; their attacks will stun you and knock away any mangoes accumulated
  • Feeding mangoes to the ogres makes them Bloodlusted for a duration, making them attack faster
  • Other players can catch thrown mangoes if they miss the dragon toads
Mango Orchard
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png The Frost Robin Flies Again*
  • Wandering Ogre Seal
  • Peng-Wing
  • Ride penguins towards gold; there are multiple paths, so spread out to cover as much ground as possible
  • Avoid seals and obstacles, which will briefly stop your movement
Penguin Sled
2 2-1 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png A Mind-Tingling Counteroffer*
  • Shroom Giant
  • Bog Shackler
  • Sleepy Shroom
  • Three Shroom Giants are scattered throughout the room; aggro only one at a time
  • Shroom Giants will explode into a swarm of Sleepy Shrooms when killed
  • Bog Shacklers will cast Shackle with high damage and long duration, and will spawn from portals continually until the room is cleared. Make sure at least two allies have ways to interrupt the channel
  • All Sleepy Shrooms (including the ones the giants spawn) begin asleep and will only wake up if attacked or if someone goes next to them
  • All of the room's remaining Sleepy Shrooms will wake up and charge when all the Giants are killed
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Hard Boiled
  • Helpless Dragon Egg (Friendly)
  • Dragon Nest Purifier
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Enemies spawn in waves, and only begins once the button near the center is pressed. Each portal contains multiple dragon slayers and an Omniknight Captain, and the number of portals increases per wave
  • Omniknights will cast Purification on a friendly unit after a delay, which deals heavy damage if you're close to the healed target
  • Protect the eggs; surviving eggs will spawn hatchlings that drop extra gold
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Spook Town
  • Decayed Tricker
  • Toothy Decayums
  • Decayed Ogre Seal
  • Decayed Treater
  • Decayed Ogre Seals will dive forward after a brief delay, bouncing twice and dealing heavy damage
  • The Decayed Tricker guards the Decayed Treater well at the center, and is invulnerable until the well is destroyed. Additional waves of enemies will spawn during this time
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Chain Gang
  • 3 Prisoner Slardars (Friendly)
  • Gaoler Guard
  • Meranth Guard
  • Gaoler Guard has a slow AoE stun attack, and will channel an electric field when there is a hero within 250 range
  • The electric field deals heavy damage around it, and expands slightly with each wave until it finishes
  • Each prisoner slardar drop 250 gold worth of gold bags after room is cleared & they survived. Stepping on the switches in front of their cells will release them
  • Although they can fight for you (with Slithereen Crush and Corrosive Haze), they can die quickly to a Gaoler's electric field. They do not need to be freed to get the reward, in which case the gold will spawn in their respective cells
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Tangled Toil
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Torched at the Temple
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
2-2 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Leave it to Mister Cleaver*
  • Portly
  • Cadaver
  • A large number of slow moving Cadavers will continue to spawn as long as the Portly Pudge remains alive. Echo Slam potions can deal heavy damage
  • Portly has an infinite duration dismember, multiple allies need to be able to interrupt it
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Crystal Forest
  • Watchtower (Friendly)
  • Nemestice Hacker
  • Crystal Mutant
  • Enemies spawn in waves from all directions, and only begins once the button near the tower is pressed. Each portal contains multiple mutants and a Nemestice Hacker (Leshrac), and the number of portals increases per wave to charge the friendly center tower
  • If the tower survives, a life rune will be dropped
  • Leshrac has Split Earth and Diabolic Edict
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Twilight Maze (Easy)
  • Bonelord
  • Bone Wizard
  • Skelemeeny
  • Bonelords will silence nearby heroes on death while spawning a swarm of skeletons
  • Bone wizards cast ignite with a long cast range.
  • This room willl sharply reduce your normal vision until room is cleared
  • Enemies are largely pre-spawned and only aggro when approached / attacked. Room can be cleared methodically
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png World Beyond the Rim
  • Outworld Meteorologist
  • Outworld Prowler
  • OD has a Sanity Eclipse attack that deals heavy damage in a long line, and uses an astral imprisonment + meteor hammer combo
  • The meteor hammer channel can be interrupted, and there is a brief delay between the imprisonment's end and the meteor's impact
  • The prowlers spawn from portals first, and will charge at heroes, while the first Meteorologist will not. Remaining at the start of the room can allow you to clear most of the prowlers before dealing with the captains
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Burial at Sea
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Crumbling Colonnade
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
2-3 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png My Rock Collection Grows*
  • Giant Rock Golem
  • Rock Golem
  • Rock Golem Fragment
  • The largest Giant Rock Golem moves slowly, can cast Avalanche and is immune to stuns & CC. They will split into 3 Rock Golems when killed.
  • Rock Golems move faster, but have less HP and can be stunned, and they split into 3 Golem Fragments
  • Golem Fragments are the fastest yet and deal surprisingly high damage
  • The room will start with a single Giant Rock Golem; two more will spawn when the first Giant Golem is killed, and three more when the next batch of Giant Golems are killed
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Red Light Blue Light
  • Positive Poltergeist (Blue)
  • Negative Revenant (Red)
  • Detached Phantom
  • Each hero will have a red or blue aura for this room (two of each color)
  • Poltergeists & Revenants will periodically release bullet hell-like projectiles in all directions (of the same red/blue color), which deal heavy damage and travel a long distance
  • Heroes with the same aura color as the ghosts will be immune to the damage and can block the projectiles from hitting allies, so positioning and coordination is key
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Round-Up Canyon
  • Bulls Eye
  • Bat Bandit
  • Batriders use a slow moving Flamebreak at distant targets, and will use approach to use a Firefly & Flaming Lasso combo
  • The Snapfire miniboss has Scatterblast, Firesnap Cookies and Mortimer's Kisses as an ultimate. Snapfire will activate BKB at 50% hp
  • Prioritize killing the batriders first
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Stonehall Citadel
  • Stonehall General
  • Stonehall Captain
  • Stonehall Legionnaire
  • Stonehall Captains have slow moving projectile attacks
  • Legion Commander casts Overwhelming Odds in a line at long range. It deals massive damage, and the area can be difficult to see against the sandy terrain
  • Legion Commander also has an AoE Press the Attack, and will Duel nearby heroes
  • If you coordinate to win a Duel, the winning hero will gain 30 permanent bonus damage
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Mortal Manor
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Passage of Penance
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Piercer (Spike Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
2-4 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Carty's Re-Revenge*
