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For the in-game item, see Aegis of the Immortal.
Aegis of Champions
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The Aegis of Champions is a physical trophy that is awarded to the winners of The International tournament. It was forged out of bronze and silver by Weta Workshop in 2012. The reverse side of the trophy is engraved with the names and handles of each player on the winning team of The International each year.


The Aegis of Champions is the ultimate symbol of victory in the epic struggle between Dire and Radiant. Never given, only earned, the shield is hefted by those who best prove themselves in the great tournament.

The Aegis was based on Norse and Chinese designs. Its central relief depicts lane creeps from the Radiant icon Radiant and the Dire icon Dire.


Tournament Winner
The International 2022 Tundra Esports Tundra Esports United Kingdom
The International 2021 Team Spirit Team Spirit Russia
The International 2019 OG OG Europe
The International 2018 OG OG Europe
The International 2017 Team Liquid Team Liquid Europe
The International 2016 Wings Gaming Wings Gaming China
The International 2015 Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses United States
The International 2014 Newbee Newbee China
The International 2013 Alliance Alliance Sweden
The International 2012 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming China
The International 2011 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere1 Ukraine
1 The Aegis had not yet been created during The International 2011.

Miniature Collector's Editions[]


Miniature Aegis of Champions 2020


Miniature Aegis of Champions 2019


Miniature Aegis of Champions 2018


Miniature Aegis of Champions 2017




  • Players who owned an International Compendium 2015 above level 1,000 could register to receive, for free, a 1/5th scale replica of the Aegis in the mail.
  • This edition is inscribed with the year 2015.
  • This edition is tinted gold to match the color scheme of The International 2015.
  • This edition is made of alloy and coated with antique brass plating.




  • The Aegis took over 300 hours to create.
  • The Aegis is primarily made from cold cast bronze inlaid with hand-tooled leather.
  • The Aegis can be seen in-game at the Fountain in each base. Clicking on the Aegis will display the members from past winning teams of The International.

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