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Aegis of the Immortal
Aegis of the Immortal icon.png
The Immortal was said to own a shield that protected him from death itself.
Roshan Drop
Passive [?] Reincarnation
Bonus [?]
Alert allies? No
Aegis of the Immortal
For the physical trophy awarded after The International, see Aegis of Champions.

The ▶️ Aegis of the Immortal is an item which is dropped by Roshan icon.png Roshan on his first death and onwards.

Additional Information[]

  • The Aegis of the Immortal cannot be dropped or sold.
  • The Aegis disappears when one of the following happens, be it in a player's inventory, or still on the ground where Roshan dropped it:
    • Roshan respawns 8–11 minutes after being slain.
    • The Aegis wielder dies and reincarnates, using up the Aegis.
    • Five minutes pass since the Aegis was picked up by a hero.
      • This means it is impossible for multiple Aegis to exist in a match.


Brings you to life with full health and mana 5 seconds after you die, at the location where you died.

Reincarnation must be used within 5 minutes or Aegis of the Immortal disappears. If it expires, it will heal you over 5 seconds (dispels on damage).
Effect Delay: 5
Expire Max Health Restored per Second: 20%
Expire Max Mana Restored per Second: 20%
Expire Restore Duration: 5
Buff modifier_aegis_regen: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • Reincarnation cannot be prevented in any way. If a hero dies with it, it is used.
    • If the wielder has a Reincarnation ability, the ability triggers first if it is usable.
  • Revives with full health and mana. Spells and items are not refreshed.
  • Provides 1800/800 ground vision at the death location during its delay.
  • When Roshan reclaims the Aegis, the wielding hero is granted health and mana regeneration for a short duration.
    • Can regenerate up to 100% of the hero's max health and mana over its full duration.
    • The hero's max health and mana are checked periodically and the values adapted instantly.
  • Damage greater than 0 from any player (including allies, excluding self) or Roshan icon.png Roshan dispels the effect.
    • Does not get dispelled by damage flagged as HP Removal.


According to the characters in the Dota 2 Comic "Are We Heroes Yet" Roshan stole the Aegis of the Immortal from a Shop Keeper whom he killed. The Gods then cursed Roshan to have his life and treasure stolen repeatedly as punishment for his crime.[1]


  • Aegis was previously an ordinary recipe item that contained three charges. After it was removed, it was then obtainable as a droppable item from Roshan.
  • In Greek mythology, an aegis that was described as "ageless and immortal" was presented to Zeus.



Recent Changes[]

  • Reincarnation expire regeneration
    • No longer has a 20 minimum damage threshold to get dispelled.
    • No longer has a special rule for getting dispelled by regular attacks. [?]
    • Now gets dispelled by damage after all reductions, instead of before. [?]
    • Now only gets dispelled by player-based and Roshan-based damage, instead of any source.