  • Assault Captain
  • Assault Catapult
  • Assault Melee Creep
  • Assault Ranged Creep
  • Assault Catapults release slow moving AoE projectiles over a long distance
  • Assault Captains are fast, have Monkey King Bars and periodically use Blade Mail. The first captain will be pre-spawned, while the second (and additional creeps) will spawn once enough enemies are killed
  • Assault captain use searing chains into sun ray (if former connects)
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Gate of the Dead
  • Crypt Guardian
  • Crypt Legion
  • The room has four buttons (in the top middle, right middle, bottom middle and center of the room); each button contributes to a progress bar that needs to be filled in order to complete the room
  • Each button needs to be pressed for an equal amount of time (will turn green when complete), and only works as long as a hero is on top of them
  • Enemies continue to spawn, in increasing numbers, as the encounter goes on. As long as the progress bar is not filled, the enemies will keep spawning
  • Crypt Guardians have a tree toss ability that deals massive damage in the indicated target area after a brief charge period, but only start spawning when the progress bar is about half full
  • The encounter only begins once any button is pressed; make sure each button has an associated hero before initiating the encounter
  • Assist allies once your button is complete, luring enemies away from the remaining buttons as necessary
Aghanim's Labyrinth Continuum Conundrum Minimaps Crypt Gate.png
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Nether Reaches (Hard)
  • Pugna Grandmaster
  • Viperling
  • Pugna has a high damge, long range life drain
  • Pugna will spawn nether wards that keep him permanently decrepified unless destroyed
  • Pugna nether blasts are cast multiple times in the same area, getting bigger with each cast, but can be dodged by staying in the center
  • Nether ward will heal if it zapped heroes casting spells that uses mana
  • Room is generally best avoided, especially with an incompatible lineup or with bad modifiers
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Palace of the Beast
  • Year Beast
  • Beast Bodyguard
  • Year Beasts are immune to stuns and can cast a high damage thunder clap in front of them
  • Earth Spirit bodyguards will cast Rolling Boulder, which travels very fast and stuns for a long duration
  • Each Year Beast has two bodyguards accompanying them
  • Both outposts need to be captured to complete the room, and will spawn additional enemies with each capture
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Mischief Mines
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Tomb of Terror
  • Heartseeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
2-5 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Keen Commander
  • Tinkwerk
  • Little Tin Man
  • Tinker has multiple abilities derived from the base hero, as well as Shiva's Guard and a Blink Dagger to teleport around the arena. The abilities are as follows:
    • A slow moving March of the Machines that spawns tin men on contact with heroes
    • A high damage laser focused in a line for several seconds. Aims for cogs when at low health, causing the lasers to reflect around the arena multiple times
    • Multiple rockets aimed at various indicated spots around heroes for AoE damage and a stun
  • Uses multi polymorph bomb as an ultimate, releasing clusters of bombs at heroes that Hex targets while damaging and spawning additional tin men.
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Nemestice Crater
  • Wraith Warden
  • Lesser Self
  • Spark Wraith Hunter
  • Wraith warden can cast shockwave attacks, magnetic fields (turns into light strike array when there are heroes inside) and a large AoE Gleipnir. Wraith Warden also uses a timewalk-like teleport to quickly move around the arena
  • Periodically attaches a spark wraith hunter to a hero (the target hero is disarmed, muted, and silenced). It lasts until destroyed (takes 4 attacks regardless of damage) or impacts the target for heavy damage
  • Teleports to the center to channel the Nemestice as an Ultimate, spawning multiple circles of Spark Wraiths that inflict heavy damage while forcing heroes away from the center
  • There are always gaps in the waves of Spark Wraiths, allowing heroes to remain close; dealing enough damage will end the ultimate prematurely
  • Spawns multiple Tempest Doubles after the first ultimate usage, increasing in frequency with each cast
Arc Warden
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Storegga the Ample Claps Back*
  • Storegga
  • Pebble
  • Storegga has the following attacks:
    • Picks up an ally, disabling them and throwing them at another ally which deals damage to the thrown hero and, if hit, the target
    • Throw a large rock at range. Can one-shot at lower health/higher difficulties.
    • AoE stun around herself
    • At lower health, she uses a massive Avalanche, which moves slowly and has a very long range, spawning small Tinys in the process
    • She also has a repeated AoE slow around himself in a short radius, dealing high damage
  • Avalanche can be avoided behind the large rocks she throws out, or the walls in the room. Staying further back will give you more time to react to the large Avalanche
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png Wriggling Wreef
  • Giant Amoeboid
  • Amoeboidling
  • Giant, Large, Medium, and Small Amoeboid all have stunning leap, launching amoeboidlings, and black hole.
  • Black hole pulls anyone even outside of the radius, and black hole grows for every blob the amoeboid has consumed.
  • Amoeboid cannot be interrupted when channeling black hole and deal heavy damage when black hole ends (ends early if killed while channeling)
  • All amoeboids except small amoeboid split into two smaller amoeboids upon death, and all of them inherit the same ability as giant amoeboid.
2-6 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png Chaos Carnival
  • Carnival Goer
  • Balloon Vendor
  • Throw boomerangs at gold balloons to pop them; be wary of the boomerangs curved flight path.
  • Flying blue chests will yield extra gold
  • Floating pig balloons will stun on impact, as well as cancel out the rest of the boomerang's flight
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Bonus.png It's All Ogre Now
  • Hungry Fella
  • Chickens
  • Ogres have two abilities, a distant club smash with a short cooldown and an AoE slam around them with a higher cooldown
  • Smash chickens to stun them and get drops gold
  • Most effective when players cluster together and chain their stuns to maximize gold drops
  • Radiance can damage chickens and generate large amounts of gold
Chicken Smashing
3 3-1 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Al, The Chemist Gets Revenge*
  • Al, the Chemist
  • Alchemist will first use Unstable Concoction, then Chemical Rage if the concoction stun connects with the hero it is targetting
  • Although you can wait out the Unstable Concoction channel time by keeping distant, they won't self stun (and are immune to stuns & cc in general)
  • Alchemist will use a high damage acid spray whenever possible
  • A second alchemist spawns after the first alchemist has 50% hp left
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Arena Assult
  • Shishka Bob
  • Backstabber
  • Mars will cast Spear of Mars and God's Rebuke, and periodically activates Blademail
  • Mars will cast Arena of Blood when getting low on health
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Frozen Ravine
  • Pen-mate (Friendly)
  • Frosty Behemoth
  • Angry Yak
  • Frosty behemoth has a swing that deals heavy damage at a surprisingly long range, but will miss those within 200 range of behemoth
