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AS Monaco Gambit (formerly known as Gambit Gaming, Gambit Esports) is a Russian esports organization owned by MTS.[1]


  • January 4th - yy leaves to join Winstrike Team.[2]
  • January 6th - xannii and Accell join the team.[3]
  • January 8th - Accell is replaced by Blizzy.[4]
  • February 9th - Gambit Esports enters a partnership with AS Monaco. The team rebranded to AS Monaco Gambit.[5]
  • February 11th - A new roster is announced consisting of the current Live to Win's roster and No[o]ne joins as a stand-in.[6] The former team continued to play together under the name of Gambit-2.[7]
  • April 5th - No[o]ne becomes a full member.[8]
  • May 25th - No[o]ne and SoNNeikO leave the team.[9]
  • May 27th - Lorenof joins the team.[citation needed]
  • June 14th - eine joins the team.[10]
  • July 15th - dream` is moved from the active roster while eine leaves the team.[11]

  • February 4th - fn will stand-in for the team, while gpk is benched.[12]
  • February 27th - gpk returns to the active roster.[13]
  • May 23rd - Shachlo is benched while fng joins Alliance on loan.[14]
  • September 2nd - The team parts ways with fng.[15]
  • October 20th - yy, Lorenof, meLes and eine join the team.[16] dream` and gpk are benched.[17]
  • November 1st - gpk leaves to join VP.Prodigy.[18]

  • April 15th - fng and Immersion officially join the team.[19]
  • May 15th - VANSKOR transferred to Team Spirit.[20]
  • May 19th - KingR transferred to Team Empire.[21]
  • August 12th - Afoninje and boolk leave the team.[22]
  • August 22nd - gpk joins the team.[23]
  • September 4th - Immersion joins Positive Guys.[24]
  • September 27th - dream` joins the team.[25]
  • September 29th - The roster for the upcoming season is announced.[26]
  • October 24th - Immersion is transferred to Team Spirit[27]
  • November 28th - Daxak and AfterLife are transferred to Winstrike Team[28]

  • February 1st - G and VANSKOR are registered for the upcoming DPC tournaments.[29] Cooman officially joins Effect.[30]
  • February 3rd - The new roster is officially announced. ALWAYSWANNAFLY moves to the substitute position.[31]
  • February 5th - ALWAYSWANNAFLY is registered with new stack.[32]
  • February 27th - G leaves to join Team Spirit.[33]
  • April 18th - VANSKOR and chshrct leave to join Double Dimension.[34]
  • June 27th - Gambit releases its Dota roster.[35]
  • October 5th - Gambit signs ferzee.[36]
  • December 25th - fng and Immersion join the roster on loan.[37] They replace VANSKOR and KingR, who are benched.

  • May 23rd - Gambit signs the full roster of Thug Life.[38]
  • November 20th - Cooman is put on the transfer list and is moved out from the starting line-up.[39]

  • Roster[]


    ID Name Position Join Date
    Ukraine Lorenof Artem Melnick 2 2021-05-27
    Russia AfterLife Vasilii Shishkin 3 2021-02-11
    Russia Immersion Aleksandr Khmelevskoi 4 2021-02-11


    Inactive Players
    ID Name Position Join Date Inactive Date Active Team
    Kyrgyzstan dream` Kiyalbek Tayirov 1 2021-02-11 2021-07-15

    Former Players[]

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    Former Players
    ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
    Russia eine Albert Garayev 5 2021-06-14 2021-07-15
    Former Players
    ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
    Ukraine No[o]ne Vladimir Minenko 2 2021-02-11 2021-05-25 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere
    Russia SoNNeikO Captain Akbar Butaev 5 2021-02-11 2021-05-25 Natus Vincere Natus Vincere
    Former Squad
    ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
    Russia xannii Arslan Shadzhanov 1 2021-01-06[3] 2021-02-11[7] Gambit-2 Gambit-2
    Ukraine Lorenof Artem Melnick 2 2020-10-20[16] 2021-02-11[7] Gambit-2 Gambit-2
    Kyrgyzstan Blizzy Evgenii Ree 3 2021-01-06[4] 2021-02-11[7] Gambit-2 Gambit-2
    Kazakhstan XSvamp1Re Danial Alibaev 4 2019-09-29[26] 2021-02-11[7] Gambit-2 Gambit-2
    Russia eine Albert Garayev 5 2020-10-20[16] 2021-02-11[7] Gambit-2 Gambit-2


    Help needed. This section is outdated information, or has not been updated in a while.
    Please check the content of this article and update it as required.
    Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
    2017-05-27 A55th - 6th LootBet Invitational 1 : 2  Alliance Alliance $0


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