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Источник: Spring Cleaning

Список изменений

Major Updates

  • You can now view Neutral Creep spawn boxes when selecting Observer and Sentry Wards to place on the map, helping you to block and unblock creep camps more effectively. You can also toggle an option to display these boxes when ALT is pressed.
  • Use the new Camera Control Group Hotkeys to bind specific map locations to a single keystroke. Hold Control and tap the key of your choice to set a map position. Once set, tap the key to move the camera to that location. Tap the key again to move the camera back to your hero.
  • To help make the Settings Menu easier to navigate, we have reorganized the layout of multiple settings, and relocated several others to Advanced Options and Advanced Hotkeys.
  • The Armory has been updated with a new section to view recently acquired items, along with a couple of other minor improvements to increase usability.
  • The number of base Armory slots has been increased from 1080 to 10000, and the maximum number of slots has been increased from 24000 to 34000.
  • You can now set hero-specific ability key bindings in the Settings > Hotkeys menu.
    • Perhaps you want to pounce with Q, throw Meat Hooks with T, or Ravage with Y. Create unique bindings for all of your favorite heroes to meet the needs of your playstyle.
  • The in-client Store tab has been updated with the Browse feature. Search for seasonal treasures, tournament tickets, pro gear, and more. Browse the entire Dota 2 Store collection, all without leaving the client.
  • To better indicate which direction an enemy unit (or Dire unit if spectating) is facing, the classic X мини-карта unit icons have been changed to arrows.
  • Selecting a tower will now display the tower's attack range and its current target.
    • Additionally, you can click a toggle in the Options > Interface settings to add this tower information to your ALT-press indicators.
  • There are now separate options to mute a player's voice and text communication. Open the scoreboard and click on the Voice or Text icon next to a player's name to toggle mute options.

User Interface

  • Added a new мини-карта settings UI
  • Reorganized the settings panel UI
  • All non-machine specific settings are now saved in the Steam Cloud
  • Fixed being unable to search for a match while spectating
  • Various fixes to Directed Camera
  • Enabled binding mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down, and mouse 3 as hotkeys (including ALT variations of them)
  • Hovering over a unit's stats panel now visually shows their attack radius
  • Fixed strings modified in Custom Games carrying over to other games
  • Added range indicator for items on hover
  • Updated all abilities to show range indicator on hover
  • Added an option to make your HP bar different from your allies to make it easier to notice your hero (Green for you, yellow for allies, red for enemies)
  • Added a right click option to the armory preview in the top right to Unpack and Equip directly
  • There is now an option to invert Quickcast to cast on button release rather than press
  • Added support (Ctrl-Shift click) for appending to the quickbuy panel to add individual items
  • Item tooltips (including shop tooltips) show active cooldowns (This allows you to see if e.g. Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll has a cooldown for you before you buy one)
  • Fixed graphs flatlining during game pauses
  • After clicking on a keybind control, it will present you with an X button which can be used to unbind that key — double-clicking a keybind control will also unbind it
  • Fixed the Match Details page to update properly when it's waiting for a pending replay to become available
  • Fixed inability to switch camera while paused in replays
  • Using Voice Chat in the dashboard now more clearly shows who is talking
  • Fixed a rare case where two heroes could be picked at the same time in Ranked All Pick
  • Improved the Watch Tab responsiveness and behavior when it gets match content
  • Fixed text-muted players still being able to draw on the minimap
  • Fixed red background on dashboard in play panel when in low priority
  • Updated the Watch Tab to refresh automatically to find new matches
  • Added a slider to adjust the self cast timeout threshold
  • Added a UI setting for minimap misclick threshold
  • Added a UI setting for disabling camera zoom
  • You can now hover over creeps stats to see their detailed information
  • Reworked the Auto Attack option UI
  • Fixed the Attributes tooltip being stuck on the screen sometimes
  • Fixed various scenarios where you could be unable to accept a party invite
  • Added a button to mute your mic from the dashboard
  • Fixed MMR not updating in the profile right after you win/lose a ranked game
  • Fixed disconnect warning text being stuck in the top right
  • Fixes to various Mac and Linux specific problems
  • Fixed various bugs with Korean IME
  • Re-enabled musical stingers when receiving new items
  • Unbundling items no longer adds them to the new acquired items in the armory hover
  • Effigies and Barracks now name the player that killed them in the chat log
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause Item icons to be stuck on your cursor
  • Fixed a bug with demo hero while accepting a match
  • Updated lobby game mode listings to make it clear which All Pick is the Ranked version of All Pick
  • Fixed various bugs when clicking on a username's link in a chat room
  • Fixed the stop coaching button not working
  • Fixed Coaches not appearing in friends list
  • The chat cheat -wtf now also refreshes any active cooldowns
  • The chat cheat -spawnneutrals now ignores units in the spawn blocking area and creates the neutrals
  • The chat cheat -item no longer requires the full item name, it will instead match to a substring to create the item
  • Added a chat cheat -lvlmax that levels your hero to the max and skills all your abilities
  • Fixed a case where the game could hang at a black screen when changing video settings
  • Fixed Poison Sting icon Poison Sting debuff tooltip showing garbled numbers
  • Changed the 'Control Group Tab' bind to 'Next Unit' and 'Prev Unit' binds to facilitate use with the mouse wheel
  • Fixed issue with tournament brackets showing incorrect brackets when loading a different tournament's bracket first
  • Fixed Patrol key not working with League of Legends key templates
  • Fixed Player icons in the loading screen for custom games with more than 12 players
  • Fixed a number of cases where Rubick minimap icon Rubick stealing spells in quick succession could cause ability keybinds to get scrambled
  • Fixed selecting text right to left not letting you copy
  • Added AoE targeting Cursor to Ignite icon Ignite
  • Adjusted the range aoe indicator to be more visually accurate from the camera perspective
  • Fixed being unable to search for Charms
  • ALT-chorded keys can now be bound by custom games, use ALT+ in your key definition in addoninfo.txt
  • Joining a party switches your active channel to your party channel
  • Added Team MMR to Team Management Popup
  • Default death stinger will always play on death regardless of music settings (Added an option to turn it off)
  • Fixed minor UI glitch when clicking on game history settings and navigating elsewhere
  • Added a new 'Immediate Camera Grip' feature, activatible in the Settings menu — this feature causes the camera to drag immediately when the Camera Grip key is pressed, instead of having the drag start only on a left click while the Camera Grip key is pressed
  • Fixed the timedemoquit command
  • Fixed Lobby search being case sensitive
  • Fixed a case where ticket names will be mislabeled
  • Fixed Compendium buttons sometimes not appearing when looking at tickets on the profile
  • Fixed The International 2013 ticket being pinned to the top left
  • Adjusted the input field for Effigy text to not allow more text than will display