  • Frosty behemoth also has a channeled stomp dance that is used when there is an enemy within 200 range of him, dealing repeated damage & slow instances
  • Pen-mates are released from their crates upon stepping on the buttons in front of them, and will constantly follow the hero that freed them. They can die from the enemy attacks, but will each award 100 gold if they survive to the end. They must be freed before the final monster dies in order to drop the gold bag
  • It is ideal that one hero goes around to free all the pen-mates while the other teammates eliminate any remaining stragglers
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Short Cuts
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Piercer (Spike Trap)
  • Guillotines
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
  • Guillotines have a deceptive hitbox; watch for the sparks when they cross the ground
3-2 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Demonic Woods
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Camp Assistant
  • Camp Bully
  • Bane has brain sap, fiend's grip, and linken's sphere
  • A Night Stalker captain spawns with the first wave, and has Void, Crippling Fear, Hunter in the Night, Dark Ascension. He also has Basher and MKB, making it difficult to keep distant to avoid damage and cast abilities
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Bomb Squad Goes Boom*
  • Bomb Squad
  • Walrus Pudge
  • Pudges will use Hook with high damage but a fairly long cooldown. They also have high physical damage, but will not cast Hook if an ally is in melee range
  • Techies travel in lines, laying mines as theey travel. Proximity mines detonate shortly after approached or when damaged
  • Mines can cause other mines to explode, creating a chain reaction
  • Techies will also throw stasis trap at heroes within its cast range, but only when it stops to turn
  • Pudges are best prioritized, for the Techies can be safely ignored as long as you don't get hooked into a cluster of mines
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Frigid Pinnacle
  • Ice Princess
  • Vengeful Captain
  • Icewrack Howler
  • Vengeful captain has a Magic Missile projectile attack, and Nether Swap
  • Crystal Maiden has Frostbite, Crystal Nova, Cold Embrace, and Freezing Field
  • Vengeful captain will swap heroes into the freezing field
  • Multiple waves of additional Vengeful Captains and Icewrack Howlers will spawn as long as the Ice Princess is alive
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Thunder Mountain
  • Zoos
  • Thunder Knight
  • Thunder Squire
  • Zoos has a global Nimbus that will cast a high damage lightning bolt on a hero within its area after a short delay
  • Thunder Knights and Thunder Squires use forward-facing hammer attacks that stun and deal damage, with the larger Knights having much deadlier attacks
  • Additional Thunder Knights & Squires spawn from portals as you travel the winding chasm to approach Zoos; all will spawn at once if Zoos is approached immediately (through means such as Blink or flight)
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Scars Hollow
  • Heart Seeker (Arrow Trap)
  • Breath of Rho (Fire Trap)
  • Piercer (Spike Trap)
  • Guillotines
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
  • Guillotines have a deceptive hitbox; watch for the sparks when they cross the ground
3-3 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Battle Squawk Squad
  • Fortunate Sun
  • Flamebearer
  • Flamebearers (ember spirits) can shoot Searing Chain projectiles that disarm when hit, and are best focused first
  • Phoenix will use Fire Spirits and Icarus Dive.
  • When low on health, Phoenix will attempt to pull a nearby hero into a Supernova, capturing the hero within the egg and dealing high damage over time to other nearby heroes. If the sun is not killed in time, the captured hero will die and Phoenix regains a portion of health back
  • Best avoided unless heroes are mobile enough to keep enough distance to prevent being pulled into a Supernova or have enough physical damage to burst a Supernova down quickly
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Push Pull (Easy)
  • Black Hole Jar (Trap)
  • Custodian
  • Sweeper
  • Duster
  • Sweepers will always try to Horn Toss & Skewer heroes into one of the Black Hole jars on each side of the room. If the Horn Toss Fails, they will not cast skewer until Horn Toss is off cooldown
  • A single Custodian will spawn halfway through the encounter, and uses a triple Shockwave that returns after reaching max range
  • The encounter only starts upon pressing the button at the center, but can be cleared easily if heroes remain in one of the corners, forcing enemies to approach in waves that become easier to handle
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png Smashy & Bashy
  • Smashy
  • Bashy
  • Crabby
  • Smashy (the big one) has a big AoE slithreen crush, corrosive haze, and it deals a lot of physical attack damage, but moves very slowly
  • Bashy (the small one) has sprint, and bash of the deep. It prioritize enemy affected by Corrosive haze, and bashes someone every 4 attacks. Bashy's bash counter is shown on top of its head
  • If Smashy dies first, Bashy gains enhanced sprint and bonus attack speed. If Bashy dies first, Smashy creates a puddle every time it smash, giving it more armor
  • Crabby mobs will spawn in several waves until both Smashy and Bashy are dead
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Combat.png The Forsaken Pit
  • Pit Executioner
  • Pit Guard
  • Pit Inmate
  • Pit Guard centaurs have Hoof Stomp and Double Edge
  • Two Pit Executioners will spawn from portals once the other enemies have been killed; they have Berserker's Call, a high damage Counter Helix, and Culling Blade. They move surprisingly fast, so keep your distance
Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Trap.png Bush Blades
  • Piercer (Spike Trap)
  • Guillotines
  • Trap damage increases with difficulty, up to one-hit kills at Grand Magus or above
  • Guillotines have a deceptive hitbox; watch for the sparks when they cross the ground, and this final trap room is full of them. Likely the hardest trap room of them all
3-4 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Rest.png Vendor Vault No Enemies
  • Final room to stock up on lives and final purchases before fighting the Primal Beast.
3-5 Aghanim's Labyrinth Room Boss.png The Beast's Lair
  • Primal Beast
  • Primordial Rock Golem
  • Primal Beast 1st Phase cycle: Charge, Rock Throw, repeat
  • 2nd Phase cycle: Charge, Rock Throw, Stomping Chase, repeat
  • 3rd Phase cycle: Charge, Rock Throw, Stomping Chase, Hero ground pound, repeat
  • 4th Phase cycle: Charge, Rock Throw, Stomping Chase, Hero ground pound, Splitting Shockwave, repeat
  • Most attacks will deal enough damage to one-shot heroes on the higher difficulties
  • Some rock throw are thrown at where your hero faces (prediction throw)
  • Ghost scepter or Ethereal Blade provide immunity to exploding rings during hero ground pound attack. The ground pound affects a limited area, and can be escaped as long as the hero isn't caught in the center of the room
  • The grabbed hero will be dealt percentage-based damage with each slam, and will usually be left at about 25% HP when released
  • BKB or spell immunity provide immunity to splitting shockwave attack, and Undying zombies can absorb splitting shockwaves
  • Primal Beast resets its current cycle if all heroes use Euls or Wind Waker when he throws the 2nd rock
  • Every time the Primal Beast slam his fist to spawn more shockwaves, existing shockwaves split in two. The shockwaves get faster and split more frequently over time, and more (and faster) shockwaves will spawn with subsequent casts

