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  • ▶️ Why is everyone always on about the bag?
  • ▶️ There was once a little bag and inside of this little bag was a great big battle of the Ancients.
  • ▶️ I brought my own bag, wanna put this one in it?
  • ▶️ I hope I don't get no lag, 'cause I think this one's in the bag.

Начало битвы[править]

  • ▶️ Ain't even started and I'm already stuffed.
  • ▶️ Time to gather some materials.
  • ▶️ To think all the new friends I'll make along the way.
  • ▶️ It's days like today make me feel like a real butcher.
  • ▶️ Forgive me sins, but look it all begins.
  • ▶️ Welcome to my playground.


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  • ▶️ п Nice horsey.
  • ▶️ п Making gold obviously overrated.
  • ▶️ п Well don't look like soft cream if you don't want tasting!
  • ▶️ п You must have a messed up childhood.
  • ▶️ п Go and play with yourself.
  • ▶️ п We'll call that Goodkind's last yarn.
  • ▶️ п Nightmares are just really exciting dreams.
  • ▶️ п Sorry, Batrider. You seemed the playful type.
  • ▶️ п All this fur will come in handy.
  • ▶️ п I told ya, I got no blood.
  • ▶️ п Sorry, Bounty Hunter. I thought you were a cat.
  • ▶️ п Ya know how long it takes to get beer smell out?
  • ▶️ п Oh, these quills will do nicely.
  • ▶️ п Makes me wonder about me own mum.
  • ▶️ п If only I could figure out how to harvest this thread.
  • ▶️ п Glue's a really important part of my process, Centaur, so thanks.
  • ▶️ п I thought I hit the horsey jackpot, but chaos glue just won't hold.
  • ▶️ п I can't be compelled Chen, I do what I wanna.
  • ▶️ п Go away, go away!
  • ▶️ п Skoop the inside out and you got a nice little puppet.
  • ▶️ п Before ya go, can you make me a snowman?
  • ▶️ п Tell you what brains are worth.
  • ▶️ п I'm the rarest toy there is. Hands off!
  • ▶️ п You make a great plush, bright colors and all.
  • ▶️ п Somethin' bout this feels wrong, but she was trying to kill me.
  • ▶️ п Electric toys? Never heard of such a thing.
  • ▶️ п See where that doom and gloom ever will get ya?
  • ▶️ п You saw the flames, it was 'im or me.
  • ▶️ п I'm also a therapist.
  • ▶️ п You and me aren't so different. Except you're broken.
  • ▶️ п Scissors beats rock today!
  • ▶️ п Flames! Why is it always got to be flames?
  • ▶️ п You can't make me like you!
  • ▶️ п Can you even believe you got beat by a toy?
  • ▶️ п Eeh, before you go, what does color taste like you think?
  • ▶️ п Let me teach you a little something about arts and crafts.
  • ▶️ п Oh man, it's broken. I really wanted to try this thing.
  • ▶️ п You been pissin' me off all day.
  • ▶️ п I hooked runes before, so I guess this shouldn't surprise me.
  • ▶️ п I can endure the entitled ones, but you're on another level.
  • ▶️ п Sorry, it was lose-lose for me, or lose-lose for you.
  • ▶️ п Guess you were just playing at being a swordsman, heh heh heh heh.
  • ▶️ п Make way for the younger generation.
  • ▶️ п Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat, ha ha ha ha, now you try. Oh.
  • ▶️ п Take that, ballsy boots!
  • ▶️ п I'd make fun of you if it killed ya. Oh, it did.
  • ▶️ п You died happy. Or at least with a smile on his face. Or maybe that was his grimace.
  • ▶️ п I just got my first taste of life, you ain't taking it!
  • ▶️ п Is anyone not on fire in this stupid place?
  • ▶️ п If only you'd learned to lighten up, Lion. No one likes extremists.
  • ▶️ п Are teddy bears a thing in these parts? All the rage where I come from. Yours has seen better days though.
  • ▶️ п Keep your claws to yerself, kitty!
  • ▶️ п For the last time, I'm not a chew toy!
  • ▶️ п I could've been useful! That's what you get for not giving me a chance.
  • ▶️ п We'll.. blame this on Zeus.
  • ▶️ п Pitiable and all, but what can be done?
  • ▶️ п I haven't been here that long, but you got a reputation. Well, you had one.