  • Fixed crashes due to memory fragmentation over long play sessions
  • Fixed a bug with stun application timing that could cause you to teleport to the fountain while stunned
  • Fixed Auto Attack after spell to not trigger on various other non-spell activities (like placing wards)
  • Fixed seeing the courier die in an area after it has already been dead for a while when you hadn't seen it die originally
  • Fixed bots being stuck trying to ward near cliffs
  • Fixed various effects malfunctioning when the target moves in and out of FoW (causing things like the Hex (Lion) icon Hex effect to play multiple times when the target reappears)
  • Assists now get counted whenever you place debuff on an enemy hero that dies
  • Assists now get counted whenever you place a buff on a hero that kills an enemy hero
  • Fixed Lifestealer minimap icon Lifestealer having the wrong HP bar color when Infest icon Infesting Ancients
  • Fixed Sun Ray icon Sun Ray having a delay on updating the visual location of the ray
  • Fixed Ice Wall icon Ice Wall debuff lingering on heroes that become Spell Immune
  • Fixed Untouchable icon Untouchable lingering when attempting to attack units other than Enchantress minimap icon Enchantress
  • Fixed Lycan minimap icon Lycan's ult wolf changing into a headless Lycan model on death
  • Added a new setting to make summoned units always auto attack
  • Towers can now be targeted in FoW without giving the invulnerability error
  • Attack Speed changes during an attack now causes the animation and attack timings to update dynamically
  • Fixed a bug where units would occasionally walk back to their previous location after teleporting
  • Fixed various bugs with receiving a party invite and a match found at the same time
  • Fixed various attack animation prediction exploits (such as Coup de Grace icon Coup de Grace)
  • Enabled Quickcast to work with non-hero units and neutrals
  • Fixed being unable to use Bottle icon Bottle, Enchanted Mango icon Enchanted Mango or Tango icon Tangoes on Spirit Bear
  • When using Auto-Attack after spell, you no longer auto-attack when denying allied units
  • Fixed Boots of Travel icon Boots of Travel canceling when upgrading to Level 2
  • Equipped taunts will now automatically play in-game under a variety of rare circumstances
  • Fixed Рошан's model size after hex
  • Fixed Legacy Keys on allied disconnected heroes
  • Fixed it being possible to have multiple teleports to a tower without increasing the teleportation time
  • Fixed a backdoor bug possible with Chen minimap icon Chen's creeps
  • Spiderlings and Spiderites can now be set to two different control groups
  • Lycan minimap icon Lycan, Visage minimap icon Visage and Warlock minimap icon Warlock summoned units can now be independently bindable
  • Added Hero Responses for Руна волшебства Руна волшебства for the following heroes:
  • Added an Empty Bottle icon Bottle ground model
  • Fixed various sleep based spells not behaving like stuns with regards to queuing actions for when sleep ends
  • Fixed various systemic issues with Auras not updating when different owners of the aura apply it
  • Fixed Quickcast not working with Tango icon Tango
  • Fixed Power Treads icon Power Treads not disassembling to its original components
  • Fixed Nether Ward icon Nether Ward damage not disabling Blink
  • Fixed couriers losing track of their orders sometimes if they get purged
  • Added the ability to shift+control group selection/deselection of units
  • Alt clicking on an item with levels, like Dagon icon Dagon or Necronomicon icon Necronomicon, now displays the level
  • Fixed Deafening Blast icon Deafening Blast max level not starting off the waves in the direction of your cursor
  • Fixed courier travelling deeper into the fountain than necessary in order to interact with the stash
  • Canceling Nature's Prophet minimap icon Nature's Prophet teleportation now interrupts the sound
  • Fixed Рошан to update his health immediately on the upgrade timer, rather than the next time he spawns
  • Fixed screen space damage indicator triggering on non-damage events (like toggling Power Treads)
  • Fixed Sun Ray icon Sun Ray beam tracking when casting Icarus Dive icon Icarus Dive
  • Fixed Spiderlings killing nearby trees when they die
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies with Snowball icon Snowball appearance after the target has already been impacted
  • Fixed Assimilate icon Assimilate/Infest icon Infest to work correctly (force the unit out) with Relocate icon Relocate/Recall icon Recall/Test of Faith icon Test of Faith
  • Added Disable Help support to Boulder Smash icon Boulder Smash and Purifying Flames icon Purifying Flames
  • Fixed Snowball icon Snowball visual not following invisible units properly
  • Fixed backdoor production not being removed by magic immune or invulnerable creeps
  • Fixed Io minimap icon Io Spirits not hurting Дух-медведь
  • Fixed Familiars ignoring Auto Select on Summon setting
  • Familiars are now properly affected by movement speed changes and disables such as stuns or roots
  • Fixed Crimson Guard icon Crimson Guard stack interval not being updated after recent changes
  • Fixed a bug where Eyes in the Forest icon Eyes In The Forest trees would prevent nearby trees from regrowing
  • Fixed Maim not working against Spirit Bear