Event Room List[]

Event rooms will appear at random throughout your way through the labyrinth, serving as a rest area before the next encounter. Unlike challenge encounters, you cannot choose what you will encounter. It does not replace any challenge rooms, so you will have to clear the same number of rooms regardless of whether one appears or not.

Each contains an NPC hero that offers various wares or upgrades. They sometimes cost gold, result in downgrades or may very well be completely free. They can appear between most rooms, but some rooms only seem to appear in certain acts (parts of the game).

Room Name NPC Name & Type Acts It Appears In Choices Flavor Text Notes and Tips
Panda Potion Pub Strange Brewmeister


Act 1 3 of the following consumables (either for free or for 150 gold)
  • Tides Ale
    • Gain/Purchase one Ravage Potion
  • Waning Alacrity IPA
    • Gain/Purchase one Dragon Potion
  • Unstable Concoction
    • Gain/Purchase one Arcanist Potion
  • Frostbite Lager
    • Gain/Purchase one Purification Potion
  • Poison Dagger Pilsner
    • Gain/Purchase one Echo Slam Potion
  • Primal Split Stout
  • Tonic Water
    • No thanks. I like to keep my wits about me. And my gold, if you please.

Can I offer you a growler?

I can tell when someone needs a drink - and my brews are favored by gods and beast alike. Aged in the finest ironwood barrels, you'll find nothing better. I could charge whever I like in these parts, but I'll even give you a bargain price.

  • The three potions offered will be random, as well as which ones require gold to purchase (if any)
  • If nothing else, a free potion or consumable Elixir never hurts
Divine Sanctuary Thunderlord


Act 1
  • Divine Power
    • Gain 5% spell amplification
  • Divine Protection
    • Gain 10% magic resistance

You there, puny creature. Settle a bet I have with myself. If an insignificant worm somehow won the favor of a god - as does happen from time to time - would that worm desire divine power or divine protection? Choose carefully now. We're not talking hypotheticals. This lowly worm's fate may depend upon your choice.

  • No cost for either choice, so pick whatever suits your hero best
Retrofit Outfit Clinker


Act 1
  • Wand Tuning and Full Mana Replacement
    • Gain 250/325 cast range and lose 50/100 attack range
  • Honing Oil and Haft Realignment
    • Gain 50/100 attack range and lose 250/325 cast range
  • Leave

Look, some shops'll talk your ear off all day trying to make a sale. But I know what I got. And if you want it, great.

If not, I've got other places to be.

You think you're the only group of adventurers doomed to be lost forever inside the Continuum Vault?

Yeah, you wish.

I'll have customers until the end of time. Which barely exists here anyway. So, we doing business or what? Oh, and I don't accept useless money. I take my due in trade.

  • The range values depend on whether your hero is melee or ranged
    • Melee heroes will interchange 50 attack range and 250 cast range
    • Ranged heroes will interchange 100 attack range and 325 cast range
  • Casters benefit most from the cast range increase, while physical DPSers with few spells benefit most from the attack range increase
  • If you aren't willing to sacrifice one for the other, you can choose to change nothing
Arcane Archives Grimoire Enthusiast


Act 1
  • Big Book of (stat)
    • Receive one (+5 stat book)
  • Tome of (random tome)
    • Receive one (random tome)
  • Trinket
  • Remain Ignorant for the rest of your short life

Could I interest you in a self-translating grimoire?

It's a tome of my own design. I, of course, stand by my work. Even the illiterate can take part in this marvelous discovery. It could truly change the world. If not for the cruelest of ironies.

I made my discovery last night before I was drawn into the Continuum Vault. If I don't escape, the world will never know my brilliance or get to learn so many other things the books can reach them.

I found someone who knows a way out. Soon enough I'll have enough gold to bribe my way free of this wretched place.

  • The first tome is a permanent +5 stat bonus based on your hero's mainstat
  • The second tome randomly varies between a different stat tome, shadow wave reflex, torrent reflex or a tome of greater experience
  • The books are fully sharable, and the shadow & torrent reflex tomes are especially valuable and hard to come by
  • The neutral item offers is likely a tier 1 or tier 2, based on room depth
  • None of the options cost anything
Gambler's Grove Glarf Stonebreak

(Ogre Magi)

Acts 1 or 2
  • Reach for the dice
    • Gamble for a random neutral item
  • Reach for the club
    • Become Bloodlusted for 3 Encounters.
  • Reach for the chest
    • Receive a random amount of gold between 150 and 1000

HAHA HA HA! You're gonne lose! No they're not - they're gonna win!

I say lose! No, win!

Lose! *Klonk*

Stop hitting me! *Klonk*

Ow! *Klonk*

OK! Win!

Just let them play the dumb game. Win!

Shut it.

  • The random neutral item depends on room depth
  • Bloodlust gives 15% bonus movement speed and 60 bonus attack speed for the entirity of the next three combat encounters
  • The random gold amount is skewed towards the lower amounts; you'd have to be especially lucky to get a higher amount
Murkpools Greedy Grubbler


Acts 1 or 2
  • Lose the ability to heal from Health Potions but gain +15% from all Gold rewards
  • Tell the greedy little grubbler to get lost

Psst. You lookin' to win?

I got a secret if you got the scales for it.

All's ya need is a little finesse. It's a little secret I picked up in Stonefish Gate, before that maniac Siltbreaker destroyed it, anyway... But I got out alive. And you can too.

Trust me. Play it right n' you'll come out ahead in the end for sure. Just don't get nicked.

  • An easy choice in easier difficulties, but far more dangerous in the higher difficulties.
Weald of Torment Ash the Defiler


Act 1 or 2
  • Suffer Ash's Affliction
    • Can't heal in next combat encounter. After, gain 4% spell lifesteal (captains: 8%, bosses: 15%)
  • Receive Ash's Pulse
    • Creates a Pulse Nova around you every 10 seconds, dealing 3x of your intelligence as damage.

