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Список изменений

  • Added the Collection tab to the Armory which lets you customize the layout of your items.
  • Added a filter criteria to show items present or absent from the Collection tab.
  • Added the "dota_import_steam_inventory_layout" console command which will populate the Collection tab with items positioned as they were in the Source1 Armory.
  • Healing Salve icon Healing Salve and Clarity icon Clarity now require a unit target rather than being an instant cast.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause significant performance loss (fix as part of the Steam update yesterday).
  • Fixed various bugs with Arcanas and Immortals.
  • Added new options to chat rooms to share your party or custom lobby.
  • Added a new Item socketing UI. Note that purchasing of chisels and hammers is not active yet but is coming soon.
  • Improved performance when Illusions are spawned to reduce hitches.
  • Added a new setting to always bring Dota to the foreground when a match is found (off by default).
  • Fixed First Blood banner.
  • Added a /roll chat command.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the client to crash when there is an update.
  • Various pathfinding fixes.

  • Fixed spectate button on friends list sometimes not working.
  • Cosmetic items icons and previews in the loadout screens now indicate whether there are gems or sockets on the items.
  • Fixed checkerboards appearing on econ item tooltips for older items associated with brands such as Team DK Team DK's Spectator Gem.
  • Color gem icons now correctly reflect the color of the gem.
  • Fixed a bug in the customize screen where sometimes items with styles were showing up as equipped even though they weren't.
  • Improved the behavior of the item details magnifying glass on the hero loadout page to bring you directly to the item if you're not viewing a set.
  • Enabled individual item controls on the customize screen to bring you to the item details page.
  • Tooltip for gem items now show any required hero and/or hero slot associated with the gem.
  • Fixed issue where negative lights would not render, causing certain effects to not render properly (such as Enigma minimap icon Enigma's World Chasm Artifact).
  • Updated Lina minimap icon Lina Arcana feet textures.
  • Fixed Lone Druid minimap icon Lone Druid hitbox.
  • Fixed missing barracks in the watch live panels.
  • Fixed various Fissure icon Fissure cosmetic visuals.
  • Fixed display of Nyx Assassin's Dagon game geometry.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior when activating Fire Remnant icon Fire Remnant while using Sleight of Fist icon Sleight of Fist.
  • Fixed Medusa minimap icon Medusa gaining mana with Mana Shield icon Mana Shield from attacks that dealt negative damage.

  • Dota Workshop: Enabled workshop submissions for Witch Doctor minimap icon Witch Doctor ward, Pugna minimap icon Pugna ward and Venomancer minimap icon Venomancer ward.
  • Dota Workshop: Made adjustments to required/optional animations for courier and ward submissions.

Обновление 2

  • Recent games has support for showing all previous matches rather than just the 20 most recent.
  • Fixed a new bug with Spectating in DotaTV.
  • Fixed sorting by date acquired in the armory.
  • The collection tab now has the correct number of slots.
  • Fixed a visual problem with a ramp on the Radiant icon Силы Света side.
  • Добавлены отсутствующие эффекты частиц у Saw of the Steamcutter.
  • Изменены требования для трофея Испытатель осеннего компендиума 2015 с 30 до 25 и с 50 до 40.
  • Добавлено максимальное количество предметов в арсенале.
  • Обновлено несколько описаний.