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Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus
The Font of Avernus is the source of a family's strength, a crack in primal stones from which vapors of prophetic power have issued for generations. Each newborn of the cavernous House Avernus is bathed in the black mist, and by this baptism they are given an innate connection to the mystic energies of the land. They grow up believing themselves fierce protectors of their lineal traditions, the customs of the realm—but what they really are protecting is the Font itself. And the motives of the mist are unclear.

When the infant Abaddon was bathed in the Font, they say something went awry. In the child's eyes there flared a light of comprehension that startled all present and set the sacerdotes to whispering. He was raised with every expectation of following the path all scions of Avernus took—to train in war, that in times of need he might lead the family's army in defense of the ancestral lands. But Abaddon was always one apart. Where others trained with weapons, he bent himself to meditation in the presence of the mist. He drank deep from the vapors that welled from the Font, learning to blend his spirit with the potency that flowed from far beneath the House; he became a creature of the black mist.

There was bitterness within the House Avernus—elders and young alike accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities. But all such accusations stopped when Abaddon rode into battle, and they saw how the powers of the mist had given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had ever known.

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Illus. Chase Stone
As a child I was baptized in the Font of Avernus... its black mist embracing me... enveloping me... becoming one with me. As a man I have wielded its power to defend the House of Avernus, and build a legacy that will never be forgotten. But rumors have reached my ears... rumors that indicate that my familiar font is not the only source of the mist... if this is true I must find it and consume it. For its blessings must remain mine alone.
Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

Associated with
Heroes Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png Nyx Assassin
Factions House Avernus
Places Font of Avernus
Gods Nyx
  • Abaddon possess at least one of the three blades of Avernus, the Mistbreaker.[1]
  • Due to his connection with the Font of Avernus, Abaddon is hated even by the immortal demons of hell.[2]
  • Abaddon appears to have an antagonistic relationship with Nyx. He claims to have defeated several of her emissaries in the past.[3] The Nyx Assassin also loathes Abaddon.[4]

Friendships and Rivalries[]

Allies meeting Abaddon

Enemies killing Abaddon

Enemies meeting Abaddon

  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon.png r Cute horse. I'm going to take it.
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon.png r If I pierce you, Abaddon, does the font flow dry?


Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

  • Aphotic Shield Aphotic Shield
    Artifact Card Game Spell Card
    Aphotic Shield Artifact.png
    Illus. Chase Stone
    Those with the gall to strike at the Lord of Avernus will pay for their transgressions.
    Abaddon, Imbued By The Mist
  • Unknown icon.png Avernus' Blessing
    Artifact Card Game Improvement Card
    Avernus' Blessing Artifact.png
    Illus. Livia Prima
    If Abaddon isn't willing to share the mist of Avernus, I'll just have to find a way to take it.
    Traxex on her quest for power
  • Unknown icon.png Mist of Avernus
    Artifact Card Game Improvement Card
    Mist of Avernus Artifact.png
    Illus. Joseph Meehan
    True power awaits those who bathe in the Mist of Avernus...
    Abaddon, Keeper of the Mist of Avernus
  • Unknown icon.png Divine Intervention
    Artifact Card Game Spell Card
    Divine Intervention Artifact.png
    Illus. Wisnu Tan
    The Allseeing one will never forsake His agents.
    Omniknight, Soldier of the Divine


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