I would make you choose, mortal. With the knowledge that thousands of your kind have appeared before me, brief flickers of warmth in the comforting abyss, quickly dissipating into a state of nothingness functionally no different from the professsed state of order in which they came within my sight. For nothing they could accomplish would weigh worthy in the eyes of one such as me. So choose that which you take from here, knowing that I care not what you choose, and that you go forth towards either victory or defeat, but most certainly continuing upon an unrelenting march towards death.

  • Ash's Affliction prevents any form of healing, which is easy to underestimate but can easily result in losing lives if treated lightly. Unless it is certain that the next room is an easy room, it is better off avoided.
  • Ash's Pulse has no penalty in comparison (AoE of 525)
Pebble's Pit Pebble Tossington

(Small Tiny)

Act 2
  • Gain 90 movement speed and lose X HP.
  • Keep Stones

Look how big and slow you are.

You wanna do something about that?

I know how to get you rolling like a stone cold pro. You'll want to shed some of that weight. That's the cost of true speed. But trust me, it's worth it.

  • Decreases your maximum HP by 40%
  • Mobility tends to be more important than health for a lot of heroes, but only if your mobility is lacking to begin with
Boggle's Quarry Cobble Tossington

(Grown Tiny)

Act 2
  • Bulk up on stones to gain X HP and reduce your movement speed by 75.
  • Stay Limber

I have so many gifts, but no one wants them.

Everyone wants to go fast. I say sometimes slow is better. What about you?

Would you like some magic rocks?

It sure would carve a smile on my face.

  • Increases your maximum HP by 40%
  • Unlikely to be worth the significant mobility loss unless your hero truly benefits from HP (e.g. Omniknight or Undying) or has enough mobility to compensate (e.g. Queen of Pain)
Stream of Sirens Sodden Soprano

(Naga Siren)

Acts 1, 2 or 3
  • Deep Sea Sonata
    • Bottle one X Rune and restore 1 bottle charge.
  • Deep Sea Sonata
    • Bottle one Y Rune and restore 1 bottle charge.
  • Hymn of the Albatross
    • Gain an extra max charge on your bottle.


What an unexpected interlude! By my scale, you make an unlikely quartet. Is this adventuring business really your forte? I hope you're sharp enough. The key is to find your natural hrmony. I can pitch in with a lovely refrain.


Lucifer's Lounge Condemnation Connoisseur


Acts 2 & 3
  • Gain 1500 gold but lose 1 Life in trade.
  • Gain 666 gold but lose 6.66 HP Regeneration in trade.
  • Deny Him Your Essence

I have an eye for desperation and you look like someone in just the right sort of need. Care to make the bargain of your lifetime? Fate-changing gold for just a measure of your precious essence. You don't need it all, and your inventory could certainly use a boost.

For one of your esteem, I could go as high as, say... 666 gold?

  • An extra life can be purchased for 1000 gold (less with a Roshan discount), resulting in a potential net profit, but only if you have lives to spare (and can expect to make it to a Roshan shop in time)
  • Losing regeneration is inconsequential by the time it shows up, so the lesser gold option has a negligible penalty attached to it
  • Unsurprisingly, you cannot sacrifice a life for gold if you do not have any extra lives to spare; the only option available will be trading gold for regeneration
Altar of Pestilence Kosh'Vor Plaguebearer


Act 3
  • Offer Pound of Flesh
    • Lose X health in exchange for 1 life.
  • Study Entrails
    • Gain a shard.

There is power in the flesh, child. The power of life. Of death. Breathe deep. You can smell the power. Make your own offering and it could restore your life. Or perhaps you would study the offerings of another? Sift deeply, and clean from them what you may. I make no judgements. I merely show the way.

  • The health cost is 20% of your maximum HP
  • The extra life could be a game changer when low on lives, but if increased fragility is too risky, the common shard is random but free
Shifty Shoal Lord of Liquid


Act 3
  • Take the Plunge
    • Gain 30-37 of one stat, lose the same amount of another
  • Tiptoe In
    • Gain 10 of one stat, lose the same amount of another
  • Exert your will and swim away
    • Leave

The faces of even the mightiest cliffs will one day erode and tumble into the seas over which they have lorded - in their view - for so long. But to ask the waves, you would find barely a perception of the shoreline's existence - for something so unmoving will always break when left to the ravages of time.

Only that which forms and flows to fit the universe around it will endure to explore the black expanse that awaits the ageless.

And you? Would you count yourself amongst them?

  • Only make the exchange if the penalty won't harm you - intelligence is easy to sacrifice for many heroes, or agility for a caster
Chemical Laboratory Calbert Veinstein


Act 3

Do you know how many geniuses die poor?

Most! That I've seen.

I make my own money and I make things I sell to make even more! You can't have enough, I say. When I die, I'm going to have it all! The coffers of the people and suck- err, patrons like you will all make their way into my purse. There'll b e nothing left! You'll be resigned to carving numbers on rocks to trade amongst yourselves as my death rattle echoes throughout the inaccessible hallways of my treasure vault.

Anyway, what'll ya have? I got some nice stuff.

  • Prices for purchasing specified neutral items or duplicating current neutral items will vary based on their price & tier, but expect about 750-1000 for tier 3 up to 2000 for tier 4/5 items
  • The mystery box will always be 1300 gold, by the tier of the item can vary; seems to be a tier 3, 4 or 5 item
  • The options are pricy but many pay off if you can secure (or duplicate) the right item for the final stages of the game. If not, a free 200 gold boost can't hurt.


Aghanim's Labyrinth Shopkeeper.png

Hidden items[]

Some items availiable in this mode are not displayed in the Shop. These items are:

Icon Name Description
Falcon Blade icon.png Falcon Blade +200 Health

+1.8 Mana Regeneration +12 Attack Damage

Witch Blade icon.png Witch Blade +35 Attack Speed +14 Intelligence +6 Armor +300 Projectile Speed

Witch Blade - Causes your next attack to apply a poison for 4 seconds, slowing by 25% and dealing 0.75x your intelligence as damage every second. This attack has True Strike. Cooldown: 9

Bloodstone icon.png Vault Bloodstone +425 Health +425 Mana

+16 Intelligence +100% Mana Regen Amplification +8% Spell Damage +15% Spell Lifesteal (Hero) +3% Spell Lifesteal (Creep) +30% Spell Lifesteal Amplification

Mana battery - Each charge provides 0.2 MP regen and 0.35% Spell Amp. Nearby boss and captain kills provide 1 charges. Dying causes you to lose 3 charges. Starts with 14 charges. Can gain a maximum of 2 charges per combat encounter.

