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The Hero infobox is used within hero pages to quickly convey core information, such hero's and other traits.

For translation, use {{Hero infobox wrapper}}.


Wild Template Hero
Unknown Hero icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
0 + 0
0 + 0
0 + 0
Уровень 0 1 15 25 30
Здоровье 200 200 200 440 480
+0.25 +0,25 +0,25 +1,45 +1,65
Мана 75 75 75 219 243
+0 +0 +0 +0,6 +0,7
Броня -1 −1 −1 1 1,33
Блок. урона -
Сопр. магии 25%
Сопр. эффектам 0%
Урон 1‒1 1‒1 1‒1 13‒13 15‒15
Атак/с 0,59 0,59 0,59 0,66 0,67
Дальность атаки Н 600 ( ? )
Скорость атаки 100 (1.7 с. БВА)
Анимация атаки 0.75+0
Скорость снаряда
Скорость передв. 300
Скорость повор. Требует 0,175 сек. чтобы развернуться на 180°. 0.6
Размер столкн. 24
Дальность обзора (Н) 1800 • 1800
Ног 2
Тип ошмётков Обычные
Улучшения спос.
Может быть улучшена с помощью Aghanim's Scepter.
Может быть улучшена с помощью Aghanim's Shard.
Нет улучшения скипетра
Нет улучшения осколка

To implement the infobox, add {{Hero infobox}} to the top of a page. You should probably set some unit specific parameters. Use the following syntax to add each attribute/traits and its values with | attribute = value, and the following preset:

{{Hero infobox
| title = 
| icon = 
| image = 
| primary attribute = 
| strength = 
| strength growth = 
| agility = 
| agility growth = 
| intelligence = 
| intelligence growth = 
| attack damage min = 
| attack damage max = 
| health regen = 
| mana regen = 
| armor = 
| magic resistance = <!-- has a default value of 25% -->
| movement speed = 
| turn rate = 
| attack range = 
| range type = 
| attack point = 
| attack backswing = 
| base attack time = 
| projectile speed = <!-- Defaults to Instant with a tooltip for Melee Heroes -->
| sight range day = 
| sight range night = 
| collision size = 
| legs = 
| gib type = 
| aghanimsupgrade = 
| aghshard = 


Attribute Description
Note: Health, mana, mana regeneration and attacks per second are all calculated automatically.
title Hero name, defaults to BASEPAGENAME.
primary attribute Valid parameters are strength, agility, intelligence.
A hero's base strength value.
strength growth The rate at which a hero's strength increases.
A hero's base agility value.
agility growth The rate at which a hero's agility increases.
A hero's base intelligence.
intelligence growth The rate at which a hero's intelligence increases.
attack damage min1 A hero's minimum base attack damage.
attack damage max1 A hero's maximum base attack damage.
health regen Defaults to 0.25.
mana regen Defaults to 0.
armor1 Defaults to -1.
magic resistance Defaults to 25%.
status resistance Defaults to 0%.
movement speed A hero's base movement speed.
turn rate The rate which determines how long a hero needs to turn 180°.
range type Valid parameters are Melee or Ranged. This parameters also toggles Damage Block values, acquisition range and projectile speed.
attack range The range in which a hero can attack.
attack point The length of the animation just before an attack.
attack backswing The length of the animation just after an attack.
base attack time Base Attack Time: the period at which a hero attacks.
projectile speed The speed at which a hero's projectile travels. Ближний бой Melee heroes defaults to Instant.
sight range day The range in which a hero sees during the day.
sight range night The range in which a hero sees during the night.
collision size The hero's collision size.
legs This value follows according to the Official Dota2 game database.
Gib Type See page for for details.
aghanimsupgrade Hero ability that is upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter.
aghshard Hero ability that is upgradeable by Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard.
1 Calculate values automatically for the following levels, Base (level 0), Level 1, Level 15, Level 25 and Level 30.

There is an optional attribute that is only necessary when including this template on a page that is not a Hero page, and should not be set when this template is used on a Hero page.

Attribute Description
title The English name of the hero. (On hero pages, the name of the hero is defaulted as BASEPAGENAME if not given.)
structure Specify how the infobox is related to the page. Defaults to main (means it is the main infobox of the page and all semantic properties will be included). If the infobox is not the main part of the page, define hidden.
game Specify when the unit is part of a custom or seasonal game. Defaults to empty (means the standard Dota 2 game).

Custom Game Support

Since custom games may have differently scaling stats, the template supports customizing stats like health, mana, armor, attack damage, etc gain per attribute point.

Do not use these properties on the default Dota2 hero pages.

Attribute Description Default Values
health Customize the base health amount. 200
custom bonus health Customize the health gain per strength point. 20
custom bonus health regen Customize the health regen gain per strength point. 0.1
mana Customize the base mana amount. 75
custom bonus mana Customize the mana gain per intelligence point. 12
custom bonus mana regen Customize the mana regen gain per intelligence point. 0.05
custom bonus spell damage Customize the spell damage bonus per intelligence point. %
custom bonus armor Customize the armor bonus per agility point. 0.17
attack speed Customize the base attack speed amount.
custom bonus attack speed Customize the attack speed bonus per agility point. 1
custom bonus attack damage Customize the attack damage bonus per primary attribute. 1