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Список изменений

Обновление 1

  • Fixed being able to sell back the bonus mango for full value by forming Magic Wand
  • Fixed Monkey King's Mischief to move at the new courier speed (350->380)
  • Fixed Druid Form transformation time
  • Fixed Lifesteal talents being disabled by Break
  • Daily bonus heroes now show up in the main menu
  • Added status duration indicator for Astral Imprisonment and Disruption
  • Fixed All Random Death Match adding a TP scroll to your inventory every death
  • Various workshop related bug fixes
  • Fixed a regression with the herolist.txt file in custom games
  • Added support for overriding the constants of Strength, Agility, and Intelligence derived stats in custom games.
  • Fixed an issue where Lifestealer would only be able to use Assimilate once per game.
  • Fixed an issue where Morphling would not be able to choose the target for Telekinesis.
  • Fixed an issue where Tree Toss can cleave buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where Morphling had access to all of Techies' abilities while Morphed.
  • Fixed an issue where Morphling had access to all of Timbersaw's abilities while Morphed.
  • Fixed Weaver's +0.5 Swarm Armor Reduction talent not working.
  • Fixed Brewmaster's Aghanim's additional panda abilities not having hotkeys.
  • Potential fix to Morphling's Attribute Bug. If you encounter any more instances of this, please provide a Match ID.
  • Fix to converted Ranged Creeps not autoattacking after being issued an attack order.
  • Fixed the Druid Form transformation time from 1.933s to 0.8s
  • Fixed an issue with the Razor's Eye of the Storm talent strike interval increasing by 0.1 instead of decreasing.
  • Homing Missile has been readded to Ability Draft abilities.
  • Viper's Nethertoxin projectile has been updated.
  • The primary attribute of the target dummy in Demo mode has been changed to Agility.


  • DAC 2015 Compendium expiration date has been changed to December 1, 2017.
  • Fall 2017 Battle Pass expiration date has been changed to December 1, 2017.
  • Winter 2017 Battle Pass expiration date has been changed to December 1, 2017.


  • New healthbar status called "BANISHED" has been added.
  • The card status overlays on the portraits on the heroes page at default size and expanded views have been slightly adjusted.
  • Fixed a small issue with the Talent Selector on the Guide Builder tool.
  • Th entire front scene of the Dueling Fates banner on the front page has been updated.
  • Added a shadow to the text on the Dueling Fates banner on the front page.
  • Dark Willow's portrait in the versus screen has been updated.

Обновление 2

"Today's update reduces input latency from various components in the Dota command processing system. We've reworked how the dedicated servers handle incoming messages and how the engine processes user commands, resulting in more responsiveness and less delay on your actions."

Интерфейс меню

  • Dashboard: Very minor position fixes to the card overlays on the heroes page.
  • Settings: The Network Quality option (Settings > Options > Advanced) has been updated. If you have a network connection with packet loss, setting this to 'LOW' will increase latency but improve overall smoothness.

Модели, частицы, анимации и звуки

  • The debuff particle of the Shadow Raze on enemies has been improved and optimized.
  • Viper's Nethertoxin particle system has been improved and optimized.


  • cl_network_quality command changed to cl_network_quality2 | Works with the changes mentioned above