Active: Bloodpact - Converts 30% of your max mana to health regeneration over 2 seconds. Cooldown: 85

Wind Waker icon.png Wind Waker +50 Movement Speed +6 Mana Regeneration +35 Intelligence

Active: Cyclone - Sweeps a target unit up into a cyclone, making them invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Cyclone can be cast on yourself, enemy units or allied units.


Icon Name Description Shop
Aghanim's Labyrinth Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag Grants gold based on the round
Shadow wave reflex icon.jpg Shadow Wave Reflex When attacked, you have a 5% chance to send out a bolt of power that arcs between allies, healing them while damaging any units standing nearby. You are always healed by Shadow Wave.
  • Proc Chance: 5%
  • Range: 800
  • Damage Radius: 185
  • Max Heal Targets: 7
  • Heal/Damage: 100
Torrent Reflex icon.png Torrent Reflex When attacked, you have a chance to cast a Torrent.

Neutral items[]

  • [special neutral items can be...]
Icon Name Description
Oblivion's Locket icon.png Oblivion's Locket Passive: +5 All stats

Active: Spook (Channeled) - Become ethereal,
immune to physical but taking ??% extra magic damage for up to 1 second. Cooldown: 10

Immortal Authority[]

This poor creature's eyes speak of aeons of suffering.

Would you per chance lay off violence for a moment and consider that this beast - despite its reputation, has never once struck the first blow in an endless existence of torturous fights?

Would you then perhaps allow that a beast of intelligence, of learning, might deign to part with that which it possesses without struggle, instead preferring the civilized course of barter and trade? Whatever your answer, we'll brook no brutality here.

Roshan will appear as a shop just before the first and second bosses, the Continuum Vaults at the starts of Act 2 & 3 and just before the Primal Beast fight. The following are available for purchase, and stocks are refilled for each Roshan encounter:

  • A single bite of immortality
    • Purchase Life Rune - 1000 Gold (4 in stock)
  • One quarter of a wheel of the fabled Roquefort of Life
  • One used life

Misfortune Teller[]

Each cut, every piercing arrow, and all the bloodstained gold they bring you are in themselves only choices that lead to even more choices. Each with consequences unknowable to the likes of you. But I can banish a tiny margin of the fog that beseiges you.

For a small price, I can unveil a few certain steps along an otherwise blind path. After those revelations, however, the rest will again be uncertain. What would you choose?

The Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle appears in the Continuum Vaults at the starts of Act 2 & 3 and just before the Primal Beast fight. Two random Common Shards can be purchased for 400 Gold, and one random Elite Shard is also available for 800 Gold. Only one shard can be purchased per Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle encounter.

Ascension levels[]

  • Five difficulty levels are available. The preceding difficulty level must be beaten first before the next one is playable.
  • For difficulty levels higher than Apprentice, Room Effects applies to each room explored, which are buffs for enemies.
  • Beating a level will reward players with two lines for the Chat Wheel, and an Emoticons.
Level Difficulty Reward Notes
Aghanim's Labyrinth Aghanim's Labyrinth Level 1.png Apprentice -
  • No Room Effects
  • Rooms from the previous Aghanim's Labyrinth event won't occur in this difficulty
Aghanim's Labyrinth Aghanim's Labyrinth Level 2.png Magician Starts with 1 fewer life.
Enemies are stronger.
  • ▶️[All] Oooh that is some hot chili you're serving up down there!
  • ▶️Oh I am pumped here!
  • 1 Room Effect
  • Start with 2 lives instead of 3
Aghanim's Labyrinth Aghanim's Labyrinth Level 3.png Sorcerer Gain 10% less gold.
Enemies are even stronger.
  • 2 Room Effects
Aghanim's Labyrinth Aghanim's Labyrinth Level 4.png Grand Magus Your inventory is cursed.
Enemies are extremely strong.
  • 3 Room Effects
  • You will start the game with 3 out of 6 inventory slots locked from use
  • Beating the bosses of Acts 1 & 2 will each free a lock, and the Immortal Authority (Roshan) shop sells continuum keys to release other locks
Aghanim's Labyrinth Aghanim's Labyrinth Level 5.png Apex Mage Bosses have Ascension Modifiers.
Enemies are impossibly strong.
  • 4 Room Effects, and bosses will have one room effect

Room Effects[]

  • Random effects from this list are added at higher difficulties to make the Labyrinth more challenging.
  • Captains refer to larger monsters.
Room Effect Description
Pyromaniac (Elite only) Enemy Captains produce fire trails
Quiet, please! Enemy Captains occasionally silence nearby players
Living In A Bubble When in the bubble, enemy Captains gain evasion from attacks from outside
Galvanic Farewell (Elite only) Enemy Captains cast plasma field on death
Stone Faced Enemy Captains take reduced damage from the front (Break disables this)
Explosive Personality (Elite only) Players occasionally explode to damage allies
Magical Fortitude All enemies have increased magic resistance (40%)
Thick Skinned All enemies have increased amor
Lucky Strike (unused) All enemies have a critical strike
Deadly All enemies deal increased damage (+35% outgoing dmg)
Last Stand All enemies gain increased attack speed at low health for a short time (200AS)
Surge All enemies have increased movement speed (40% MS increase)
Chilling Touch All enemy attacks slow their targets. Multiple debuffs stack.
Avatar Enemy Captains occasionally gain magic immunity
Death Curse All enemies debuff the armor of their killers
Vampiric Enemy Captains gain lifesteal from all damage at low health for a short time
Degen Field (Elite only) Enemy Captains reduce healing of nearby players by 100%.
Flicker Enemy Captains teleport randomly and purge debuffs from themselves.
Drunk Enemy Captains occasionally gain bonus move speed, evasion, and critical strike.
Glutton All enemies debuff the turn rate and attack speed of their killers. (can be dispelled)
Glimmer Enemy Captains occasionally gain persistent invisibility.
Clumsy Enemy Captains root their killers upon death.
Impatient (unused) Enemies gradually gain size, damage, and health.
Meteoric (Elite only) Enemy Captains sometimes become meteors and launch themselves at Heroes.