  • ▶️ п What can I see, cats like me, but I don't like cats.
  • ▶️ п Guess we've different meanings for mischief.
  • ▶️ п I'm just ruined! Well not as bad as you, but still.
  • ▶️ п That's what you get for trying to prove yourself to the ungrateful.
  • ▶️ п Ooh, I got sap all over me shears.
  • ▶️ п Some folk just ain't worth a quip.
  • ▶️ п I'm the king of scary bedtime stories.
  • ▶️ п You think a few pin pricks are gonna hurt me?
  • ▶️ п I guess playtime's over.
  • ▶️ п I don't know much about gods, Omniknight, but I don't think yours is working.
  • ▶️ п Before you die, am I ever get to Quoidge?
  • ▶️ п Oh wow, that was a scary death rattle. It almost sounded like he was trying to say something important.
  • ▶️ п I thought he was a puppet. Sure looked like one.
  • ▶️ п Just think, in another reality, you're maladjusted at all.
  • ▶️ п That's what you get for always getting me hopes up.
  • ▶️ п Nothing to like about you, Phoenix.
  • ▶️ п What's wrong? Don't like my games, Puck?
  • ▶️ п What a foul little brat, and I've met a few.
  • ▶️ п Just another family establishment.
  • ▶️ п Just shut up, Razor. No one understands what you are talking about.
  • ▶️ п ?. All you kids forced to grow up so darn fast.
  • ▶️ п You can run from the truth, but not from me hook.
  • ▶️ п I'll never gonna get the sand out of me stuffin. Time for some scrap huntin'.
  • ▶️ п Look, I know a thing or two about piecemeal construction, and you did a terrible job. Just hideous.
  • ▶️ п Has a demon ever had an honest friendship? It always seemed transactional.
  • ▶️ п Stuffed chicken's hilarious and all, but enough is enough.
  • ▶️ п I'll be seen and heard.
  • ▶️ п Let me guess, all your favorite toys were educational.
  • ▶️ п Reminds me of a rubber ducky.
  • ▶️ п Guess all you needed was some tough love.
  • ▶️ п All I ever wanted was a cookie.
  • ▶️ п What's wrong? Gun jammed? Heh heh heh.
  • ▶️ п I speak the universal language of hugs.
  • ▶️ п Nothing is gonna kill this smile.
  • ▶️ п I was just trying to separate ya.
  • ▶️ п Hah haah, that was a fun game. Wanna try again?
  • ▶️ п The right tool for cuttin' is scissors, not some silly sword.
  • ▶️ п Demons. Got no use for 'em.
  • ▶️ п It's gonna take me all day to dry out.
  • ▶️ п I'm not the one who made you like this, Rizzrack. Well, I made you dead but you know what I mean.
  • ▶️ п You shot that right through me, jerk.
  • ▶️ п What's a rock gonna do to me? Don't matter how big.
  • ▶️ п If you woulda just let me have a climb, we woulda been alright!
  • ▶️ н Who's a cranky pants?
  • ▶️ п Who's a cranky pants?
  • ▶️ п Heh heh, sorry Tusk, some bar fights get me a bit rowdy.
  • ▶️ п Who hurt you anyway, Underlord?
  • ▶️ п Maybe I don't fit in anywhere.
  • ▶️ п We're not the same at all!
  • ▶️ п Don't worry, Ursa, I won't hurt the cub, we'll have grand ol' time.
  • ▶️ п I thought all you needed was a hug. Well, I guess this is the only way.
  • ▶️ п I don't work like normal folks, snake face.
  • ▶️ п My opposable thumbs may be fake, but at least I got 'em.
  • ▶️ п Didn't think the likes of you took much interest in constructs.
  • ▶️ п Well, Inai does rhyme with "die".
  • ▶️ п That demon isn't your toy, Warlock, no matter what you've trained it to believe.
  • ▶️ п I woulda thought we'd be the best of friends, Weaver. What gives?
  • ▶️ п I overcame a traumatic birth, too. Sorry I had to kill ya.
  • ▶️ п If readin's so much fun, what ya doing out here?
  • ▶️ п I'm taking over the playful-yet-strangely-murderous space.
  • ▶️ п I ain't got no bones.
  • ▶️ п It's your fault Mars is like that, ya know.
  • ▶️ н You don't seem the playful type.
  • ▶️ н I like my work better, thank you very much.
  • ▶️ н Good think I ain't got a squeaker.
  • ▶️ н We coulda been a great team.
  • ▶️ н Shouldn't ya be hiding in some tree anyway?
  • ▶️ н Ya know a lot of people are afraid of birds. Don't make no sense.

