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Источник: Update 2

Список изменений

Update 1

Rubick minimap icon Rubick fixes:

  • Fixed being able to cast Spell Steal on invalid (such as allied) targets.
  • Fixed server crash due to linear and tracking projectiles not refcounting their ability references.
  • Fade bolt no longer can target seige units.
  • You can now cast Spell Steal on magic immune enemies.
  • Fixed Unstable Concoction not being stolen properly.
  • Fixed Ice Blast not being stolen properly.
  • Fixed Spin Web webs not going away when the ability is removed.
  • Fixed stolen Elder Dragon Form extending attack range.
  • When a bear summoned with a stolen Spirit Bear ability is killed, it will now drop any items it is holding.
  • Fixed server crash on stolen Rabid usage.
  • Telekinesis will now destroy trees around the landing point.
  • Rubick now determines the spell to steal when he casts Spell Steal, not when the projectile arrives at him.
  • You can no longer scout illusions using Spell Steal.
  • Disabled Rubick saying other hero's lines for now.
  • Unstealable abilities (quas/wex/exort/invoke) no longer count as the last spell cast, so they can no longer be used to block spell stealing.
  • Fixed a number of effect attachment points.

Some Store changes too that didn't make the other notes:

  • Added announcers and new couriers to the Dota Store.
  • Added new items for Witch Doctor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused new users not to earn random drops. Affected users will receive the drops they should have gotten when they finish their next match.
  • Increased the base number of backpack slots from 50 to 64.
  • Increased the number of backpack slots that store users have from 500 to 640.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the last slot in the backpack to not respond to drag n’ drop.
  • Fixed bugs with dragging and dropping items between pages of the backpack.

Update 2

  • Fixed the health number on health bars being displaced by showing the hero finder.

Rubick minimap icon Rubick fixes:

  • Rubick now casts all stolen, non-instant-cast abilities at his 0.1s cast point.
  • Fixed hero selection not working properly when using a stolen Primal Split.
  • Rubick will now eject himself from whoever he's infested when he loses the ability.
  • Fixed stolen Nether Strike not using the appropriate bash level.
  • Elder Dragon Form should now correctly support the ability being used by other units (like Rubick).
  • Fixed stealing Scepter Darkness and not getting unobstructed vision.
  • Fixed floating in the air when using a stolen Spectral Dagger.
  • Fixed stolen Charge not bashing.
  • Fixed Rubick's animations getting stuck when using a stolen Rearm.
  • Fix to non-stolen bears dropping their items on death.
  • Fixed bug where items would not get removed from stolen bear inventories when they died and dropped them.
  • Fixed divide-by-zero crash that would happen when stolen bears with empty inventories died. This is the saddest crash.
  • Fixed crash when Death Prophet had used Exorcism and then lost it.