  • Players earn Aghanim's Labyrinth Arcane Fragments icon.png Arcane Fragments after every game. The first 1,800 Fragments earned each week are quadrupled in value, resulting in a total of 7,200 Fragments.
  • Players who own the Battle Pass can earn up to 2,000 Battle Points per week.
  • Players who have rescued all 10 Aghanim variants will be able to claim Aghanim the Wisest courier.


  • Blessings are permanent buffs that can be purchased in the Battle Pass with Aghanim's Labyrinth Arcane Fragments icon.png Arcane Fragments. Some blessings can appear more than once (fully stacking with each other), and for varying prices.
Effect Number of Occurrences Cost(s) Aghanim's Comments/Description
Bottle Charges +1 1 100

Don't argue. Just take this extra bottle charge. Why? Because it's good to have bottle charges. I need you to have bottle charges. Just trust me on this, OK?

- Aghanim

A Veteran Returns 15 2000

(Hero) is back to help explore the Continuum Vault.

Major Upgrades
+1s Bottle Duration 2 300/3000

Wait a second. What's that enchanting aroma? Someone's bottle is filled with something other than runes! Can't slip one by me. Whose is it? Spill it. Spill it right into Aghanim's mouth. I am really on edge right now.

- Aghanim

Death Detonation +75 2 300/3000

When someone kills you, you can't just lie there and take it. You have to do something. Specifically, you have to deal 75 damage multiplied by your level to enemies within a 350 AoE. That'll show those buffoons not to do that again.

- Aghanim

+150 Gold 1 300

How imaginative you are. No one has ever asked for gold before. We better be careful here or this could start a dangerous trend.

- Aghanim

Starting Potion 1 1000

Having trouble staying alive in the Continuum Vault? Try one of these potions. No, no. Not here. I'll slip it to you when you enter the vault. I mean, it's nothing to be ashamed about, but people are so weird about these things.

- Aghanim

+20% Bottle Movement Speed 1 1000

Don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't juggle multiple mundane tasks while sprinting through the Continuum Vault, you're going to die even faster than I-- I mean, all of the other Aghanims thought.

- Aghanim

+25% Attack Projectile Speed 1 1000

This one's only for ranged heroes. I don't like discriminating against melee heroes any more than they like being discriminated against, but to make an exception here might tear through the very fabric of time and space. And I only do that for me.

- Aghanim

+3 Starting Tome 2 1000/3500

What if every time you entered the Continuum Vault, I could offer you a tome that grants +3 of your Primary Attribute? Wouldn't that be neat?

- Aghanim

10% Roshan Discount 1 1000

All those other idiots fighting Roshan to gain immortality, take note. Diplomacy is such a lost art. But not for Roshan. He's old school. Really, really old school. was probably a poor quality education. I mean, stealing from a shopkeeper? What a rube!

- Aghanim

+1 Minor Shard Reroll 3 1000/3000/3500

Don't like what Aghanim has to offer? Well, I could tell you where to stick your fragments. But since you're helping those other poor, defenseless, worthless, stupid, trapped Aghanims get out of the Continuum Vault... If you ask nicely, I just might let you choose something else.

- Aghanim

+1 Max Lives 1 2500

I suppose if you're fragile enough to be constantly dying, having the capacity for more life would be a boon, yes? Or is that wrong? Still trying to wrap my head around how weak and useless you generally are.

- Aghanim

10% Oracle Discount 1 2000

Only a moron pays full price at that idiot fortune teller's stall. You have to demand a discount. Obviously I'm not expected to pay at all, but for you he might go as high as 10%.

- Aghanim

-15% Death Time 2 2000/2500

I didn't think you'd choose this one. I thought you enjoyed being dead. Based on my observations.

- Aghanim

+15% Potion Healing 1 2000

You're really building a tolerance to these things. I'd say you should cut back, but the timing on that's not very good for me right now. But right after we solve this conundrum dealie we'll definitely focus on you. I officially promise.

- Aghanim

+8% Damage on Stunned Enemies 1 2500

If there's one thing I know about battle, it's that it's really easy to win if you completely disable your opponent right from the start. They really hate it, as you might expect, but the best part is that you don't have to care about what they think. They're about to be dead!

- Aghanim

+5 Boss Tome 2 2500/3500

This one's nice. Whenever you defeat a boss, you'll find a tome that grants +5 of a random Attribute. I'm sure you'd like to choose said attribute, but I think a surprise is more fun. And since I have absolutely no control over it, I urge you to embrace the whole surprise angle.

- Aghanim

+1 Shard Upgrade 3 3500

Have you considered the benefits of randomly upgrading 1 of your Common Shards to Elite each game? We could make that happen. Just don't tell any of your friends. This one's special just for you.

- Aghanim

Minor Upgrades
+1 Strength 4 300/600/1400/2000

Wonderful, your feats of strength will perhaps now be able to accomplish the bare minimum before you die, instead of even less!

- Aghanim

+1 Agility 4 200/600/1400/2000

Did you know that Aghanim was once known as Aghanim the Agile? In my younger days, of course. Sure, I could just magic myself up an Agility boost like I'm doing for you, but that just seems kind of pathetic, you know? Like trying to be something you're not. Or worse, trying to recapture something you'll never truly be again. It's sad, really. But here you go!

- Aghanim

+1 Intelligence 4 600/800/1400/1400

Oh, look! It thinks it's learning. How adorable. They're really so much like us, you know? Do you want to use the Continuum Device little budy? Do you?

- Aghanim

+2% Evasion 3 1000/1200/2000

You think I don't see right through you? The others might not see it, but you can't pull the wool over ol' Aghanim's eyes, friend. Not for a second.

- Aghanim

+2% Magic Resistance 4 800/1400/1400/2000

I am done hiding my feelings about magic resistance. If you don't have your own magic that can stop someone else's magic, then you've got no business getting into fights with people who can do magic in the first place. I mean, do you think some stupid Oglodi with an axe could just buy a fancy cloak and go toe to toe with a literal god and come out on top? It just doesn't happen. Or at least it shouldn't be allowed to happen if it does.

- Aghanim

+1 Armor 4 200/600/1400/2000

+1 Armor is a very nice blessing. It's not the blessing I would choose, but I wouldn't choose any of these blessings. For me, I'd break out the good stuff.