Первая кровь

Встреча союзника[править]

Во время ранней игры, в радиусе 1000
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  • ▶️ п I can make a horsey, Abaddon, just... need a few parts.
  • ▶️ п Isn't it nice to have a friend?
  • ▶️ п What do you mean you don't hear any bells?
  • ▶️ п I know a lonely child when I see one, Anti-Mage! Come here.
  • ▶️ п You look stressed, wanna give a squeeze?
  • ▶️ п I don't worry about stains, Axe. Everything is replacable.
  • ▶️ п Why the long face, Bane?
  • ▶️ п Wow, mister, that's a real nice bat.
  • ▶️ п I can make friends, but not like you, Beastmaster.
  • ▶️ п We make a great team, cause I don't even tempt ya.
  • ▶️ п I wish you looked for me sometimes, Bounty Hunter.
  • ▶️ п Probably shouldn't have more than a thimble full.
  • ▶️ п Never seen a talking pin cushion.
  • ▶️ п Are you me mum? You don't look like me mum.
  • ▶️ п Just wait 'til they see me in the arena, Centaur.
  • ▶️ п Why so serious, Chaos Knight?
  • ▶️ п You look like a sourpuss, Chen.
  • ▶️ п Don't get too close, Clinkz. Fire hazard.
  • ▶️ п Ever tried soft armor, Clockwerk?
  • ▶️ п Wanna play, Rylai? I don't mind the cold.
  • ▶️ п Ya know a lot about war, Dark Seer, but what about fun?
  • ▶️ п Everything you say sounds real neat, Mireska.
  • ▶️ п Did you see any toys in the Nothl Realm, Dazzle?
  • ▶️ п Tell me a out your childhood, Death Prophet.
  • ▶️ п Wow, where did you get them sparks, Disruptor?
  • ▶️ п You look like you need a hug, Doom.
  • ▶️ п I made a dragon friend once. Burned himself up. Real shame.
  • ▶️ п All you needed was some bad toys, Drow, and you'd be just fine now.
  • ▶️ п Some of the best toys are made of rocks, ya know.
  • ▶️ п Hey, Earthshaker, I just thought of a real neat game. Wanna play?
  • ▶️ п Come here, Elder Titan, give me a hug.
  • ▶️ п Sorry, Xin, nothing personal, but I'll stay over here.
  • ▶️ п I'm pretty charming me-self, Enchantress.
  • ▶️ п I can make copies, Enigma, but it takes a lot longer than that.
  • ▶️ п What kind of toys they got in Claszureme anyway?
  • ▶️ п Oh, Grimstroke, perfect. Could you paint a little spot riight here?
  • ▶️ п Can I try that, Gyrocopter? Looks real neat.
  • ▶️ п I'm not supposed to play with the pyro-inclined.
  • ▶️ п Bleep bloop bloop bleep.
  • ▶️ п Embrace your inner child, Invoker, you'll thank me.
  • ▶️ п So what happens if you breathe into each other's mouths, Jakiro?
  • ▶️ п People who wear masks are the coolest!
  • ▶️ п So what happened to the Isle of Masks anyway? Did someone take their mask off?
  • ▶️ п I'll trade you this piece of a river bark for your horsey.
  • ▶️ п You're in luck, Kunkka. Playing pirate's one of my favorite games.
  • ▶️ п Even your games seem like work, Tresdin. What gives?
  • ▶️ п You know how to dance, Leshrac, but seem to hate fun. What's wrong anyway?
  • ▶️ п Why do I give a feelin' that smile of yours ain't a good thing?
  • ▶️ п We should find you a chew toy, Lifestealer.
  • ▶️ п Heh heh heh, guess I'll have to hope you're friendly fire.
  • ▶️ п Lighten up a bit, Lion, you might live longer.
  • ▶️ п That bear of yours gives me a great idea!
  • ▶️ п Sorry, Nova, you had your chances. Third strike, you're out.
  • ▶️ п Ya know how many fairytales feature wolves, Lycan? A lot. Feels unfair to me.
  • ▶️ п I heard you might have need of my services, Magnus.
  • ▶️ п Let me guess, Mars, your first toy was a real spear.
  • ▶️ п I know it's not much, Medusa, but have a hug.
  • ▶️ п You're hilarious, Meepo, don't know why everyone hates you.
  • ▶️ п Alright, Sagan, I'll give you another chance. But no claws this time!
  • ▶️ п Oh! Oh! turn into me next, Wukong!
  • ▶️ п Try not to splash me too much, Morphling, takes all day to dry.
  • ▶️ п Ya know any lullabies, Naga?
  • ▶️ п Can you show me how to make the trees grow, Prophet?
  • ▶️ п Who hurt you, Necrophos? Had to be something real bad.
  • ▶️ п Wanna go scare some folks, Night Stalker?
  • ▶️ п I like bugs!
  • ▶️ п You can squeeze me tight as you like, Ogre, won't hurt me none.
