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Acid Jungles
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Heroes Venomancer minimap icon.png Venomancer
Places Jidi Isle
Bay of Fradj
Species Spitterpede
Fradjan Moth
Cosmetics Splattering Forcipule

The Acid Jungles is a biosphere, located on the Jidi Isle, across the Bay of Fradj. It is a large biome, well over two leagues in diameter. Highly venomous creatures have evolved in the jungle, making it a very dangerous place. The herbalist Lesale once attempted to explore the jungles, but was stung by a poisonous reptile, which transformed him into the Venomancer minimap icon.png Venomancer.[1]


Bioluminescent vines are common in the Acid Jungles, and produce a sort of caustic sap which drip from its leaves. Epiphytes can be found on and around trees. Armored orchids also grow in the jungle, and produce nectar useful to apothecaries. The many plants of the Acid Jungle provide a wealth of pharmaceutical potential, and it is this reason that led Lesale to enter the jungles in the first place.[1]


The use of venom has evolved in many creatures of the Acid Jungle. One such creature, a reptile disguised as an epiphyte, stung Lesale and began his transformation into the Venomancer. Spitterpedes inhabit the jungle, hunting prey with projectile venom. The Splattering Forcipule, a distant relative of the Spitterpedes, anchors itself in damp crevices and between roots, killing and melting prey by spitting venom, then absorbing the nutrients from the corpse through their subterranean root-tendrils.[2] The Fradjan Moth also inhabits the jungle, forming cocoons inside its many orchid species.[3]

Some organisms in the jungle are known to burrow to avoid predators.[1]

The Venomancer[]

Seeking new herbal essences, the herbalist Lesale crossed the Bay of Fradj to investigate the plants of the Acid Jungle. After being stung by a poisonous reptile, he quickly concocted an antidote from the nectar of an armored orchid, and the venom of the reptile itself. This antidote did not cure him, but instead, sent him into a seventeen year long coma. The combination of venom and nectar began to transform his flesh. He was reborn as the Venomancer, a snake-like being with extremely potent toxins. How much of his human mind remains is uncertain.[1]


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