- Aghanim

+3 Attack Damage 2 200/600

Normally I wouldn't condone solving your problems with violence. But those are your problems. Here and now? With my problem? Absolutely by all means solve my problem with violence. This problem is special. It's like a little door with a tiny lock and that lock's key is missing down some inexplicably-placed drain. So the lock needs to be smashed. Smash the whole damn door down, even. We're not playing around here people. I didn't bring you here to laugh at your failure like before.

- Aghanim

+10 Mana per Level 3 300/600/800

With that extra +10 Mana per level, you should have enough to cast one of my spells in, ohh, 100,000 levels or so.

- Aghanim

+10 Health Per Level 2 1400/2000

You know, believe it or not, Aghanim the eloquent has been accused of rambling a time or two. Of course, I wouldn't admit to some level of conversational leadership when dealing with lesser minds. It's for everyone's benefit. Not only my own. But really, with everyone being a lesser mind... Well, you can probably see where I'm going with this. Unless you're one of the lesser lesser minds. And in that case why am I even wasting my time? Anyway, what were you asking about? This old thing? It gives +10 Health per level. Any idiot knows that.

- Aghanim

+1 Regen by Allies 3 200/600/1200

If there's one thing I always say, it's that you need to stick together. It is absolutely imperative. And definitely never, ever listen to someone you understandably look up to and trust if they tell you it's almost efficient to split up and explore the Continuum Vault individually. Even if he is the smartest and most handsome and definitely most regretful member of your party. In fact, to encourage you to stay near your friends, let's give you increased HP Regeneration when an ally stays within 300 range. If that doesn't keep you divas together, nothing will.

- Aghanim

+4% Cleave 2 300/1000

This one's only for the melee heroes, people. Everyone else can just go right back to the end of the line and think long and hard about why they tried to make such a terrible choice.

- Aghanim

+20 Attack Range 2 600/800

This one's only for ranged heroes. It has the word range right in the title. If you're a melee hero who tried to choose it anyway, shame on you.

- Aghanim

+20 Cast Range 2 600/600

Listen, I didn't want to say anything. But your cast range? It's way too short. You need to be like doubling, tripling, even quadrupling that baby. This isn't the silly battle of the ancients. The Continuum Vault is big league stuff. You don't even need to take my word for it. Search your very recent and no doubt numerous memories. If your enemies reach you before you can alakazam-boozle 'em, you're already dead.

- Aghanim

+2% Spell Amp 4 200/300/300/2000

I see you've got your eyes on that 2% Spell Amplification. Am I right in thinking someone's not packing enough punch to stay in the game? Well, we can fix that friend. We can fix that indeed.

- Aghanim

+5% Debuff Duration 3 200/600/1400

I like this request. Simple. Effective. Completely within my powers to grant.

- Aghanim

+1s Invulnerability After Death 2 600/1200

1 extra second of invulnerability after respawning? That sounds amazing! I mean, the dying part isn't great. Don't do that. But if you do, make sure to be invulnerable for a really long time after.

- Aghanim

+15 Movespeed After Death 3 600/600/1400

You know my feelings on dying. better you than me. But still pretty bad even when it's you. Because I've got to find another you. And that's a hassle none of us want. So why not take a little boost and get 15 extra speed while you're invulnerable after respawning. Do us both a favor. A second favor. In addition to the whole 'helping me save reality' thing.

- Aghanim

+10 Attack Speed After Death 4 600/600/800/1400

It's natural after someone kills you to want to roll around on the ground crying about it. But a better idea is to juice yourself up with 10 Attack Speed during your post-spawn invulnerability, and just wreck anyone who thought to put you in your obviously appropriate place.

- Aghanim

+5% Potion Mana 3 1000/1400/1400

Every wizard remembers the first time they ran out of mana. And every great wizard remembers the last time they ran out. Because, you know, they made sure it didn't happen again. I only clarify that last part because it I realize it could sound like they remember the last time it happened because the last time it happened was recently or something like that. But it wasn't. It was a very, very long time ago. And it was barely even a thing. Nothing bad happened, and there were even a few laughs. Everyone walked away a better person, too. Which is what's really important.

- Aghanim

+4% Damage when low 2 1400/1400

You've got that 'never say die' look about you. I can see it in your eyes. When the chips are down, that's your time. That's when you unleash the beast. That beast that feasts on all other beasts. Even the big, scary beasts that we trust are not hunting to kill us at this very moment. None of them can sniff your beast's droppings. No, not with your beast appearing when your health drops below 20% to dish out extra damage. In fact, the only knock on your wonderful beast is that it doesn't stick around all the time. It's just so much cooler and deadlier than you.

- Aghanim

+50 Gold 4 300/800/1400/2000

How imaginative you are. No one has ever asked for gold before. We better be careful here or this could start a dangerous trend.

- Aghanim

10% Bottle Movement Speed 1 1400

Don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't juggle multiple mundane tasks while sprinting through the Continuum Vault, you're going to die even faster than I-- I mean, all of the other Aghanims thought.

- Aghanim

+4% Damage on Stunned Enemies 1 600

If there's one thing I know about battle, it's that it's really easy to win if you completely disable your opponent right from the start. They really hate it, as you might expect, but the best part is that you don't have to care about what they think. They're about to be dead!

- Aghanim

5% Oracle discount 1 2000

Only a moron pays full price at that idiot fortune teller's stall. You have to demand a discount. Obviously I'm not expected to pay at all, but for you he might go as high as 5%.

- Aghanim

5% Roshan discount 1 1400

All those other idiots fighting Roshan to gain immortality, take note. Diplomacy is such a lost art. But not for Roshan. He's old school. Really, really old school. was probably a poor quality education. I mean, stealing from a shopkeeper? What a rube!

- Aghanim


Name Activity Battle Points
LOOK AT YOU! Defeat Aghanim in Apprentice Level Aghanim's Labyrinth 500
THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE-ISH! Defeat Aghanim in Magician Level Aghanim's Labyrinth 1000
ONE FINAL TEST REMAINS! Defeat Aghanim in Sorcerer Level Aghanim's Labyrinth 2000
AGHANIM THE PROUD Defeat Aghanim in Grand Magus Level Aghanim's Labyrinth 3000
THE APEX MAGE Defeat Aghanim in Apex Mage Level Aghanim's Labyrinth 5000
  • The achievements are hidden but will trigger as soon as you completed the activity needed.


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"The Continuum Device, here all along. I knew Valora was lying when she said Mars destroyed you. Well, where and when should we go first?"




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