  • ▶️ п I'm guessing your parents didn't allow toys in the household, am I right, Omniknight?
  • ▶️ п Tell me, Oracle, am I ever gonna be a real butcher?
  • ▶️ п Yours is a culture devoid of fun, OD.
  • ▶️ п Ah yeah! Pango! Let's roll!
  • ▶️ п Everyone needs a friend sometimes, Mortred. Especially you lonely assassin types.
  • ▶️ п I had a fishing pole once, Azwraith, heh... uuh don't know what happened to it.
  • ▶️ п You're real cute and all, Phoenix, but I ought to be careful.
  • ▶️ п Take me to this Undertree, Puck. Sounds wonderful.
  • ▶️ п I always said toys could forge destinies. Now I got proof.
  • ▶️ п Any of your games a bit more G-rated, your highness?
  • ▶️ п Someone told me you're a cheater, Razor. Whadaya say to that?
  • ▶️ п Sure, I'll play hide and seek, Riki, but you gotta give me an advantage.
  • ▶️ п How is it so real, Rubick?
  • ▶️ п You almost had me fooled, Rubick. Heh heh heh heh heeh.
  • ▶️ п So, what can you tell me about castle building techniques, Sand King?
  • ▶️ п You're not fun at all, Shadow Demon.
  • ▶️ п We're just one letter from bestie, Shadow Fiend.
  • ▶️ п You don't have to be all alone, Shadow Shaman, I'm right here.
  • ▶️ п Wanna play a game, Silencer? Who can hold their breath longer?
  • ▶️ п Never seen someone could fly be so ornery.
  • ▶️ п Have you seen my rubber ducky, Slardar? I can't find it.
  • ▶️ п What do I have to stop that prison game of yours anyway, Slark?
  • ▶️ п I've been a very good boy, miss Snapfire. Can I have those cookies now?
  • ▶️ п You shoot something, Sniper, and I'll stuff it.
  • ▶️ п I'm sorry, miss, I didn't come up in a bilingual household.
  • ▶️ п You're not from around here, but we can still be friends, Spirit Breaker.
  • ▶️ п I got all the power I need, Storm Spirit, but thanks.
  • ▶️ п Whose toy did you play with as a little one, Sven?
  • ▶️ п I like the game, Techies, but what sort of buried treasure you talking about?
  • ▶️ п We don't got much in common, but how 'bout friends for a day?
  • ▶️ п Don't know what to say to demons. Our touchstones are just so far apart.
  • ▶️ п Can I make a likeness of you, Tidehunter? I think you'd be just perfect.
  • ▶️ п What you need, Rizzrack, is a good time, to take your mind of things.
  • ▶️ п You're not so different from my maker. Well, you're still alive, that's one thing.
  • ▶️ п Let's play airplane, Tiny, it's my turn!
  • ▶️ п Wanna make a fort, Treant?
  • ▶️ п I would play with you, Troll, but you seem like the sort that don't like to share.
  • ▶️ п Okay, Tusk, how's about you start your snowball at the top of a real big hill?
  • ▶️ п All work and no play makes Vrogros a dull boy.
  • ▶️ п You're confusing me with me namesake, Undying, but it's nice to meet ya.
  • ▶️ п I'm real good with cubs, Ursa, just sayin'.
  • ▶️ п I bet your sister was a real brat growing up, eh, Venge?
  • ▶️ п Whoever thinks about poison, Venomancer? Lighten up, some things are just for fun.
  • ▶️ п Are there craftmakers in your kind, Viper? I'm trying to imagine it, but it ain't easy.
  • ▶️ п Well, since we won't be meeting any other way, Visage, I'll just say, how do ya do?
  • ▶️ п Purple is a grand color. Really underappreciated if you ask me.
  • ▶️ п Can your pet come out and play, Warlock? He's more fun than you.
  • ▶️ п Wanna join me craft club, Weaver? It's just getting started.
  • ▶️ п I made a little sail boat once, but it didn't blow anywhere. Think you can help, Windranger?
  • ▶️ п Books ain't toys, Auroth, what's wrong with you?
  • ▶️ п Never been sick a day in my life, Witch Doctor. Wanna know me secret?
  • ▶️ п Tell me about your father, Ostarion. I get a feeling he was a real piece of work.
  • ▶️ п Eh, no thanks, Zeus. Your game's a bit too weird for me.
  • ▶️ н I saw you and Mars, what's that about?
  • ▶️ н Is it okay if I borrow some supplies from your workshop?
  • ▶️ н Good doggo!
  • ▶️ н I drew up some plans for some special operations. Wanna have a look?
  • ▶️ н I thought you were already stuffed.
  • ▶️ н You can't have any of me stuffin', no matter what ya need it for.


