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Источник: Spring Cleaning (Update 2)

Список изменений

  • Fixed the ability range indicator not showing up when using Quickcast on key up
  • Fixed a bug where some keys could be bound in the settings menu even though they weren't compatible combinations
  • Fixed casting Poof icon Poof on enemy units
  • Fixed a bug with "Enable Unique Keys per Cast Type for Items" and "Enable Quickcast" on items.
  • Added the auto repeat right mouse option to the advanced options page and substantially slowed down the frequency of the generated clicks
  • Fixed lvlmax chat cheat command
  • Fixed a bug with summoned units auto attack setting
  • Fixed a number of cases where item usage could trigger auto attacks
  • Fixed a crash with Bottle icon Bottle on Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Enchanted Mango icon Enchanted Mangoes on Spirit Bear
  • Fixed some Untouchable issues
  • Fixed Arctic Burn icon Arctic Burn giving flying vision to Rubick minimap icon Rubick
  • Fixed some Spell Steal icon Spell Steal bugs with subskills
  • Enabled -givebots to use item substrings
  • Fixed Divine Rapier icon Divine Rapier/Gem of True Sight icon Gem of True Sight dropping on death for Arc Warden minimap icon Arc Warden
  • Fixed a bug with the range finder where if you hovered over a target that was not valid for the item you had selected, then part of the finder would become invisible.
  • Fixed cast range preview for items in your inventory
  • Fixed an issue with Infest icon Infest and Io minimap icon Io
  • Fixed split Eidolons not giving credit for kills to their owner
  • The -spawnneutrals cheat command no longer ignores neutral units blocking camps
  • Fixed a bug with purging Batrider minimap icon Batrider's Flaming Lasso icon Flaming Lasso
  • Fixed various heroes missing parts of the model
  • Fixed an issue with health bar size scaling