Admiral's Prow

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Admiral's Prow
Cosmetic icon Admiral's Prow.png
Kunkka icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Head

Taken as tribute from the head of a defeated captain after the first battle of Trembling isles, the Admiral's Prow is one of Kunkka's proudest war trophies, and a hat worthy of a master sailor.
Created By
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This item was never made available. It was originally intended to form a set, along with Old Ironsides Gauntlet and Old Ironsides Pauldrons. After Admiral's Prow was pulled from the game, the remaining set pieces were distributed freely through drops.

This item was supposed to grant Kunkka a custom teleport animation.

Unofficial Set Items[edit]

Admiral's Prow
Admiral's Prow

Custom teleport animation (unreleased)[edit]

Admiral's Prow Teleport.gif