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13-ое добивание

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Получение специального предмета


Смерть от определённого героя



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Руна ускорения

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Руна иллюзий

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  • ▶️ п I knew there were more of me!
  • ▶️ п Hi, Pudge and Pudge, wanna be friends?
  • ▶️ п Three of me makes me as happy as I can be.

Руна невидимости

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Руна регенерации

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Две попытки в течение 10 секунд

Три и более попыток в течение 10 секунд

Нехватка маны[править]

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Две попытки в течение 10 секунд

Три и более попыток в течение 10 секунд

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Перезарядка 3 секунды

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Редкие фразы[править]

5 быстрых нажатий по герою Эти реплики представляют несколько монологов. Реплики в монологах идут друг за другом и не прерываются репликами из других монологов.
1-ый монолог

2-ой монолог

3-ий монолог

4-ый монолог

5-ый монолог

  • ▶️ They summoned an enchanter from Weeping Rose
  • ▶️ Though the journey would take months
  • ▶️ The girl's wishes were disclosed
  • ▶️ And the design would start at once
  • ▶️ With no restraints or words of caution
  • ▶️ The girl's plans flew with quite a clip
  • ▶️ Guided by stories of a never rotten
  • ▶️ My final patterns were resolved with a scissor's snip
  • ▶️ So when the enchanter at last at Krimwohl arrived
  • ▶️ The required vessel was well ahead prepared
  • ▶️ From the Pudge source tidbit, arcane makings were derived
  • ▶️ For not a single one amongst the lot had the wisdom to be scared
  • ▶️ I can tell you true of heart, I want only a hook, and smile to greet
  • ▶️ But if you bring the Pudge doll to life, don't be surprised when you end up... Fresh meat!

Реплики не из монологов

  • ▶️ Wanna snuggle?
  • ▶️ Feelin' lonely?
  • ▶️ I'm your best friend.
  • ▶️ I'm proud of ya, y'know.
  • ▶️ Give yerself a pat on the back, just for me.
  • ▶️ Carry your head high, mate.
  • ▶️ Throwing hooks is a lot of life. Sometimes you blind-hook their carry to death, and sometimes you have a Ravage-ready Tidehunter.

Реплики в чате[править]

Враг ушёл с линии

thx, thanks, ty, или если союзник применяет некоторые заклинания на игрока, перезарядка 30 секунд

/laugh, haha, lol, перезарядка 15 секунд

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Выпадение косметического предмета[править]



Rare и выше



Захват аванпоста



Колесо чата (Всем)

  • ▶️ н Just a bit of good clean fun.
  • ▶️ н Some ? just makes you sick.
  • ▶️ н What kind of game you think we were playing?
  • ▶️ н What can I say, a toy is true to its nature.
  • ▶️ н They don't make toys like me. See why?
  • ▶️ н All the best toys have sharp metal edges.
  • ▶️ н I'm gonna cut your throat there.
  • ▶️ н Gods you're dull, and I've got stuffing for brains.

Колесо чата (Добивание)

  • ▶️ н Don't make me stitch on me angry face.
  • ▶️ н It's all fun and games till someone gets their face ripped off.
  • ▶️ н Toys will be toys.

Колесо чата (Смех)

Колесо чата (Благодарность)