  • Updated the reference files for the following Item Workshop heroes: Abaddon, Crystal Maiden, Clockwerk, Death Prophet, Dragon Knight, Elder Titan, Juggernaut, Leshrac, Lich, Lone Druid, Ogre Magi and Terrorblade — New and Updated Workshop Reference Files can be downloaded at
  • Fixed particle placement for Voidhammer
  • Fixed display of many autographs
  • Fixed Arcana texture display for some Legion Commander items — items will still not display the Arcana texture effect if artists have not provided a proper detail mask
  • Fixed disconnected particle flames on Rubick's Staff of the Cunning Augur
  • Fixed disconnected particles for the head of the Flowering Treant
  • Fixed a bug where several courier particle systems that occurred on death weren't playing correctly
  • Fixed Greater Treant scaling for Flowering Treant, Evergreen Stalker and Call of the Dendrochron
  • Fixed disconnected eye particles for Chaos Knight Baleful Reign and Rising Chaos items
  • Fixed idle animation looping on Venomancer Deathbringer wards
  • Fixed item transparency support for all heroes — addresses alpha problems on Phantom Assassin Dame de Carreau items, some Legion Commander items and others
  • Fixed skinning on some static Tidehunter weapons that were incorrectly skinned to chain cloth
  • Fixed TI2 Lockjaw courier coin particles so they display on the ground
  • Fixed some sentry wards playing death animations when previewing placement
  • Fixed the ability to unlock Smeevil courier styles that require mammoth, bird and crab unlock items
  • Fixed various mesh skinning issues, including Undying teeth and Windranger's Gilded Falcon Cloak
  • Fixed cloth on Crystal Maiden's Arcana and her other capes
  • Fixed portraits for Lycan, Nightstalker's Black Nihility, Visage's Tolling Shadows and Juggernaut's Kuurishiminari ward
  • Fixed orientation of Luna's Rider's Eclipse Glaive
  • Fixed animation layers on custom Dragon Knight dragon attacks
  • Fixed missing decal on default Dazzle sleeve
  • Fixed turn poses, haste animations and hitboxes on more couriers
  • Fixed Axe Blood Chaser weapon chain stretching too far on Counter Helix ability
  • Fixed rein cloth on Abaddon default and custom items
  • Fixed injured animation modifiers for Lone Druid's Spirit of Calm panda spirit bear
  • Fixed hand skinning and posing for Omniknight's loadout animation
  • Fixed missing Death Prophet skirt shreds or shred animation for skirt items
  • Fixed loadout framing for many older wards
  • Added missing death and Savage Roar animations to several Lone Druid True Forms
  • Added LOD0 backfaces to several default hero items to improve display in loadout
  • Enabled facial flex on several Outworld Devourer, Clockwerk and Windrunner head items
  • Updated Team Empire item branding and added this to Razor's Empire of the Lightning Lord set
  • Updated icons for many items to be centered for the Reborn square icon format, be more consistent and include particles
  • Updated/Adjusted hitboxes for Juggernaut Healing Wards
  • Fixed appearance of Bleak Hallucination gem, as well as other Ethereal Gems that render translucent models
  • Fixed Shards of Exile's Astral Imprisonment icon Astral Imprisonment effect to correctly display when the prison will be finished
  • Item Workshop Tool: Hero ability model submissions are now accessible under the "Hero Item..." category in the tool — they are listed together with the wearable items for each hero
  • Item Workshop Tool: SMD file support has been discontinued for workshop models and animations — existing SMD submissions can be processed, but new submissions must use either FBX or DMX file formats
  • Item Workshop Tool: Adjusted the material that will be applied to new workshop couriers — Spec Exponent has been changed from 16 to 30, Spec Intensity has been changed from 1 to 3 — already-submitted couriers can use this by updating the existing submission
  • Item Workshop Tool: Added workshop tool support for Chaos Knight helmet and mount attachment editing
  • Item Workshop Tool: New and updated workshop hero reference files are now FBX binary for compatibility with Blender
  • Item Workshop Tool: Team Banners added to Team Logo submission type
  • Workshop Tools: Added particle system names to particle system debug rendering
  • Workshop Tools: Improved performance on debug overlay rendering
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a crash when trying to preview or open the phantomlancer_spirtlance particle system
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed an issue with the workshop importer where the flying version of couriers could not be previewed
  • Workshop Tools: Enabled animation scrubbing in the workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Added an option to hide the grid in the workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Added an option to hide default particles in workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a bug with sheet files not refreshing in tools
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a bug where PET would sometimes not display the correct animation when using activity overrides with the Render Models operator

