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Known Bugs


Mist Coil[]

Self-deny response playing when killed by Mist Coil
Abaddon's special self-deny responses play upon getting killed by an enemy Abaddon's Mist Coil, instead of only playing when dying to its self-damage.
17 January 2017

Mist Coil's tooltip uses one line for its damage and heal
The heal and damage are displayed in a single trait in the tooltip. This line does consider spell damage amplification. While correct regarding the damage, this is incorrect for the heal, as heals are not affected by spell damage amplification. The heal should be in a separate line with static numbers.
12 February 2017

Aphotic Shield[]

Aphotic Shield malfunctions when combined with Borrowed Time aura or Ghostship rum
When a unit is affected by Borrowed Time's Aghanim's Scepter aura, or by Ghostship's rum, Aphotic Shield does not block any damage for them. However, the shield still loses capacity before it gets reduced by the afformentioned two spells, so that it gets wasted.
Living Armor has this same issue with Borrowed Time aura/Ghostship rum as well.
17 January 2017

Aphotic Shield's tooltip doesn't show its damage type and is missing a line about its damage values
The shield deals damage, but its damage type is not listed in the header of the tooltip. Furthermore, there is no line for Aphotic Shield's area damage. Since the area damage is independent from the shield health, and is affected by spell damage amplification (unlike shield health), it should have its own line which can show amplified values.
12 February 2017

Curse of Avernus[]

Borrowed Time[]

Borrowed Time cannot be shift-queued
Borrowed Time has the DOTA_ABILITY_BEHAVIOR_IGNORE_PSEUDO_QUEUE flag, which allows the spell to be cast while stunned. However, that flag also removes the ability to shift-queue the spell.
Morph, Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Enrage and Nightmare End also have this issue.
28 June 2017


Mistral's chin is attached to the horse's throat, making it stretch heavily
The Mistral mount of Abaddon has its chin glued to its throat/chest, so that it stretches heavily during some animations. This is probably because the 2 joints in that region have not been placed properly for the model. The joints go right through its extended chin.
27 March 2017