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Управление в Dota 2 может быть настроено в настройках игры.

Горячие клавиши[]

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Управление существами[]

Unit highlighting

Союзные существа подсвечиваются зеленым и вражеские красным при наведении курсора.
Зеленое свечение меняется синим, когда в настройках включен режим цветовой слепоты.

  • Левая Кнопка Мыши выбирает юнита. Если юнит выбираемый, он получает зеленое свечение (синие в режиме цветовой слепоты) если он союзник, красное свечение если на врага навести мышь.
  • Перемещением с левой кнопкой мыши создается квадрат выбора. При перемещении мыши, все существа игрока в этом квадрате будут выбраны.
  • Shift + левая кнопка мыши добавляет юнита в группу выбора. Нажатие на юнита, которые уже в группе убирает его из нее.
  • Правая кнопка мыши по земле заставляет всех выбранных существ передвигаться в точку, если туда возможно пройти.
  • Правая кнопка мыши на врагов заставляет всех выбранных существ атаковать цель, если это возможно.
  • Правая кнопка мыши на союзника заставляет всех выбранных существ следовать за целью, если это возможно.
  • Shift + ЛКМ/ПКМ добавляет действие в очередь. Действия будут выполняться по очереди, по окончании другой будет выполняться другая.
  • Ctrl + правая кнопка мыши отправляет всех подконтрольных существ в эту точку.
  • Нажатие Esc если выбранное существо не под контролем, то переключает на предыдущее под вашем контролем.


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Основная статья: Мини-карта


  • Alt + left clicking on the ground or мини-карта will alert your team about a location by playing a sound and showing an exclamation mark on their mini-map.
    • Clicking towers will play a different sound, and generally mean a defense/ attack of the tower is desired.
    • Clicking on a rune or an item on the ground will notify your team about a rune being at that rune spawn point or an item being at that spot and broadcast message telling which rune or item it is.
  • Ctrl + Alt + left clicking on the ground or minimap will alert your team by playing a different sound and showing an X on their mini-map, generally indicating danger.
  • Alt + left clicking on inventory items or abilities will alert your team that the item/ability is ready, on cooldown, or needs mana to be cast.
  • Alt + left clicking on items that can call for a gather (Arcane Boots icon Arcane Boots, Smoke of Deceit icon Smoke of Deceit, Mekansm icon Mekansm) broadcasts a gather message and pings your location.
  • Alt + left clicking on an enemy hero's top icon will alert your team that said hero is missing from their respective lane.
    • Ctrl + Alt + left clicking on the top icon will alert your team that the hero has returned to their lane.
  • Alt + left clicking on a dead enemy's icon in the top bar will announce that they are dead, and when they will respawn.
  • Alt + left clicking on a player's health and mana bars declares the current health and mana.
  • Alt + left clicking buffs and debuffs on self or enemies announces them to your team.
  • Alt + left clicking your respawn timer announces your respawn time to your team.
  • Alt + left clicking the Glyph button will announce its status.
    • Ctrl + Alt + left clicking the button will suggest not using the Glyph yet.
  • Alt + left clicking the Game Clock will declare the current game time.

Колесо чата[]

Основная статья: Колесо чата


  • Right clicking an item purchases it if the player has sufficient gold and is at a shop location. If the player does not have enough gold or is too far from a shop, nothing will occur.
  • Left clicking an item displays all related items. The items used in it's creation are displayed underneath, while items that can be created with it are displayed above.
  • Alt + left clicking an item declares to allies that you intend to purchase it.
  • Shift + left clicking an item displays it on the Quick Buy bar.
  • Alt + left clicking the Quick Buy are declares how much gold is needed to complete the item.


  • Right clicking an item shows the option menu for it (Almost every item can be Sold, some items can be Disassembled, and while in the fountain, all items can be Moved to Stash).
  • Left clicking an item uses the item's active ability.
  • Alt + left clicking an item declares the item's status to allies (Either available, on cooldown, or lacking mana).
  • Alt + left clicking a Bottle icon Bottle will declare any Runes stored in the bottle.
  • Ctrl + left clicking an item and a hero after it gives a single copy of a stacked item to the hero (Observer Ward icon Observer Ward and Sentry Ward icon Sentry Ward only).
  • Dragging an item on a hero removes the item from the player's inventory and transfers it to the selected hero. If the hero has no inventory space, the item will fall to the ground.
  • Dragging an item on ground removes the item from the player's inventory and leaves the item on the ground.
  • Dragging an item on a shopkeeper sells the item if the player is within range of a shop.


Similar to a pure RTS game, players can move their camera around the entire map and see what is happening in different locations of the map. However, the Fog of War will prevent the player from seeing most areas of the map, and will only be revealed when allied units are nearby, or with abilities that provide vision.

The camera can be controlled in 4 different ways:

  • Moving the mouse to the edges or corners of the screen causes the camera to move in the direction of the edge or corner. This way, the camera can be moved into the 8 cardinal directions.
  • Holding the middle mouse key and dragging the mouse grips and moves the game camera. The camera moves into the opposite direction in which the mouse moving. This way, the camera can be moved freely into any direction.
  • Holding the assigned Camera Grip Hotkey + left mouse key and dragging the mouse. Functions the same way as dragging the camera with the middle mouse key, as an alternative (hotkey not assigned by default).
  • Using the assigned hotkeys which are commonly assigned to the arrow keys or W,A,S,D. This way, the camera can be moved into the 8 cardinal directions.

Besides moving the camera, it is also possible to zoom in and out. However, this has no great use in matches, since the camera is by default at maximum distance and can only be zoomed in a bit. In spectatore mode, the camera is by default at the same distance as the camera is when playing. However, this distance is the minimum distance for spectators. As a spectator, the camera can be zoomed out by a lot, granting a better view of the map.

  • Scrolling mousewheel causes the camera to zoom in when scrolling up, and zooming out when scrolling down.

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