Economy Updates

All of the following changes are unreleased

Dota TV Ticket

  • Manila Major

New Battle Passes

  • Spring 2016

New Terrains

  • Spring Terrain

Unreleased New Taunts

  • Taunt: Master Juggles

Loadout Slots

  • The loadout slot for Arc Warden's Spark Wraith has been removed.


Other Items

  • Frozen Chains TI6 Immortal: Lich
  • Rainbow Spear: Possible Phantom Lancer Immortal
  • Solar Forge: Possible Phoenix Immortal
  • Crimson Pique: Possible Weaver Immortal
  • Omniknight TI6 Immortal


  • A ton of older and expired tournament tickets have been removed for sale from the Dota 2 store.

String Updates

Weekend Tournaments

  • A bunch of supporting strings have been added for something called "Weekend Tournaments".
  • Users can find lobbies for these games.
  • There are four currently set finding phases: Generic, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Grand Finals.
  • The Play button also has new added strings to indicate when you're looking up for a Weekend Tournament match.


  • A bunch of new supporting strings for all that was added in the update.
  • Support has been added for the Spring Major 2016 tournament tabs and etc.

Audio Updates

  • In the mixer, the volume of VO has been increased from 0.5 to 0.6 and the music pack layer is no longer blended.
  • Minor tweaks to the volume effects when Silencer ultimate is cast.

Hero Updates

  • Underlord has been removed from the heroes file.
  • A bunch of supporting changes to all that was mentioned in the changelog.

Console Updates

  • There were many new and modified commands but most of them were only to accommodate the new changes added this patch.