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This article is about the Aghanim's Blessing dropped by Roshan. For the store-bought version, see Aghanim's Blessing icon Aghanim's Blessing.

Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan is a Kill Reward item which can be dropped by Roshan icon Roshan on his third death onwards.

Roshan Drop
Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan
Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan icon
The scepter of a wizard with demigod-like powers.
Roshan Drop
Cost - Gold
Sell Value No Unsellable
Active Ability Upgrade
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Destroyable Yes
Usage Alert ? No
Kill Rewards
Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan

Additional Information[]

  • On his third death and onwards, Roshan icon Roshan drops the Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan as a third item if he was slain in the Dire pit. In the Radiant pit, he drops a Refresher Shard icon Refresher Shard instead.
  • Adds 5800 Gold networth to the hero consuming the item.


Ability Upgrade
No Target
Upgrades the ultimate, and some abilities, of all heroes.
Modifiers [?]

  • Interrupts the caster's channeling abilities upon cast.
    • Ability Upgrade is not activated until consumed.
  • When a hero has an upgrade available, the item's and the upgraded ability's tooltip state what exactly is upgraded.
  • A hero may only consume Aghanim's Blessing of any type once.
    • If the hero already has the Aghanim's Blessing buff, they cannot consume this item.
    • Once consumed the item remains factored into the hero's net worth (+5800 Gold) and Gold Gold per minute.
  • Unit-targeted abilities with Aghanim's Scepter upgrades that are reflected by Spell Reflection depend on whether the reflecting hero has Aghanim's Shard, not the original caster of the reflected ability.


  • When selecting Roshan, this item can be seen in his inventory.


Recent Changes[]

  • The Aghanim's Blessing dropped by Roshan icon Roshan is now a separate item, Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan icon Aghanim's Blessing - Roshan
    • Must be actively used by the player to consume. Cannot be consumed if the hero already has the Aghanim's Blessing buff.
    • Cannot be sold. Can fully be shared with allies.
  • Reduced Default recipe icon Recipe cost from 1800 Gold to 1600 Gold (total cost decreases from 6000 Gold to 5800 Gold).
  • Reduced Default recipe icon Recipe cost from 2000 Gold to 1800 Gold (total cost decreases from 6200 Gold to 6000 Gold).